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tHe AnT sAviOuR


Ant’s are a very communal and social beings. They all work together for a common cause i.e. for their community forever. Humans usually  have a govt and are ruled by their elected leader but not ants. Ants are governed by a non elected leader who is a lady and is called the ant queen. In a colony of ants, the ant queen gives the orders which are obeyed by all the ants perfectly or somewhat sometimes imperfectly but they do are obeyed. 


The colony of ants in discussion in this story had a queen named Acferia. Acferia was a noble queen. She did not allow her subjects i.e. her ants to loot from any house. She had strict orders that ants can only loot and gather food from public property alone which was from forests and parks etc. 


Because Acferia was benevolent she knew that if her ants attacked a house and took all the groceries from there which she knew they had the capability for, then it would be difficult for people there to survive. She also knew that in the world of humans, money was important and if all the groceries were looted from house of a human they might be able to physically replenish it but the financial aspect may lead them to difficult situation. This proved that Acferia was a wise queen and always thought good of everybody.


Now, Acferia had a worker whose name was Drefftorim. Drefftorim was a nice worker and a friend of Acferia. Acferia always consulted Drefftorim whenever she needed advise on any situation. Drefftorim always tried to help the queen Acferia and his community by giving good advise. Although he was funny but his advise always had helped in one way or the other.


The strange thing was although the queen was very nice and friendly and cared a lot about all but the humans did not think the same way.


It was the end of autumn and about to get cold i.e winter was a few months ahead and ants needed to stock up. At the same time I would like to inform that the queen when built their colony they built it quite far from human civilization but due to rapid increase in population of humans and development of lots of industries they somehow had got nearer to the human civilization and many houses were near their colony. 


Also along with their colonies they had other ant colonies. The ants and ant queens among other colonies were very mischievous and not good and benevolent as Acferia and her ants. They did not care about humans so when it was difficulty in finding food in the forest they raided human kitchens and fridges to get food for themselves. 


Acferia had many times told them in there annual meetings that they should not raid human households as they had children like them and they have difficulty making their ends meet. But the queens of other colonies of ants never payed heed to Acferia’s advise and always went  to do what they felt right in any way.


That season was a rather dry one and the ants of other colonies had started raiding human households for their supplies quite frequently which did not prove to be good later. Due to frequent ant raids the humans had reported this to their local govt. and wanted something to be done to prevent ants from raiding them again. Due to more and more complains of ants attacking, the local govt. had to take some action and so they did. The local govt. hired some pest controllers to get to know where the ants came from and terminate their colony. The pest control people started to work on their task assigned. They found the colonies of ants which was in the forest so they started their work.


They got huge tanks filled with pesticide sprays, loaded their trucks and went to the place where the ant colonies were. When they reached their destination they started to spray the pesticide spray all over the huge colonies. Many ants who were sleeping inside the colonies suddenly woke up because of the ugly poisonous smell and because of suffocation came out of their colonies. Acferia smelt that too and tried to come out but got in stuck in stampede. Drefftorim saw that and tried to save Acferia but he had nothing in their colony that could stop her suffocation. 


Drefftorim then immediately tried to come out of colony and  wanted something to prevent Acferia’s suffocation and get her to escape the stampede. When Drefftorim came out he saw that there was a unique material which was had fallen on his face and had covered it. While his face was covered with the plastic bag he did not feel the poisonous smell and was feeling actually better. He then realized that that material (which was a plastic bag) could also save Acferia. He felt happy with that thought and took the small plastic bag and went to the location above the colony on the ground where Acferia was trapped in the stampede and dead bodies of ants . 


He then started to dig that area on ground and immediately dug enough to reach Acferia. He then tore a part of the plastic bag and covered Acferia’s mouth with it. 


Acferia who was getting unconscious regained consciousness immediately after getting the plastic bag put on her face. On awaking Acferia saw that Drefftorim was carrying her on her back and that a material was covering her face. She immediately asked that what was that thing? Drefftorim told her to keep quite and also told her that he will tell about it when they reach safety.


After they were away from the deadly fumes Drefftorim put her down and told her that the thing she wanted to know about was a unique substance that did not let the ugly fumes come in and had given them life. They were really impressed by that thing but they were sad too that because of the neighbouring ants their ants were destroyed and it would be at least a few days until they can go back to their colony to get food and claim it again. 


Until that time they rested. In the meanwhile Drefftorim was checking out the forest when he saw a spine protruding animal which was a porcupine who also had escaped a snake attack by projecting its spines towards it. He realized that it was something unique and powerful unlike he had seen before. 


So he went to the porcupine and asked if it could shed some spines and that then he and his group of ants who had come there after escaping a death attack could use it for their protection. The porcupine was nice and agreed to it and shed about 100 spines. The ants were called there by Drefftorim who quickly picked it up and went back to where Acferia was resting.


Now, Acferia was worried because she knew that winter was approaching and that whatever food they needed was stored in their colony. She knew that they could build up a colony quickly but to gather food was tough at that time. So she ordered some of the remaining ants to start building colony which was about 100,000 yards from there previous colony and was safe enough for their future. Then she and the remaining ants waited for 4 days and went back to their previous colony. When they reached the colony they tried to enter it. 


But humans as we know are treacherous being. They were on the look out for any sign of infestation in the colonies again. One of them saw the ant queen moving swiftly. The ant queen was carrying the porcupine spine with her. The pest controller rather than spraying pesticide on the ant tried to squash it. Drefftorim who saw that cried and all the 100 ants started to attack that man with spines. 


The man got brutally injured and bled for a while. The other pest controllers saw that and realized  that the breed of ants was of different kind and that they had never seen such kind of breed so they did not know what pesticide to spray on them to kill them. In a confusion they hurried back taking the injured pesticide sprayer to the hospital.


Now the pesticide sprayers were cautioned by this attacking and got a bit fearful. They did not think of going to that place again because of fear and lack of spray chemical for the special kind of ants that they saw that day. 


In the meanwhile Acferia thanked Drefftorim and the rest of the ants who had attacked the humans to save her life. Then they picked up all the food and this time carried 100 times as they usually did and went to their new colony that was to be build by them. The ants that were already there had already laid the foundation for it. 


After that they lived peacefully as they ate only from public property and not from private property and minded their own business as usual without interfering in other’s.

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