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FaIrY gAvE bIrTh To A dRaGoN



Once there lived fairies and witches. Fairies were always nice but witches always tried to destroy fairies and their existence.

Fairies lived on separate land in a country called Fairy-Land and witches lived in a country called Witch-Land. Both the countries were on the same land mass so there were many fights amongst them but still fairies managed to survive.


Fairy-Land was beautiful. Fairies did many incredible things there and they were more advanced and better than witches in their way of working. Fairies grew fruits and vegetables in their farms. There was no shortage of food and fun for the fairies in Fairy-Land. Fairies also did many experiments using chemicals and their magic.


Now, there was this fairy whose name was Pansy. She did lots of experiments to form something new. Sometimes she formed a sandwich, sometimes a burger and sometimes muffin but nothing new. Even then she kept on trying. 


One night she was experimenting and added many different chemicals to her test tube. What happened that time was that there was too much lightning in the sky going on and the fairy was experimenting outside.  She suddenly got its test tube struck by lightning and that caused a small explosion. That caused a lot of smoke. 


After the explosion’s smoke cleared away she say that a small mammal like looking creature was sitting just in front of her in the broken test tube. At that time she did not know what to do. She picked up the mammal and took her home hiding it in her coats pocket so that nobody sees it. She reached home, put the creature in her room and shut the door. Now, she looked at the creature and wondered what it could be. She went to the kitchen and brought some grapes and tried feeding it to the mammal. The creature first was shy and tried running away and hiding in her closet but she picked it up and kept it on a table and tried feeding it again. This time the creature put its tongue out and licked the grapes. It liked it and then it put that grape piece in its mouth and felt happy and started jumping. It wanted more of the grapes. The fairy fed it quite a bit but then stopped as she did not know that if more fruit would do it harm or good. The creature started liking fairy and became its pet. The fairy made for it beautiful things. She made for it a running wheel, a small trampoline, a small swimming pool and many other playing things. The mammal also liked cakes and muffin and she fed them to him daily. She used to always keep it in her room so that nobody knows about it and does not consider it a witch’s trick after seeing it.


One day the fairy came from her work and she tried to find the creature and couldn’t find it. She tried looking in the closet or the drawers but could not find the mammal. Suddenly she saw that the creature flew across her face and when she saw she was surprised to see that the creature she was feeding food everyday was nobody other than a dragon with wings. She got very excited about that.


She now had realized that dragon whom she had named Ralph couldn’t be kept in hiding. Afraid at first, she took the dragon from her room and put it into her pocket and went to a friend of her’s.


When her friend saw that Pansy had a dragon in her hands she freaked out but when Pansy showed that it obeyed her and ate only fruits and cakes and candies and not fairies her friend fairy got relieved a little bit and started petting the dragon too. She too started liking the dragon. They then decided to show it to all the fairies in the village they lived called Greatsville.


The next day when the fairies of Greatsville saw the dragon they freaked out too but when Pansy told everybody that it was safe and Ralph did not hurt anybody. She told everybody that she had created it while working in her laboratory as an accident and that it was no witchcraft. After listening to the explanation the other fairies breathed a sigh of relief and although reluctant at first the fairies started petting it and became friendly to Ralph.


Now it so happened that there was a dam in Greatsville.


Fairies had repaired that dam many times but it used to leak sometimes. The dam was pretty big and if it would break it would flood the entire village of Greatsville so it was a risky.


It so happened that the witches knew about the dam and somehow wanted to break it so that they can flood the entire village of Greatsville.


They did that one day.


The witches flew with all their strength to Greatsville and started a fight. The fight was just a distraction but their main aim was to destroy the dam. 


While some witches were fighting with the fairies of Greatsville some went to the dam to break it with their witch craft.


Now Pansy wanted to hide her dragon Ralph from the witches so that they can’t get a hold of it and use it for any evil desire if their’s. 


She took the dragon put it in her pocket and started flying away from the Greatsville.


Her path of flying out of town led above the dam. So she was about to cross the dam when she saw that witches were trying to break the dam by doing some witchcraft. She immediately 

hid behind a tree and did not know what to do as the witches were too many.


Now, while she was hiding she suddenly felt movement in her pocket and realized that it was Ralph, who she had forgotten about in amidst of whatever was going on.


Now she realized that only way to stop the witches was too get help from other fairies and that was very difficult because the fairies of Greatsville were already fighting witches in their town. 


The only way now was to call the help of army of fairies which was quite a flight from Greatsville. She thought that she would go but she did not wanted to leave the sight of evil witches so that just in case she could do something to stop the witches from breaking the dam. Now the only way to get help was  to send Ralph for help. 


She said to herself “ If Ralph does not go all of he Greatsville will fall and the fairies of Greatsville will get captured and I don’t want my friends to get into the hands of evil witches.”


So she wrote a note, folded it and put it in the mouth of Ralph. The note contained emergency message from her and told that Greatsville was under attack by the witches. 


She then aimed the dragon at a certain heading and told it to fly in the same heading until it sees somebody like her that was not engaged in battle with any witch. She then told Ralph to give the note to that fairy.


With tears in her eyes she made Ralph fly away towards the direction where she knew that he will find some army fairy personnel.


It was about two hours from the time Pansy had left the dragon in search of army, but there was no sign of him.

She was worried but she did not give up hope and decided to give Ralph more time. She went near the witches that were trying to break the dam and started distracting them.


The witches after seeing her became alarmed. They thought that there might be other fairies too nearby and they did not wanted to stop their evil plan of breaking the dam go into vain so some of them went after pansy and tried to look for other fairies too if any. Now doing that, the total witchcraft power to destroy the dam had decreased as some witches had gone after pansy.


Pansy kept on hiding behind the high trees and showing herself again and again to the witches and wasting their hunting time. 


After sometime she saw Ralph coming towards her. She realized that Ralph had found out its way back. She was happy to see him but she did not see any army so she thought that Ralph couldn’t get to any army personal. But as soon as Ralph escaping from sight of the witches landed on her hand she saw a huge flock of fairy army coming from the direction through which Ralph came.


She was happy to see that Ralph had accomplished its flight and had helped save the fairies of Greatsville.


The fairy army attacked the witches trying to destroy the dam and captured them. They also captured all the witches who were attacking Greatsville and threw them in a prison from where they could never return.

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