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tHe pEnGuiN tHAt fLeW



Penguin! What is a penguin. Penguin are birds that can’t fly but they do have wings, which are featherless and just act as arms thus, they can’t fly. Also, penguins mostly live in cold climates usually poles. 


What do penguins eat? Penguins are a lover of fish and they eat mostly that. They might not be able to be afloat in air but they do swim very beautifully in water which is were they catch their food from i.e. fishes.


Now do penguins want to fly. This is a hard question to answer because penguins have been living like that for many years and thus it is very hard to say that if they ever have dream of flying. They might get interested in flying if they knew they could and how it felt like in air. There was one such penguin that starting liking floating in air so much that it had a dream that it wanted to fly. Let us read this story about that little penguin.


That penguin’s name was Aoucripen. This penguin was a female and was born to two penguins who loved her very much. From the time she was born they took a lot of care of their daughter. Although they don’t have penguin schools but still she was given the best teaching of morals.


Now as Aoucripen started to grow up she was allowed to leave the sanctuary of her parents and roam freely. At that time she started making friends belonging to her age group.


She used to feel very happy with her friends and they all became close friends. Now she and her friends started exploring places and things (as all little ones try to do wherever they go) everyday. 


Everyday they went to different directions to search for something new and different.


Once Aoucripen and her friends were exploring a new place they found a big hill and just below it was a small water body which was a pool. They did not know what to do with it. So while they were thinking one of their friends climbed up the hill and jumped in the pool from the top of the hill. When he did that all the penguin friends saw it and first were afraid to know if the penguin that had dived into the small pool was okay. But after diving he came out of the pool and said that it was the best experience that he (who was a male penguin) had ever had.


This intrigued all his penguin friends who wanted to try themselves diving in the pool from such a height. So all of them did, turn after turn. 


When Aoucripen’s turn came she was a bit scared at first but she gathered some courage and asked her friend to push her to fall down the hill because she was to afraid to do that by herself even if she wanted to do so. Now as soon as she was pushed she screamed and fell in the small pool. But more than the splash in water she was excited about her time in air. She was exhilarated for that time and was totally lost in the excitement of being in air. 


That day she was super excited and kept on diving for a very long time. She dived for about 50 times from that same hill and wanted to keep on doing that forever but it was late and she had her friends had to go back to their respective homes.


Aoucripen was in love with air. She thought of being in air forever but she knew that she can’t fly even if she wanted. This thought made her even more determined and she wanted to do something so that she could fly. It was night at that time thus was sleeping time so she tried to sleep standing with high hopes. 


She tried to sleep but couldn’t sleep. So while she was awake she saw a star that flew across the sky and disappeared. She wondered, that how could a star break from sky and fly because she knew that stars were always fixed and never moved. But at that time she could not get any answer but hope.


Next day when the sun rose she wanted to go and do the diving but did not go there. Instead she went near the sea and started looking for something different that might help her fly. 


She searched for hours and hours but could not find anything. After sometime she got depressed but she did not give up hope and continued walking along the icy path along the sea waters. As she was walking she saw a pole and something attached to it at the top which was a flag. She saw that as the air picked up speed that material started moving and waiving in air at almost the same speed of the wind. At that moment she got scared and though that it was a wild animal and would eat her. Then she tried running and hiding behind a rock and saw  if that moving material was following her . But few minutes passed and nothing happened. That thing remained tied up on the pole and continued its movement as before.


Aoucripen gathered courage and moved near the pole. She then realized that the material was just a cloth like feather and was non- living thus was nothing to be afraid of. 


She then realized that something that was so responsive to the wind must help the person who holds it to float in air. She then decided to take off the flag and use it for herself. But how? She first wondered. Then she saw that as the wind was blowing and the cloth which was a flag fluttering, the thing which was a pole to which it was attached to was shaking by the pressure of wind on the flag. She then also realized that the pole was not permanently fixed to ground and could be removed.


It was too late at that time so she had to go back to her parents . When she went back home she told about the fluttering material to her friends and also asked for help from them to remove the pole from ground. Her friends were very close to her so they told her that they will help her all the way to get the flag off the pole and also if required, to take down the pole.


Morning came and she and her friends got up and went straight to that flag area. All her friends saw the pole and started hitting and pounding by smashing into the pole. The pole started loosing ground. After many attempts of hitting and smashing the pole fell. This made the flag cloth accessible. Aoucripen removed the flag from the pole, picked it up and then they all went to the big hill where they were diving from, the previous to previous day.


There Aoucripen pricked up some strong ice rods and tied the flag to it to form shape of huge feathery wings as she knew. Then she went up the hill and held the huge wing frame with her hands and jumped off the hill. When she jumped it was the most awesome experience she ever had. 


Aoucripen actually flew. She did not fall in the pool but flew way past it to a great distance. Aoucripen was in air for an whole hour and floated because of the winds pushing the cloth frame up for a very long time . She never wanted to come down. But since the wing frame did not have any engines in it she descended down and landed slowly. She yelled and screamed for another hour with the excitement in her lungs. Nobody in their family had ever flown in air except her and she was very happy with that feeling also. 


She then went home and told her family about that who wanted to see her fly again and teach them and her friends how to fly too.


This marks the end of story as you now know how once a penguin flew.

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