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tHe PaRtY hELD aT A pErSoNaL fUnFaIr




“Good morning Adrian. Rise and shine! Aren’t you forgetting you have to go to your birthday party today”. “What  birthday party” asked Adrian. Adrian had hardly attended any birthday party in his life time but wanted to go to one. “Your birthday party” exclaimed Adrian’s mom.


Adrian looked at his mom’s face and asked “really”?


His mom told him not to mess with her and wished him happy birthday. 


Adrian all confused, asked his mom “Is it my birthday party.” She said “Of course, who else’s birthday party could it be today? It’s your birthday you naughty boy and your father and I are giving the party at a funfair. All the funfair is booked just for you and your friends.”


Adrian jumped from the bed and said “Hurray! today is my birthday at we are having it at a funfair. All for me!”


He then went to the bathroom, brushed his teeth, took a shower and dressed up in his new clothes.


Now, at 5:00 pm he and his parents waited outside their house. A red coloured limousine specially painted for that day came in front of their doorway and stopped. A chauffeur came out and presented a bouquet of flowers to Adrian and then wished him “ Happy Birthday!” Adrian took the flowers and said thank you to him.


The limousine was then driven out of town on highway. After one hour drive from out of town Adrian starting seeing a beautifully decorated Ferrous wheel and some roller coasters. When he came near he started seeing all the rides of the funfair magnificently decorated and ready to run.


The limo then came in front of the entry of the funfair and stopped. Adrian and his parents got off the vehicle. 


At that time many of the guests had already arrived but were waiting for the birthday boy who was delighted to see his friends waiting for him to enter the party room.


As soon as they had got off the vehicle Adrian started hearing “Happy Birthday Adrian” in loud voices which were being said by his friends.


Adrian was delighted to hear that and rushed towards the crowd. His friends hugged him and gave him presents and cheered for him.


Now it was time to enter the all booked personnel funfair.


This time there were no tickets to be bought no standing in lines. All rides were open to Adrian and his friends and were free no matter how many times you take them. 


Adrian took all the ground rides including Ferrous Wheel, Carousel and roller coaster, etc.


Now was the time to do water rides. Adrian and his friends rushed towards the water pool and to their surprise they saw something different.


The saw there was wave-pool and five other pools which had slides attached to them but there was no water in them. They were filled with juices of different colours and different kind including orange juice, blueberry juice, pomegranate juice, fruit punch, cranberry juice and grape juice.


All the kids run up the stairs of he slides and loo went on to the slides and splashed in the juice-pools.


The kids were thrilled to see all that and drink all the juices. They kept on doing it till they got tired.


Now, they were real hungry and to quench the hunger Adrian’s parents had done something special this time too.


When Adrian asked his parents that where was the food as they were dying of hunger.


Adrian’s parents took him to a big shed all decorated with flowers and opened its door. 


When Adrian saw inside he was dumbstruck!


The shed was 10 metres tall and about 50 meters wide and was square in shape. Inside there was a whole house made of chocolate and candies. His parents told him that that was the birthday cake and wished him “Happy Birthday”. They told him that he should cut the cake now and brought a knife. Adrian took the knife and everybody sang birthday song while he cut the cute big cake.


When Adrian starting cutting cake he saw that there was cavity in the house and Adrian asked his parents what that was? His parents told him to check it out himself. He then entered the cavity of the big cake house and saw sandwiches and candies all a metre long, more than his height placed on plates. They were real sandwiches. Parents told him that if he and his friends were still hungry they can chew the whole cake house and eat all the sandwiches in it which they said “were not gonna get finished by themselves.”


All the kids including Adrian ate the cake house and candies and sandwiches but still couldn’t finish them.


They all said that they were not tired of eating but they had eaten too much and couldn’t eat more as they will get sugar induced coma!


It was time for everybody to go home.


Everybody went home wishing Adrian “Happy Birthday!” one more time.


Suddenly as Adrian was waving good bye he heard his mom shouting telling him to get up and get ready for school. Adrian got up suddenly and he saw that he was in his pyjamas and lying on his bed. Adrian asked his mom that where were his birthday presents. Mom scolded him and told him to stop dreaming and get ready as he was already late for the school bus. She also told him that there were 6 weeks still left for his birthday.


Adrian realized that it was all but a dream. But then he thought at-least he has memory of the dream and he was happy about that.

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