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tHe cLoUd tHAt sToLe rAiN



As everybody knows that clouds are born and they die or pass away in the atmosphere of earth and everywhere where there is moisture. In this story we will be talking about clouds that exist on earth. Also, I will be telling you that clouds have a life of their own and are living creatures who give shade and rain so that crops grow and we don’t go hungry ever. 


But now question arises that why can’t we detect that they are living? This is because they live secretly by forming only regular circular oval shapes that scientists think are formed because of water cycle that exists in nature including other factors.


Now far far away in a family of clouds near the north pole was born a baby cloud called Caoutestriphcy. Caoutestriphcy was a very naughty baby cloud. He liked his family of clouds but never listened to them. He used to do enormous mischiefs. 


Once this cloud was moving in air around North Pole ( as he was not allowed to go anywhere else) he saw a huge oil tanker which was moving over the seas in the North Pole. At First, he did not come to know what it was as it was something he had never seen before so he continued looking at its shape and tried to understand it.


He was very much intrigued by it and wanted to form a shape just like it but he knew the golden rule of clouds which said that a cloud should not form anything strange that humans detect and which in turn could be harmful to their kind. So he tried to stop himself to not form the shape of that oil tanker but since he was a very mischievous and a small,  he could not resist himself from doing that.


He formed a shape exactly that of oil tanker and moved in the air by having formed that shape feeling very happy. He let the his shape be like that for some time but later changed back to his original shape. 


That day he was very happy as he had formed a new shape and wanted to do it more. He was lucky that day that none of his family members saw him form that cloud shape otherwise he would have been severely scolded for that. 


Now after success of making a oil tanker shape Caoutestriphcy everyday used to look for new things to form shape of. Most of the time his family of clouds who were all adults used to leave their homes and go to work. (The work of these clouds involved causing rain to some regions for relief from heat or just for giving water to crops to grow). But that day Caoutestriphcy brother had high fever and he was unable to go to work so he stayed at home floating in air. Caoutestriphcy was unaware of this as he woke up late and with his half open eyes hurried to his favourite place which was where he had seen the oil tanker to look for more unusual shapes.


When he reached that place his brother who wanted to say good morning to him followed him from behind. When Caoutestriphcy reached his favourite spot he saw a weather balloon floating in air. He was further intrigued by that shape and again without noticing that his brother was following him he changed shape to the weather balloon. As soon as his brother saw that he was shocked to see that because Caoutestriphcy had broken the golden rule. He hurried towards him and held him by his hands and asked him “ What are you doing?” Caoutestriphcy who was unaware of his brother was taken by surprise and said in a shrewd tone “ I have done nothing wrong”. His brother than scolded and lectured him that forming shapes like he did today was not in the code of conduct of clouds book and that he should not do that again. He  also told him that doing this could threaten the life of all clouds on earth.


But since Caoutestriphcy was a very naughty cloud he did not listen to his brother. Caoutestriphcy’s brother who thought that his brother would listen to him and would not do anything stupid like this any more did not tell to his family at that time. He thought that a warning was enough for his brother.


Caoutestriphcy did not change to any other shape for two days but he could not resist his temptations. After 2 days he again went back to his favourite spot but this time his brother somehow came to know about it and skipped his work that day. Just to make sure that his brother was not doing the same mischief again and to stop him from doing it, if he plans to do  it, he went after him. 


That day there was another oil tanker floating in the sea on which he saw a person, who was riding a bicycle on that oil tanker. Caoutestriphcy was again excited to see something like bicycle so he wanted to form that shape and did it it in a second. Now his brother got scared seeing that and got really mad at him. He came near him and started scolding him again.


This time he went home and called for a meeting of all the North Pole clouds and told them what Caoutestriphcy was breaking the code of conduct of clouds and it could be dangerous for other clouds.


The verdict came from the meeting and they all decided that Caoutestriphcy should be grounded for the entire year until he learns the code of conduct of clouds and follows them properly.


Caoutestriphcy was then grounded but he did not like that. He started hating his family and wanted to do something to harm them. He used to sit in his house and cry a lot. He used to think everyday that how he could take revenge from hi family. So he thought about a plan. While thinking about that plan he saw that there was a slight opening beneath the door of his house through which he could escape. So next day when all the clouds went to work Caoutestriphcy escaped from his house by slowly diffusing through the door’s opening below. He then immediately went went to a witch and told his whole story and that how he would like to take revenge. 


Since witches love to take revenge she agreed to help the cloud. She gave her a potion and whispered something in his ears. By hearing that he came to know that the most important thing of clouds is to work which mostly is causing rain so he decided to steal the rain.


He drank the potion and became enormously large and invisible. Now the witch had told him that where were the clouds that were causing rain to occur. So he went there and descended just near the surface, quite below the rain causing clouds and since he was invisible nobody saw him. 


The clouds started causing rain and when they rained no rain water touched ground as all the rain was absorbed by Caoutestriphcy who took all the rain and flew away. The clouds who realized that no rain had touched ground did not know what was going on . They could not do noting at that time and went away.


Caoutestriphcy took all the rain and dumped it onto a river without realizing that what would happen further.


As soon as he dumped all the water in the river, the river water level rose and caused a lot of flooding in the towns around it. This lead to huge amount of loss of life and property in that area. 


Caoutestriphcy was just about to leave that place but when he saw people dying he got scared and started to cry realizing what he had done. 


But nothing could be done at that time so Caoutestriphcy went away crying and reached his home and told what he had done, to all his family. He apologized deeply from his family and said that he was ready to accept all the punishment that would be given at him. He cried deeply all day awaiting judgement. 


After seeing that Caoutestriphcy had realized his mistakes and had become a better cloud, his family forgave him and told him to follow the code of conduct forever from there on.


So the cloud realized his mistakes and never made any mistakes from there on and forever followed the code of conduct of clouds.

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