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pOoR GeEsE

In olden times the jobs of geese was to deliver parcels but times changed. Due to their inefficiency and slow delivery system and rather an impractical system it made the geese lose this work and become jobless. Humans took charge of the delivery systems. Actually they realized that birds had nut brains and so it was they were inefficient liking missing parcels and wrong deliveries.


Since all geese had lost their only jobs and they became jobless and home bound. It got difficult for them and their families to survive. They did not know what to do so they had a very big meeting. In the meeting they decided that they ought to earn money anyhow. Through intense discussions one of the goose sprung upon a plan. He said that we have intense flying skills and may not be other skills and so we can start a drama company. 


Other geese did not know what that goose meant by that. That goose then explained. It said that we can form any type of formation in the sky while flying. Then he said, this gives thrills to the kids fate world when we do it for our fun or practice purposes. The goose than said that we can sell tickets for our shows to people who would like to see them in a more beautiful way and this would earn us money. This made geese happy as they found the idea, brilliant. 


They then divided into marketing and flying teams. The marketing team of geese contacted the mayors of separate towns region wide to get permission for aerial shows. The mayors were happy to give them licences to do that as it looked quite interesting to them. They were allowed to do aerial shows only at particular spots and particular height so that they don’t obstruct the migratory bird or other air traffic. The geese agreed to the conditions and got their licenses. As soon as they got their licences they started selling tickets to their respective regions.


The geese had actually hit a jackpot by this plan. They did many shows in their regions and earned great amounts of money. Theses shows kept on happening for quite a long time man got advanced and started doing such shows for free through their aircrafts.


Thus it became difficult for the geese to show their shows and they stopped. But even today many a times or every time they fly in some kind of formations as if advertising their shows and asking for a comeback.

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