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fLyiNg FiRe

Who does not have a wish to see fire flying in the sky without it hurting anybody? 


Once there was a kid who also always wished this and dreamt of making it happen but he never knew how to. 


This kid was born in a family of very poor people who had to work very hard for their survival. His name was Gaouteiy. This name was given to him by his parents. Gaouteiy’s father was a Lumberjack. In those days wood cutting was not a very profitable business as very other person who lived in that area was a lumberjack and therefore there was much competition for this trade thus money fetched through this job was not very great.


Since Gaouteiy’s father was a lumberjack he had to follow the same trade as that of his father. Gaouteiy just like his father was very hard working. Merely at the age of 10 he started helping his father in cutting wood. His father was always impressed with his son but could not bring riches to him as much as he wanted. One day Gaouteiy’s father asked his son that what did he wanted in life?


Gaouteiy replied that the only thing he wanted in life is to see fire flying in sky. His father was highly impressed with the thought. He then told Gaouteiy that he should pursue his dream and never let it go away thinking it was impossible because he said “ Impossible it may sound but it will not be, because it’s not a dream, it is life”.


That day Gaouteiy was highly motivated by his father’s words and thought that it was possible. So that day he asked his father that if he could save money from wood cutting to go to school. His father happily said “yes”.


Before Gaouteiy had given all hope of achieving his dream but with his father’s words, inspiration crouched upon within him like forest fire. 


From that day he started to save money to go to school. He knew how to read and write so he started from grade 5. There he studied with his full concentration and as he went to grade 6 he started attending science classes where he learnt lots of chemistry. 


One day he was sitting at his home with few matchsticks in hand. He then decided to do an experiment with the matchsticks. He brought a bowl and filled it with some oil. Then he triggered fire at the burning tip of match stick through friction. He then put the other end of matchstick in the oil without completely submerging it. Then a whole minute passed and the match stick did not go out of flame. He was surprised to see that. He wanted to know why it was happening like that. When he checked he saw that matchstick was absorbing the oil from the bowl as it was partially submerged and touching it and was burning only the oil and not the matchstick. This made him excited and he did that experiment again and again. The results were the same. Only the oil that was being absorbed by the matchstick was burning and not the matchstick itself. He was very happy with the experiment and remembered the results. 


As Gaouteiy progressed in his school life he learnt more about fire proofing materials i.e. that don’t catch fire and are light in nature.


One day after giving his grade 12 exams went to his class lab and made a fireproof material. He then after seeking permission from his teacher took the material to his home. On the way to home he also picked up a small helium cylinder. After reaching home he made a kite. He then filled helium gas in the fireproof material which was of bag like in shape and formed a shape of a balloon when helium was filled in it. He then tied a knot at the mouth of that material in such a way that the helium gas in it does not leak and does not leave the fireproof material which had formed a balloon.


Now he attached the helium balloon made up of fireproof material to the kite.


Also with the same fireproof material he made the string from which he would tie and make the kite fly in air.


He then brought a bow and a blunt arrow and started the experiment.


He made the kite fly in the sky. When the kite was high up in the air he let the string which was attached to lower end of the kite with which he was controlling the kite to fall in an oil can. Then he picked up the blunt bow and put it on fire. Then holding the arrow stretching on the bow he aimed at the kite at threw it towards the kite that had absorbed oil through the string by that time. When the blunt fire arrow touched the kite the whole kite was lit up with fire and it burnt until the oil in the entire can got empty.


Before doing that experiment he had remembered his matchstick experiment in which the oil burnt first and then the matchstick burnt.


This flying fire experiment was done again and this time in front of his father who was nothing more that impressed. His father than suggested Gaouteiy to show this magic to people.


Gaouteiy agreed to his dad and stuck a poster in the town centre about flying fire show. At that time he did not knew many people would be interested in seeing that.


But on the day of the show which he conducted in a very big open empty space almost the entire village population showed up.


He was nervous that day but did not hesitate to do the show. That day he had arranged for five kites to be lit on fire and so he did. 


When he did people were no less than amazed to see the flying kites lit up on fire and not getting burnt up for quite a long time. People did not know how he was doing that and thought it was magic. They kept on saying that we want more but Gaouteiy had not expected this.


Gaouteiy then realized that he could earn an handsome income from this kind of show exhibition. He then started charging people for his show. He earned lots of money by showing fire shows to people in the village and in the entire country. 


Whatever money he earned he donated some of it and rest he kept for his dad, mom and himself and lived life peacefully and happily.

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