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tHe mAgiCaL gEm



This is a sad story about a gem that remained unhappy during all his life until one day he found freedom. So let’s begin it


Once there lived a poor man by the name of Kroton. Kroton used to remain very upset with his life as he could not earn enough money to live his life properly. The reason for that was that he was neither skilled nor educated. He lived his life doing labour jobs but that barely filled his belly. So he was very dissatisfied with it. One night he came from work and the oil for lamps of his house had got emptied and thus there was no light in there. Tired and frustrated, he went to get oil from an oil shop that was a little far away from where he lived. Since he was poor he could not afford a horse or a buggy therefore he had to walk all the way to the oil shop. 


Disgusted with his life, as he was working he saw a shiny thing lying on the pathway. At first he did not dared to pick it up but then he got so attracted and influenced by the shine of it that he could not stop himself from picking it up. So he went near it and picked it up. When he checked it out closely he realized that it was a gem. Happy with that, he put it in his pocket while looking around and confirming that nobody else had eyes on it. 


He was so happy with that, that he wanted to go back home and hide it some where but then he realized that he needed light in his house to do that and for that he needed oil for his lamps. So he had to go to the oil shop and he tried that. 


As he was heading towards the oil shop he said “ I wish that this gem fetches me good money when I sell it.” At the same moment he checked his pockets to see if it was still there. As soon as he checked he found something weird going on. He realized that the 10 coins he had to get oil were missing and the gem had turned to a black rock. Seeing that he got afraid. He did not know what to do next. But it looked like that black rock was the only thing left with him at that time. Without much thinking he turned back and went home realizing that he won’t be able to buy oil anymore. 


When he reached home he took out the black rock from his pocket and asked it “what are you?” Then when he did not get any response he he threw that rock towards the floor angrily. As soon as the rock hit the ground it said “Ouch” and Kroton heard that. Kroton immediately asked him “ So you can talk?” The gem that had turned into black rock said “Yes and I have sweared to do the opposite of what is asked of me.” Then Kroton realized that when he had said “Fetch good money for the gem,” the gem had done opposite of it and robbed him out of whatever money he had in his pocket and turned itself into a black rock. Kroton then thought carefully that if that gem has sweared that it will do the opposite of what is asked of him then he might be able to turn it into good for him. 


He then said to the gem “I wished I had no money at all”. The gem immediately gave him so much money that his house overflowed with money actually. Kroton wasted no time and before anybody saw it he put all the money in sacks so that there sight is obscured.  He then wasting no time and immediately said “I wish that I did not own a beautiful palace.” When the gem heard that it immediately brought a huge palace to life just where his house was. 


After getting all that he kept on wishing negatively, for things that would keep him happy and prosperous life long. But after some time Kroton realized that it was a little sad that the  gem keeps on doing the opposite of what is asked of him?


One day it asked the gem “why are you so negative in your thinking?” The gem then told him the entire story of his life. 


He told him that once he was a slave and his name was Gem. He was a very obedient slave and obeyed his masters orders promptly but he did not know that his master was an evil magician. One day after having seen, that the slave was very obedient and obeyed all orders of his master his master-magician turned him into a real gem which had magical powers. Gem was really trapped being a gem and had lost all his freedom and life. Gem did not liked that. The magician took him wherever he went and forced him to cast evil spells on good beings. Gem really got angry at the magician one day and that day magician was trying to get a dragon of his back. So the magician forced the gem to magically turn the dragon into a rat but the gem did not do that this time and the dragon killed the magician. Before the magician died he cursed gem that “May you remain magically bound forever and serve as a slave forever.” 


Then the gem told Kroton that this was the reason why he did negative things and thus did opposite of what others wanted of him. Kroton felt bad for him and then asked him that what did he want in his life now? Does he want to turn back to human again. Gem said that that would be impossible now. He then said that that he wanted to be free both physically and spiritually forever. 


Kroton then kept on thinking about a way for that . It took him 10 days to think about a way to get Gem freedom from his cursed life. So on the 11th day he said to Gem that“ I wish you become unbreakable and don’t break yourself into million pieces”. The gem at that time did not know what started happening to him. A light shined out of the gem and Gem got broken into million pieces that then looked like shiny metallic dust. He then carefully picked up all the dust of the gem and kept it outside on the ground. The dust was so small that as the wind blew it got carried away by the wind and was free to go wherever the air went.


Kroton then realized that Gem’s soul found peace and his physical form got freedom from the treacherous life.

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