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tHe kNoWeR oF tHe hEaRt



Once there was a very simple guy whose name was Erick. Erick was too simple of a person and for that a witch liked him very much. Before falling in love with that witch he did not know that the lady with whom he is falling in love with was actually a witch. But after many months of dating that lady - the witch whom he fell deeply in love and who had her name as Endora was a very evil witch which Erick did not know. Endora waited for quite a long time for Erick to ask her for marriage and one day that evil but auspicious moment came. 


On their final date before marriage they were sitting in a restaurant and Erick asked Endora for marriage very politely and in a gentleman’s way. Endora got excited and felt very happy after hearing that proposal but before she proceeded  by saying yes she asked Erick for a gift. 


Erick said “Anything for you my love.” 


Then Endora said “I need a promise from you that you will let me listen to everything your heart says or desire or thinks.” Erick after hearing to that wish said happily and without much thinking “Of course my darling whatever you want.” 


But for the wish to come true the witch had too make him drink pork blood mixed with her magical potion. So she ordered one and mixed a drop of her magic potion which she said was a herb for good health and that they both should drink it to the last drop. They both drank the potion. This made the witch listen to every desire of Erick’s heart i.e Erick’s heart was connected to Endora’s mind.


If both of them remained happy this was a good thing maybe but after some years into their marriage Erick would get frustrated from his job at a store and would yell at his darling Endora. Endora initially would not get mad at him but later as in a family, frictions develop, they got developed amongst them that. 


One day in a heated confrontation Endora finally told Erick the truth about her. She told him that she was a witch and literary listens to everything that Erick thinks of. Erick hearing that freaked out and did not know how to get rid of that curse which was now looking very heavy. 


Erick started thinking evil about Endora. Sometimes he thought of killing her sometimes strangling her and then giving her death. Endora would come to know about everything that Erick would think about her and so she warned him but he did not stop having evil thoughts about her. 


So one day Endora got mad and made Erick a parrot and tied a string around its neck and put him in a cage. After much apologies through Erick within his heart she released him and brought him back to human form. 


Few days later Erick started thinking evil for that witch again and then Endora could not stop herself being a witch and made him a mouse and set after him a cat. Erick escaped that tortuous punishment somehow with much apologies and tears.


After few days again he got mad at Endora and uttered really bad words to her. This time Endora thought lets make him a pig and put him in a pigpen where he could be slayed. But this time Erick was ready. He had taken a magical potion from another witch which could not cancel the curse but could give him something so that he could defend himself. That potion he had tied around his neck via a string. 


As soon he became a pig and was left unattended for a while in a pigpen he somehow managed to open the small magic potion bottle with his mouth and drank it. As soon as he drank it he became a man. It was night at that time and Endora was sleeping. He went to his house where Endora was lying on bed in her sleep. He took out a knife and plundered her heart thus eliminating that evil witch.


This was tit for tat for that evil witch. Thereafter Erick was very wise to choose a girl who he would date and marry.

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