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ThE dRaGoN ThAt LoSt It’S FiRe 



Dragons used to live in an isolated part of earth called Dragonsville. It was a very beautiful place which had everything a dragon wanted. It had lots of forests and fruits that dragons liked. It also had many wild animals  to hunt and eat. There was nothing that was not there that a dragon wouldn’t want.


But there was a dragon named Ficky who always wanted to see the whole world. He wanted to travel around the earth and see the different places on earth. But he was never allowed to leave Dragonsville. He tried many times arguing with his parents and elders but nobody allowed him and told that it was too dangerous for a dragon to leave Dragonsville but he never listened.


One day Ficky decided to leave the Dargonsville all by himself without letting anybody knew.


Dragonsville was located on the equator where it was warm and the dragons liked it.


So Ficky started his flight. 

He flew alongside the equator first but he did not find it much different than Dragonsville.


Then he decided to fly to the south of the equator and discover something new. 


He travelled over South America where he saw many two-footed creatures who were called humans that were afraid to see him and ran towards hiding on seeing him. He did not mind that and wondered why his fellow dragons said that it was dangerous to go out of Dragonsville.


But he continued his flight towards south pole.


On the way he used to stop and hunt animals , have some food and take some rest from flying.


But he continued his flight and at last he reached the south pole and saw that it was white everywhere which was nothing like he had ever seen before. He saw ice all around. He did not know what it was but he liked it so he went near it and tried touching it. It was cold when he touched it. 


By that time he was tired and wanted a resting place to sleep.

He could not find trees so he just sat and laid on the ice which was pretty cold.


He started feeling thirsty by that time so he started looking for water but he did not find any. He did not know what to do. So he thought of flying back to Dragonsville but he couldn’t, he was too tired. So he just laid down hoping to find some rest and peace. Suddenly it saw a creature with beak hitting the ice below it and after quite a lot of pocking and hitting on the ground it made a whole in it and then he saw drops of water splashed out. 


He said to himself that there must be water beneath the icy ground so I should also break the ground to get some water to drink. 


He used his tail to hit hard on the floor, being careful not to sink in the ground. He broke quite a lot of ice and found water beneath it. He was happy to see that and drank it in great quantity. It was cold but still he he did not stop drinking as he was thirsty for a long time. 


Now he wanted some food. Since there were no trees for fruits he tried looking for some animals and found few bears and other creatures which he hunted and now he only ate cooked food so he tried burning the hunted animals with his mouth fire but there was no fire coming from his mouth. He was shocked to see that. Now how was he supposed to have his food. He tried eating raw food but could not get it below his throat so he just spit it out.


By that time he started feeling chilly too and wanted to burn some wood for fire but there was no wood and there was no fire. The dragon started falling ill and fell too ill. He could not move nor hunt which was useless anyways. He tried flying but had no energy left in him to fly and kept on falling as he tried.


He realized that there is no escaping from it and his end is here soon. 


Suddenly he saw a group of dragons coming towards him. The dragons had been following him since day one. They had seen him leave and knew it was no use calling him back as he would not listen. So they followed him stealthily without him getting to know of it.


When they saw dragon not able to fly they came near him and asked what had happened. Then they came to know that the dragon had lost its fire power and was too ill. They knew that it was because of drinking icy water.


The dragons then decided to put fire in his mouth through their mouth. So one of the dragon opened his mouth and the other dragon breathed fire in his throat.


The dragon coughed a little bit but felt a bit better. He then kept on lying for a while and then he tried breathing fire, which he successfully did. He also starting feeling better after that and in a few days time he was ready to take flight back home and promised his fellow dragons and the elderly dragons to listen to them and pay heed to what they say as they had seen more life than him and knew more about the world than he did.

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