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tHe mAgiCaL fReNcH hArP


Summer vacations were about to end and so was the work of this boy. This boy’s name was Fin. He had been working at the magician’s workshop to help him out with his daily things that did not involve magic or its making. He would only help him out to do things like heat up the water for boiling or cook food and bring stuff including groceries that he needed from the nearby market. The magician was happy with Fin’s work. It was now time for the magician to give Fin a reward for all the hard work he had done in the past four months. So at the end of the last day of Fin’s work, the magician asked him about the reward that Fin would like to have? Now Fin was a very noble and people caring person. He said that I have a french harp and 5 wooden toy planes. I want you to make my French harp magical which could control my five toy planes when I play it. Thus he also actually wanted to give life to the wooden toy planes. He wanted the toy planes to fly magically when he played his French harp. He also told the magician to make his French harp understandable so that it listens and understands to him and gets aware of what is good and what is wrong in this world. Next he told the magician that when his French harp becomes magically alive it should be caring too. The magician laughed and granted his wish. He uttered the words “ L..e..c..k..r..o..c..k..m..i..t.o. “ in a loud magical tone and soon Fin’s French harp came alive and became magical along with the wooden toy planes that could fly with the playing of his harp and his harp alone. 


The magician then asked Fin “what would you do with this magical reward?” Fin replied that he loved taking care of people and that’s what he would do with this gift.


Fin in his little life had seen many thefts happening resulting in loss of people’s money and other precious things. Although people earned sufficient and there were always many job openings but still some wanted easy cash. Fin wanted to stop all this from happening. So to stop the thefts, at night he would go out at the top of a high mountain, sit there and play his French harp. The French harp he played was in such a tone that all people would fall in a spell. They would sleep wherever they were and that too undisturbed. Then his toy planes would start their propellers, take off from that mountain slope and would become airborne. They would then descend down the mountain and while flying would pick up stolen items from theirs warehouses and would carry them back to their owners. After keeping them safely they would fly away back to Fin were he would pick them and would go down the mountain to his home to sleep. 


He kept on doing that every night until the thieves came to know that something was not right and thus they got afraid of that phenomenon and dared not to steal. 


Amongst the thieves was a a young thief who would not get under that spell and therefore would not ever fall asleep because of the sound of Fin’s French harp. He would only observe what was happening. His name was Finneiy. He would hear the French harp playing and one day got a chance to see the toy planes transferring stolen items from one place to other just after nightfall. He realized that he was helpless against it. Initially he was also afraid of the phenomenon but later after careful observation he came to know what was going on. He then realized and repented his stealing habits. He understood that stealing was bad and therefore quit doing so. He became a hard working man who would only spend the life with the wages he earned. Still he listened to the calm French harp played by the boy and would love the tune and enjoy it at night.


Now after few years when theft had stopped completely because of actions of Fin, Finneiy the young thief would miss the harp’s tune. The only way now that he could listen to that tune again was by buying a harp and playing it himself. So he got a French harp for himself by his earned money and not stealing. After some time of much practicing he could produce the same tune which he used to hear played by Fin and was happy with that. He was also happy that the town was a safe place now as there would not occur thefts anymore. 


But one day a tragedy occurred Fin died because of a sudden heart attack and Finneiy got to know about it. Now, Finneiy was a little upset and worried about it as the thieves would start stealing again not because they knew what had happened but because they can’t stop their habit when they sense their thief spirit and their intuitions. But Finneiy would not let that happen. He was determined to take whatever steps he could to stop this from happening. So after much thinking he went to steal once again but this time not for himself. He wanted to do it for the society and town where he lived. 


He went to Fin’s place. He stole his magic harp and magical toy planes. When he got the French harp and the magical toy wooden planes, he reached home and tried to play the harp and see if it worked but the harp was smart as it was magical. As soon as he tried to play the harp it would change its flute columns positioning almost instantaneously while still being attached to the harp and thus any tune produced by blowing air in its flute columns would sound weird. Finneiy at that time did not know what to do. He then tried telling the magical French harp that he was playing the flute for the same purpose as was his previous owner. The flute would not listen to him as his previous master had told him about good and evil in the world and the theory of not talking or obeying to strangers. Finneiy slowly understood the nervousness of harp. He understood that the flute did not wanted to get into wrong hands or do wrong things. So, he got his own French harp and played the same tune that Fin used to play. The magical harp when heard the tune it was surprised to hear the same tune coming from another person’s French harp. The magical flute then tried giving Finneiy a chance. It jumped in the air by bouncing off the ground where it was lying and then reached Finneiy’s hand. Finneiy seeing the magical French harp do so realized that the harp wanted to get played by him now. So he went to the high mountain carrying also the wooden toy planes with him. The magical French harp watched all that and started to have little bit more trust in Finneiy. He then reached the mountain top and played the same tune again but this time, by using that magical harp. The toy planes  responded immediately. They flew and returned the stolen goods to their respective owners while Finneiy kept on playing the harp whole night. The town was back to being a happy and a theft proof place as people knew that there was someone who took care of them. They knew that there stolen goods were returned to them the other day after a dark night and every night.

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