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A wOrM sToRy




This is a story of a place wherein many trees grew and lived. In the trees, many worms lived. Where these worms lived they lived quite happily.


As time passed slowly but steadily the population of these worms grew and so they became more and more modernized and lazy. Due to more population more and more money started pouring into the government. Since worms are slow moving creatures the government of these worms had made a law according to which food should be delivered straight to their house’s door step because only then it was possible for worms to do other work. The “other” Work of most of the worms usually involved art and entertainment and nothing else which they secured by eating all day and playing and creating video games and selling them through internet. This was what worms economy rested on and their government earned a lot by this. There were very few worms that worked outside their houses. This sounds a bit odd but it was true. The main reason behind this concept was that worms are slow and they had gotten real lazy and due to much wealth accumulation and giving to the government they needed luxurious lives.


To do that they had hired one and only pilot in the worm world-wide community whose name was Wormscious. He was was an exceptional pilot who was also fit for this job to fly when nobody flies i. e when no eagle or bird flies i. e during rainy and stormy weather. This type of weather was the only weather which was actually safe from eagles and vultures and also according to the flying regulation this was the only time Wormscious could fly ( for safety purposes).


Wormscious job was to make as many trips as possible using a wooden charge dissipating ( from lightning strikes, using an umbrella charge dissipitator that dissipitated charge directly back into the air backwards ) cargo plane, when the bad weather persisted to deliver loads of oranges, apples, grapes and other food items to the doorsteps of worms without landing. He had to be very acute in delivering the grocery so as one’s grocery does not gets messed up or mixed with the other one’s and it lands directly in the front of the door steps of worms while escaping the branches and thorns and leaves of plants and trees. Wormscious did his job perfectly and with great detail and honour.


Wormscious always wanted to train other worms to do so but they were not interested in doing so as they thought it was a tough job. But Wormsciuos knew that a bad day will come and so the worms should be ready for it. 


One day, Wormscious was feeling quite severely sick but he could not stop working. So he started flying the plane without doing the ground checks for the plane. It was mandatory for him to deliver food so he could not stay at home even if he was sick. When he was flying it so happened that suddenly lightning struck his plane and since Wormscious that day had not done the ground checks he had failed to see that the charge dissipating umbrella was cracked. So the lightning caused his plane to fall and crash.  This was a wake-up call for the poor worker and all the worms because the only pilot who was working to help the lazy worms of that era had almost got near death and come back . Life could not be more dangerous than that.


He then called upon the meeting of officials of the worm government and told them that its okay if worms don’t like flying but sticking to the internet and not doing anything else could not only be dangerous for them but can also be dangerous for others who help them. 


That day the worms realized and a new law was passed which stated that one was responsible for their own food and from then on, no deliveries will be provided.  This helped worms reduce their obesity also and overcome many other illnesses because of that. 

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