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HoW wItChEs BeCaMe GoOd



There was a witch named Sam. She was a witch but remained sad most of the times. If other witches asked her to come along with them and to do their witch stuff together or do some shopping together she used to refuse and remained gloomy. Her friend witches tried a lot but she remained sad and never went to any place with them and just stayed at her house.


Her house was also not too big. There was nothing much to do around in the house but she still sat in her tiny room and remained depressed and cried sometimes. 


She never knew what she was missing.


One day, her friend witch forced her to leave her room and go with her to the market place. She did not wanted to go but she went.


In the market place she was still gloomy. Her friend tried to cheer her up by showing her different type of shops. She also took Sam to juice bar and ordered 10 different type of juices. She then asked Sam to try all of the juices and tell which one was the best. But she was still not amused or happy after trying all of them and did not find any juice sounding good to her taste buds.


Now she was sitting at the juice bar for a long time when she she heard a sound. She did not know what it was but felt very nice hearing the music. Sam asked her friend what it was. Her friend told her that that was called music. She asked her how does it work. Then she told Sam to go and check out herself.


They both went to the music shop from where the sound was coming. 


There was a girl playing a piano. Sam asked the shop owner that what was that thing called from which the sound was being produced by the girl. The shop owner told Sam that, that thing was an instrument and was called a piano. Sam was excited and asked if anybody could play it. The shop owner replied with a yes. Then Sam asked the shop owner if she could buy it . The shop owner said smiling that the piano was good for sale and anybody who could afford it could buy it. Sam immediately payed the price of the piano to the shop owner and bought it.


Then Sam with her magic, lifted the piano up and flew along with the piano and her friend back to her house. Her room was tiny but she somehow made space for the piano.


She shrunk her bed’s width to just the width so that she can snuck in and made her dressing table reduce to half the size with her magic.


Now, she somehow made the piano fit her room. She then put a stool besides piano, sat on it and struck a key. 


She was wonderstruck hearing piano’s sound when she struck a key on it. Then she used all her fingers and without any rhythm just moved her fingers up and down pressing the same piano keys at a high speed. Her expressions were super witchy at that time when she was pressing the keys very quickly. She enjoyed it a lot and was ecstasized at that time


Now she thought let’s convert the piano into a witch piano.

She had 122 magic potions and same was the number of keys of the piano. So with magic she linked each key to a magic potion such that when she played a particular key the particular potion flew from the magic potion rack and came over her big witch cauldron. Then, for the amount of time she pressed the piano key till that time the potion fell in the cauldron drop by drop and when she lifted the same key up 

the magic potion flew and went back to the rack. 


Now, once her friend told her to make an evil potion as she wanted to do some evil magic using that potion against a man who had upset her in some way.


So when Sam started making the evil potion she got so much lost in the music that instead of matching set of potions to the keys she started to play a beautiful music and then instead of making an evil potion the keys matched potions in such a way that a good potion was made.


Sam gave that potion to her friend.


Now when Sam’s friend used that potion against the man who had upset her before the potion instead of being negative turned out to be positive for him. Actually, Sam’s friend had put the potion in the seeds of his to be grown crops and had thought that when the man plants the seeds his seeds will produce no crop and the entire harvest will leave him bankrupt. But the harvest yielded 50 times more crop than normal and the man was  surprised to see that. He instead of becoming bankrupt payed of all his loans and saved money for his kids studies.


The man seeing such a bumper and impossible yield realized that it must be because of a witch’s magic. He then realized that how cruel he was to a certain witch. Thinking that he felt bad. He then went to the witch’s house who he had behaved badly to and apologized to her. 


The witch at that time was already upset at Sam because instead of an evil potion Sam had made a good potion which turned positive for the man.


After hearing apologies from the man the evil witch cooled down a bit and thought why we have to do evil when we can get results from doing good.


She then went back to Sam and told her that instead of doing evil we should do good. Sam was confused at that time and asked why. Then Sam’s friend told her the whole story. Sam after hearing the story also thought that being good is better than being evil.


They then went to their witch friends and told them what happened. They then discussed that if they could do good instead of doing evil. Some of their friends did not agree but then all of them agreed and they started doing good for the people from that day onwards.


People who used to be afraid of the witches started liking them and being thankful to them. The witches were benevolent from there on and never had hurt anybody ever from that time onwards. 


All thanks to the piano!

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