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A bOy ThAt gReW A dOg’S tAiL



This is a story about a bully boy whose name was Bob. Bob ate the food of his fellow students and would let them go hungry during the entire school day. Bob could not be stopped as he was too smart to get caught. Every time any parent would complain about him he was never scolded or kept in detention because there was no proof of his wrong doing.


Bob was jealous of the intelligent ones in the class as he himself was not good in studies. He did not wanted any of his class fellows to score good marks in exam as he never did.  What bob did was during class time he took note of whichever of his class fellow was giving too many correct answers to the questions the teacher was asking in the class and during each subject. At break time he went to that kid and told him to bring his food tray to Bob’s food table and transfer all the food he had to his food tray. Bob then told the boy or girl that was bullied to sit besides him until he finished the both of their’s food so that nobody notices and then told him to go away. His fellow students had to do that because if they didn’t do what they were asked to do by Bob there were consequences. If someone did not give him food that day if he was asked to do so by Bob, then that kid was either made to sit on a to and fro swing and given great pushes until the kid goes higher and higher and until the time he can’t control himself on the swing and falls. If not that the boy was made to sit in a miniature merry go around which was turned around till the time the boy sitting inside could not keep himself holding to the swing and fly’s out, off the swing, falling to the ground. If that didn’t work he made the kid do sit ups until the boy faints and remembers not to mess with Bob. This continued for a while, until there was a new admission of a kid named Sam.


Sam was a son of a witch. He was a nice guy and good in studies too. Sam got his admission in the same class as that of Bob who did not know that he was a witch’s son.


So that day Sam came to the class and was introduced and greeted by all the students and teachers of the class except Bob who gave a rude look at him. Sam sat on his seat in the classroom and the class continued. Sam was an intelligent guy and good at answering questions. He answered many difficult    questions asked in the class. That day since Sam was answering too many questions asked by the teacher, during break time Bob did what he did with other kids who were smart in the class. He went to Sam and told him to give him his food but Sam refused at first but then his fellow classmates told him to do as Bob says, because Bob was a bully and he did very bad things to kids who did not listen to him. Sam after listening to his classmates gave food to Bob and went hungry that day. When Sam reached home he told his mom everything. His mom was furious over that. But his mom told Sam not to worry and gave him a magic pop can and told him if Bob does that again today, give him this pop can also, to drink. Sam did as he was told.


That day Sam answered questions put by teacher again and Bob was again mad at him and told him to give his food again to him. Sam did as he was told, he gave Bob the food from his food tray and also gave him the pop can that his mom had given to him. Bob ate the food and also drank the pop from the pop can. No sooner he had finished drinking the pop from the can he started feeling pain in his hip bone and in less than a minute a tail grew from there. It looked exactly like a dog’s tail. Kids that were seeing this all started laughing at Bob and there was a great commotion around. Hearing the commotion the principal came there and saw that Bob had a tail attached to its back. She scolded Bob and told him that this was a school and not a costume party and put her hands on the tail, held it firmly and tried to take it out from Bob’s back. To her surprise there was a huge cry from Bob who told her not to pull her tail as it cause a great deal of pain. She then noticed that the tail actually had grown from behind Bob’s back and was no artificial one. She was shocked to see that and did not know what to do. All the kids were still mocking at Bob and were happy that Bob the boy who used to pick on others got himself picked at today.


Meanwhile, the principal called animal control and told them that there was a dog in his school who was causing great deal of panic amongst students. Animal control came and saw Bob who had a big dog’s tail at that time and figured out that, that must be the dog the principal was talking about. Since Bob was screaming and running here and there the animal control had to fire a tranquilizer shot to calm him down. They took him away in a dog van to dogs facility.


Now, Sam was seeing all this. He figured out that it was because of the drink that his mom had given him for Bob to drink if he ate his food again. Sam felt a little bad at first but then at that day after school he went to where Bob was kept and told him that his mom was a witch and he had grown a tail because of the drink that he drank. He told Bob that it was a punishment given to him by his mom because he ate his food. Bob was in utmost shame and realized that he had been too mean and bad to the kids in his class so he apologized to Sam and told him that he would apologize to all the kids in the class and whoever he had bullied and would never do that again. Sam told him that since he had realized his mistakes and folly he would go to his mom and ask for an antidote of the magic pop which she had given to him for Bob.


The next day after school, Sam went to meet Bob taking another magic pop can and told him to drink it. Bob was first afraid but he then drank the pop and at the moment’s instance his tail disappeared. Bob was then released of the animal control prison.


Next day Bob went to school and apologized to all the kids who he had bullied ever and told them that he would never bully again. Bob was a changed boy now. 


He started being more attentive to what teachers were explaining and learnt more thus he himself became a good student and thus never had to be jealous of other students anymore. Sam and Bob became best friends forever.  

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