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FLyiNg hEdGeHoGs AnD tHeiR wiLL tO sUrViVe



On earth there once lived flying hedgehogs. Along with flying hedgehogs there lived their enemies and some neutral people too. The enemies were vultures and eagles. The neutral people were men and women living as tribes who wanted to maintain peace amongst every being be it animal or living being. 


Now it so happened that even though the hedgehogs were able to fly and even though they have pines on their backs but they are fat creatures thus are slow in movement. This character made them loose fight with their mortal enemies, the vultures and eagles. Thus it costed life to the hedgehogs. Their numbers were getting greatly reduced. 


Seeing the condition of their population the leaders of flying hedgehogs had a meeting. They all wanted to do whatever was possible to prevent them from loosing their near and dear ones. The meeting lasted for 12 hours. After spending so much time one of the hedgehog  came up with an idea. She said that why don’t we ask the humans who live in tribes to help us. Then she told that all the humans believed in peace and if we tell hem our story they might be interested in saving us. The hedgehogs agreed. They then decided that the best person to talk to them would be the person that came up with that idea which was the lady hedgehog whose name was Cassandriona. Cassandriona then made a plan that how would she meet the tribes.


She flew to a tree near a lake and sat their next morning waiting for any human or human kid that would come near that lake and try to play. After much waiting their came a boy who first used his hands to throw stones in water so as to play and have fun. Initially he was alone but then came his other friends and they started doing it too. But the stones were not going were far. So one of them took out a strange thing. This strange thing was a catapult and he starting throwing stones throw it on the water of the lake using it. Now those stones crossed distance and seeing that other kids started asking that boy about the thing he was using. The boy told that he needed something in return for that help. So every kid went back home and brought some kind of gift for that kid. Some got money, some fruits, some honey and some got vegetables. The boy then taught them how to make that catapult and told them about the material used to make it. Cassandriona understood how the humans worked.


Next day she then went to the human chiefs. She talked to them and told them that if they could help them fight eagle and vultures so as that they could live they would be really thankful to them and would forever remain friends with them and would come in help in time of need. The truth was that that they would be highly indebted to them for generations to come.


The humans agreed but they had a problem. They said that “we would love to fight and help you but we can’t carry those many arrows in our quivers as there are birds of prey in the sky and secondly even if they carried it would be too heavy and that would be dangerous during battle. Cassandriona understood and then she told them them that they need to make special bows in which they could fit the spines of hedgehogs in them and also throw them through it if required. The humans understood what Cassandriona meant. 


So to every human there were assigned 25 flying hedgehogs. They hovered around that human like an angel and the war began. Humans had already made special bows to shoot hedgehogs spines through. The war started. When the eagles tried to attack the hedgehogs, they used to shed one of their spine and give it to the person loading and firing them from their bows as arrows. Sometimes even hedgehogs got injured while fighting directly trying to save humans. Those hedgehogs that got injured were flown and carried away to safety by those flying hedgehogs that had finished shedding all their spines for fighting with eagles and vultures. At the end the humans loaded and shot about 50000 arrows/spines towards the angles and vultures and finally the humans and the hedgehogs won. 


The flying hedgehogs were now safe from the evil eagles and vultures who were going to destroy them all just for filling their stomachs. Then the humans and hedgehogs lived and still live peacefully except for sometimes the hedgehogs attack but it is very rare all thanks to the help given to their great great great grandparents to help them save their generations and race.

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