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tHe mOuSe AnD tHe mUsiCIaN


Long time ago there lived a musician. His name was Menry. Menry was not a very rich guy. He was actually a struggling musician. Before, Menry lived with his old parents until one day he had to move to a new but old house. What happened was the place where he lived with his parents was leased under his parents name and one day both of his parents passed away because of heart attack. The heart attack that occurred was sequential. That day Menry had bought a mouth organ and had just started playing when his dad heard and said that such a ugly tone player his son his and suddenly had a heart attack. His mom followed suite. After seeing Menry’s father in great distress and in a condition of lost consciousness she got a heart attack too and died. 


Menry was very sad to see them go. Since he was not earning that much that he could continue the house lease so he had to leave and move to his ancestral old broken home. 


Now, Menry was not educated much and was not that smart but he had started to learn music all by himself.


When Menry had moved to his old broken ancestral home it was new to him as he had never lived there before. Because of its broken condition he used to hear some noise coming out of the house as if somebody is running, colliding and falling. But that somebody was creating noise only as if it was a small creature. So he was not too much concerned about that initially.


One day after keeping his stuff in order in the house he was upset and depressed. So he went to the market and got some used musical instruments with some of his money. 


He then put those musical instruments on a platform in his house. He then sat on the piano seat. Since he was depressed he did not know what to play. He kept silent and did not play anything on the piano at that time. While he was sitting he heard the same running and falling noise that he heard when he had moved to the house. So he started pressing a key every time and a new key tone whenever a new sound came from falling or running of that creature and realized that very beautiful music was being produced because of that.  


Later that day he wanted to know more about the creature was that was producing these sounds and noises so he started looking for that creature that was producing the sound. 


To check that he put some bread crumbs in front of the door which was facing the platform where his musical instruments were kept. He then sat on the piano seat and did not play any music but waited for the creature to appear. After few hours of waiting he saw a small mouse ran from one side of the house to another and picked up a small bread crumb while running and went away.


Although Menry was afraid of mice but he felt pity for that cute little mouse and did not know what he could do to help him out. He then realized at that time that the mouse had lived in his ancestral house all alone for quite a long time and was used to its peace. Now that since he had moved in, the mouse had gotten worried and therefore kept on running and colliding with the wooden walls of the house. Secondly Menry also realized that the mouse might have some poor eyesight. But at that moment he could not do anything about it.


That day, Menry was happy that he had found the mystery creature who had created so much racket in his house. 


That day he also remembered that he had played beautiful music while the mouse was creating racket and he was hitting the keys on piano to sync with the noise. He had also realized that the mouse who he then named Freny kept quite during the night and he felt that it was because he slept at that time. It was difficult to comprehend that as all mice are usually nocturnal. But this was how Freny was.


Next day Menry woke up early and sat on his piano. He then  waited for Freny to create some racket. In about few minutes of getting up he started hearing the racket. Now this time he was ready to make music. He then did. He created a master piece of music that resonating with the racket which sounded as beats to the music. 


Menry was now confident that he could create music and that he cannot make the same music again because every time Freny created different noise through the house.


Menry then decided that he will call audience from the town where he lived, to listen to him playing music and get to know what they think about it.


That day he created hand written tickets and signed them off. Then he went to the town centre and distributed them for free amongst the people.


The show was in the evening. About 100 people showed up. Although his home was old and broken but it was quite big and thus it accommodated 100 people easily. 


Menry waited few seconds and then started playing music with the sounds of beats of Freny running and falling as usual. 


People were wonderstruck after hearing such different kind of awesome music. They cheered until Menry stopped playing music. He received a great applaud by the people who had come to hear his music. Menry was happy about that.


Now he decided that this time he will sell tickets rather than distributing for free. He then made more tickets and went to the town centre and sold 150 tickets which was a full house for his house’s capacity. People had already heard about the praises of Menry’s music and were eager to his different type of music .


He earned quite a bit that day.


From that day on he started selling tickets everyday and did shows everyday. 


Menry started making good money. He then thanked God and started refurbishing and rebuilding the house. He did it bit by bit so that his partner, Freny does not leave the house.


He made the whole house a musical house. He made a small room beneath the basement for Freny with all kinds of fun equipment including vertical wheel/carousel for him to enjoy his running. Not only that he attached beautiful chimes to the vertical wheel so that whenever Freny runs on it sounds of chimes along with the sounds of beats are produced which were appeasing to both his and Freny’s ears. Then he put a small swimming pool in that small room meant for Freny. Not only that he decorated all of his room and gave him candies every a day to eat.


Later Freny and Menry became close friends and Freny started understanding Menry and they became the best of friends. Also whenever Menry went outside in the town to shop Freny climbed up his shoulder and they did shopping together. Whatever Freny wanted, he  pointed it out to Menry and he used to get it for him. Menry always introduced his best friend Freny to the people and used to tell them that he was his partner in making music and people just smiled.


Menry and Freny were the talk of the town and they lived till peace. 

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