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ThE BaBy WhALe


So do fishes go to school too? Usually fishes don’t go to any school. Whatever they learn is from their mom and dad including the art of hunting for food, art of escaping predators and art of communicating, that is, learning their mother tongues. 


But in the wilderness of waters their existed a whale family to whom a female baby whale was born. She was the cutest looking fish. Her parents were very happy the day she took birth because all they were missing was a daughter which they got. They named their daughter Whalefic. Whalefic as other baby whales did, started to grow up and learn several things. 


As Whalefic started to grow she came to know about something from his whale friends that the wilderness where his parents and relatives spent most of the time was not a very safe place. Although they were the biggest mammals to rule the waters but still they had carnivorous predators who were jealous of their aura and wanted to take over them. She came to know that all her relatives including her parents were attacked by the bad sharks quite frequently.


There were good sharks too who were friends with the  Whalefic’s parents and relatives but were less in number and always needed the support of the whales to help defend themselves and the whales territory.


Since whales and sharks have different mother tongues they communicate differently. They could not understand each others tongues so they had to communicate with sign gestures. Whalefic came to know about this. 


She was young so she knew that she her brain was still developing. So she though since her brain was developing and in her learning stage she thought that she could learn the languages of the sharks and dolphins. 


The dolphins did not actually protect whales because most of the time they were away from the wilderness where the whales lived thus they could not help in protecting the whales village.


But these dolphins had the art of producing signals and sounds in such a frequency range that sharks can not tolerate and thus they swam away after hearing such frequency of sounds. Those sound frequencies were dangerous to the ears and brain of the sharks.


Now Whalefic knew all that.


To learn the languages of shark, Whalefic used to slip away from her parents sight while they were in the meetings with the other whales. Whalefic did not wanted her parents to know that she is going to her shark friends to learn shark’s tongue because she did not wanted them to get worried.


Every evening she used to sneak away from her parents and and go to her shark friends. She started learning the tongue of sharks and how they communicate. It took her some time until she was proficient in speaking, reading, listening and writing shark tongue.


Now it was time for her to learn the the dolphin sound weaponry. Since dolphins were far away from their home she had to escape her parental home for sometime. For that she had think of a plan to escape. 


By that time she had grown to be 5 years old and at that age she thought that she could ask her parents if she could take a vacation and go to see the dolphin land. 


After taking permission from her parents she left but she could not leave alone. She had to take 2 whale bodyguards with her. So she agreed to this decision of her parents and decided to leave.


It took 4 weeks for Whalefic and her two bodyguards to reach the dolphin land. Until they reached the dolphin land Whalefic kept on practicing the shark tongue in her mind whenever they took rest from swimming.

After reaching dolphin land Whalefic started making dolphin friends of her age group. 


One day she told her friends that she wanted to learn the art of dolphin’s sound production that freaked out the sharks and protected them. Her dolphin friends told her that it would be difficult to mimick their sounds but Whalefic told them they she is ready to face the difficulty no matter how tough it was. So her dolphin friends decided to teach her. 


Whalefic was there for only a year so she had to learn the dolphin’s technique of sound production that was dangerous for sharks to hear in a very less time frame.


She started her training. Initially it was very tough to adjust her voice pitch to produce the dolphin’s sharp frequency sounds but she practiced it a lot and then started producing that kind of sound frequencies which was required. She was happy when she perfected them. It was almost a year by that time. She then thanked her dolphin friends and left for her village.


When she reached her village and met her dad and mom she told them everything. Her parents were shocked and surprised to hear that. But then her dad asked her to show some of her skills. When she did, her dad realized that Whalefic was telling the truth. Her dad starting thinking and told Whalefic that he was happy to have a daughter to like that and then he left.


He immediately called for an emergency meeting. All the adult whales in the village came to attend the meeting. Then Whalefic’s dad told them about a plan to get rid of the sharks attack forever.


He told them that her daughter had learnt to speak in the shark’s voice and also she could produce sharp frequency sounds like that of dolphins that renders the sharks helpless. Everybody was amazed to learn that.


Her dad then told everybody that they had no time in teaching everybody those skills so they should currently use Whalefic’s skill to attack the sharks and make the sharks know that they can’t attack the whales anymore because now they have the dolphin’s skills to defend themselves and also that they could understand their language.


The plan involved Whalefic to say what her dad had told her when they reached the shark’s town.


When all the whales reached shark town Whalefic’s dad brought a big shell which increased the sound as in a microphone attached to speakers. Then he told Whalefic to speak into the shell “ We the whales warn sharks to leave and let them and they be in peace otherwise they would have a very deathly attack on them which will not leave any shark alive” which she said in shark’s tongue


Sharks first got scared that how were whales speaking their language but then the sharks said that “ They were evil and will not leave”.


Then Whalefic’s dad told her to produce the dolphin’s sharp frequency through the huge shell that was dangerous for the sharks. Whalefic said “yes dad” and with all her strength produced a deadly frequency of sound.


The sharks who were coming to attack after hearing the declaration of war by whales when heard the sharp frequency produced by a baby whale got freaked out. They could not handle the frequency and swam away.


After that event, sharks never came back to attack the whales as they knew whales now had a sound weapon with them which they can’t penetrate.


By that time all the new born whales were compulsorily taught shark’s tongue and dolphin’s sharp frequency producing sounds by Whalefic. The learning was important to protect their family and school and to remain at the top of water food chain.


From then on all the whales learned the different languages and forever remained safe and secure and nobody ever questioned their authority or supremacy.

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