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There was an age when dragons ruled. Dragons were trained by strong men and women and were used in many battles against each other. Many dragons were also killed during the battles.





















So the dead dragon’s meat was also eaten as food then.


It so happened that there was a crisis in one of the village. The  king of one of the village who lived high up in the mountains wanted to empty that village and build a castle over there but people of the village did not wanted to leave their village and land. 


They tried fighting the king with their dragons but could not win as king had a bigger army and more number of highly trained dragons which were very difficult to defeat.


So the people of the village went to the sorcerer of the village and asked for her help. Sorcerer knew that her people had tried everything to defeat the king but they had failed so she said only way to defeat the king is to have a mighty beast made, that can defeat all the kings dragons. And people wondered what could that be? She said since only diamond can cut a diamond, only a dragon can defeat a dragon and here the dragon on there side would be a magical dragon that will have the ability to disappear and reappear and defeat any number of dragons no matter how trained they would be. People were happy to know that and asked the sorcerer to proceed with the creation of such a dragon and she did. In nine days time she crafted a magical dragon who only listened to the village people to defeat king’s dragons and had to win.


Then the village people declared battle against the king and fought again. 


There was a big battle that was fought between the magical dragon and the king’s dragons and his army. The magical dragon fought bravely but the king’s dragons were too many and although he killed many dragons but since there were too many the magical dragon also got brutally injured and before killing all dragons he died and could not defeat the kings army of dragons. So the villagers had to give up and they surrendered. 


All the people of village were taken as captives and thrown in a prison.


That day it so happened that a mouse was hungry and was trying to search for food. His dwelling was where the magical dragon that had fell during the fight and was lying dead on the ground. 


As mouse eat meat sometimes the dragon’s meat looked delicious to him and he went near it and chew and ate the meat.


He then went back to his dwelling and slept the whole night.


In the morning when he woke up he tried coming out his dwelling but he could not fit through the dwelling’s opening as he realized that he had grown wings. He got astonished and didn’t know what to do. So he made the exit of the dwelling a bit more wider and came out. Then he thought, could he fly with the wings or they are just flightless wings. 


He tried flapping the wings and when he looked down he was in the air. He was happy and thrilled to see that he could fly so he kept on flapping the wings and practiced flying.


Now it so happened the day mouse had eaten the dragon and went back to its burrow to sleep, that night the sorcerer who had witch-crafted the dragon and had not surrendered as she had ran away came that night to bury the dragon so that its flesh could not be used to do more harm to the village by any other witch or person. So when she started digging a grave for the dragon she noticed that dragon’s flesh was torn and some was lying besides it and it looked like it had been eaten by a little creature. She got a little scared as she did not knew what the outcome of that would be. She looked for something strange here and there but could not find anything unique and strange so she hid amongst the trees the whole night and waited for something different to occur. 


By that time she had already buried the dragon.


In the morning she saw that a bird like creature came from beneath the ground and flew in the air and sometimes went  back to the burrow. When she checked closely she saw that it was a mouse and at once knew that the mouse must have eaten the dragon’s meat and because of that it grew wings.


She thought for a while and then thought that if a dragon couldn’t defeat king than maybe a mouse can. 


She then knew that the magical dragon’s meat gave mouse wings. She dug out the mud from the magical dragon’s grave who had still not decayed. She brought in as many mice as possible by luring them from jungle to eat meat of the magical dragon.

At least a million mice came from the jungle by her magic and each had a piece of dragon’s meat. By the time they were eating she did some magic on that those mice so that they could understand the witch’s talk and could get tamed by her to kill king’s dragons and army to defeat the king.


And so it happened.


The mice started understanding what the witch was telling them and came to know that the king was cruel there and had put people of her village in captivity and stole their village land so they decided to avenge that by helping the witch to defeat the king and free people of his tyranny.


The witch then started to train the mice. The witch trained the mice to hit the eyes of king’s men and dragons and make them go blind first and then attack them at the neck making them helpless and fall.


She knew that the mice were small and the king’s men would not be able to aim at them by firing arrows . So she was happy about that.


So after the mice understood the tactics and knew how to defeat the king’s army they attacked. Unaware, when the king’s army saw a million bird like creatures attacking them they got a bit scared and tried attacking them back but they were too many and they were taking down dragons like flies and men did not know what to aim at and how to aim at the creatures. They tried but they failed.


The sorcerer’s mice army won and took king and his remaining army captive. All dragons were killed so that they don’t bother later. 


























The village people were made free from captivity and regained their village homes and lived happily ever after all thanks to flying mice and the witch.


The flying mice also lived happily because they now could escape the captivity of vultures or eagles if got caught by them.

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