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GoD oF bALLoOnS 




Once there lived a magician and a tiny human like creature together in the same house. But both of them had never met each other. Although the tiny human like creature had seen the magician many times in the house but the magician had never seen the tiny human creature and thus had never known about his whereabouts. The reason for that was that the tiny human like creature lived in the mouse holes of the house and the magician lived in the actual house and its rooms. 


Now let’s come to their names. The tiny human like creature's name was Brenny and the magicians name was Sprek.


Also let me tell you the characteristics of creatures like Brenny. Brenny was a tiny human like creature who had a life span of about 500 years and currently he was quite young. His parents had died long time back ( in terms of human ages and time) in the same house. They had actually died when Brenny was born.  The second characteristics of creatures like Brenny was that they could not only walk and run like humans but also could hop and jump like a kangaroo. In fact, he could jump to about 50 times of his own height while hopping, if required.  Whatever food or drinks he needed he got them from the supplies of magician who never realized that they got missing. 


One night Brenny slept early. At about 1:00 am, just an hour after midnight he started to hear lots of yelling and screaming. This caused him to get up from his bed and see what was going on. When he sneaked out from his mouse hole he saw that magician was upset and sad. He was yelling and saying that "why can't I find an assistant.” Then he also said that “If I find an assistant I would do anything for him. I would make his wildest dreams come true.” 


(As I told you earlier that Brenny could hop like a kangaroo and run like humans but it was not enough for him, he also wanted wings behind his ears that could be concealed whenever required and could also make him fly to his hearts desire whenever he wanted.) 


Hearing that Brenny got excited and thought this might be his lucky day as Sprek was a magician. He immediately came out from his hiding and hopped and ran as fast as he could and climbed the table top besides which the magician was sitting. He then immediately went near Sprek’s shirt’s sleeve end and pulled it. Magician did not release the pull until Brenny pulled it real hard. When magician saw somebody pulling his shirt’s sleeve he looked at it and before he could react upon it, Brenny said “Hi!” to him. Sprek surprised to see the human like creature also said “Hi!” to him but after a minute of staring at that tiny human like creature. Brenny then said to the magician, “My name is Brenny!” The magician then also introduced himself saying “My name is Sprek.” Brenny then said "I am one of the house owners.” Sprek was surprised to hear that and said in a funny tone "But I have never seen you here". Brenny then told him about his whereabouts and told him that he lived in the mouse holes hiding from him. Then the magician had a question. He asked Brenny “Why show yourself today then?”


Brenny then said that he heard loud screams coming out from Sprek and thus as a nice house-mate he came out to see what was going on. Then Sprek said “So you know.” Brenny said “Yes” and told him that he was willing to help Sprek and be his assistant if he made his wish come to life. The magician was excited to hear this and said “Yes” to whatever Brenny might want. Brenny then told Sprek that he wanted wings behind his ears which could be easily concealed and could also make him fly whenever he wanted and to wherever he wanted. Magician then said that it should not be any problem at all. Hearing that Brenny happily started working the next day as an assistant to Sprek. But according to the terms and conditions of the contract of service, Brenny would get his wings after completion of 10 years of his job to which he had happily agreed upon. 


Brenny worked many years tirelessly for the magician. One day Brenny was off work as he had that day off and was outside the house sight-seeing but magician had to do something so he was working on his own. While magician was working he suddenly felt extreme pain in his heart and fell on the floor. The magician realized that he might not survive that pain. Then somehow he pulled himself up and remembered what Brenny, his faithful assistant had asked for, for being at his service. So he hurried up and made a magical potion for him that would give him flapping concealable wings behind his ears which he always wanted. Then he wrote a small note to Brenny stating that the magical potion that he always requested was in the shinny flask which was marked so on the table where they first met. Then he lay dead on the floor.


The magician had done his part of the job.


When Brenny came and saw he felt very sad seeing that the Sprek had passed away. But then he saw that note lying besides Sprek’s hands and read it. It made him a little happy. He then went near that flask and drank the entire potion that was in it. In a fraction of a second small tiny wings popped out from behind both of his ears and started flapping. He then tried controlling them and was able to do so through his body’s will. He thanked the magician in his heart as he got what he had dreamt of and wished him good luck in his after-life from within.


Now since his house mate had died he did not feel like living in that house anymore. He flapped the wings behind his ears and flew up near the clouds. He then tried sitting on the clouds but could not as they are not that dense. So he condensed the clouds by pressure of his flapping wings and when they got condensed he sat on them thinking what to do. For  a few days he made that cloud his home. He slept on it, he wept on it, he enjoyed on it. He also used to see human kids play outside their houses on the streets from there. This would make him very happy. He kept on being there on the cloud for quite sometime and kept on watching kids play. This was his favourite way to pass time and also used to make him very happy seeing kids play. He started liking kids very much and wanted to do something for them. He realized that why not give them something that looked like a cloud and could be popped out loud or blown into any size which they wished out. So he confirmed that he would give kids this present. But during those time there was no material which could do that or had this kind of properties. But he was determined to find such a thing.


So he flapped the wings behind his ear and entered earth grounds. He looked here and there, checked many things but nothing soft and stretchable as he required and wanted so he went to the waters, he searched for it stealthily in the grocery shops but could not find such a thing. One day he went to a hot forest and was moving from tree to tree in search for that desired material. Suddenly a huge gooey thing fell on him and trapped him. He tried to come out of it by wrestling it with his arms and legs but could not do so. So he remembered  that how he had condensed the cloud where he lived. Therefore he immediately started flapping his ear wings real hard. To his surprise he saw that the gooey thing that had trapped him form a huge bubble like thing that looked like an inflated cloud. He then kept on flapping his wings and this kept on increasing the size of the bubble and later it burst. He was set free from the bubble but he had found what he was looking for. He then named it as “Balloon” as it had a bubbly ball shape and could be increased or decreased in size at ones will ( signifying “oo” in balloon). 


But how would humans come to know about it? He then devised a plan. He used to inflate quite a lot of balloons and when it used to rain he used to send and throw those balloons from the cloud where he used rest and let them enter the houses of kids. The kids use to first be intrigued and intimidated by it but later they started playing with it. Since they were always less in number and kids wanted more and more of them their parents then tried to create them on earth themselves for their kids. They prayed to the gods for a while to help them discover the mysterious material that made balloons. It took them some time and hints ( from Brenny) until they found out the material which was nothing but rubber mixed with some other ingredients. After getting to know the material they started to create it on their own on earth exactly as Brenny used to create them for their kids.


Later Brenny passed away, but gave a present to human kids who still enjoy it by popping it on their birthdays to cause candies to fall onto the floor or filling them with water and throwing and splashing them at each other. 


So Brenny gave one of the things that kids could enjoy and  could give it to their kids in future for enjoyment - Balloons.

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