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MaiL ExChAnGe



Once in a neighbourhood there existed some neighbours as it is supposed to be. These group of neighbours were divided into 2 groups, group A and group B. They are categorized according to their relationship between each other. Group A friends were friendly but group B friends were sworn enemies. The bad relation among group B friends was because of some misunderstanding which occurred quite a long time back which they did not even remembered now. The thing they remembered was enmity with each other. This had resulted in their sons and daughters to be enemies too. Therefore this lead to lots of noise and commotion in the neighbourhood in which lots of swearing against each other was done. 


This could not be tolerated by the group A people of the neighbourhood. Group A people then had a meeting. In the meeting there was also a postman who had a plan in mind to make the group B mortal enemies to be friends. He said to the people who were in meeting. He said that he could do a thing and group B people could start meeting each other and then would eventually forget there enmity against each other and would hopefully be friends. Group A people listened to the plan and agreed to it.


The postman that delivered mail in the same neighbourhood started with the plan next day. He knew that group B people although did not like each other but knew each other’s addresses and names. 


Now to start his trick the only thing he needed was that there should be community mail boxes for the group B neighbours and which were already there. Then he purposely started delivering the mail into wrong community mail boxes but all belonging to group B neighbours addresses only. When group B neighbours started  receiving each other’s the mail they first did not return their mails but later realized that it was wrong and could be illegal if they did not do so. So one by one they went and started visiting each other’s houses and started giving each other there respective mails which had got wrongly place in their community mailboxes. 


Thus they started swearing less and less at each other. There were less fights, less commotions and less noise in the neighbourhood. Peace started to exist between group B neighbours and in fact all of them. Group B neighbours started being friends and later when the postman realized that group B neighbours now have become friends and so that he does not fall into trouble himself he started delivering to the right addresses. But now the group B neighbours missed how they used to go to each other’s houses and meet. 


So the group B neighbours came together and with group A neighbours started to barbecue together every weekend. Even there kids met and enjoyed together in the barbecue. This led to a healthy environment for neighbourhood and all became good friends until they died all because of exchange of letters and trick of the postman.

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