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 sUgAr cAkEs



Once there was a country where lived many bakers. Regarding that this story is also about a baker who lived amongst them but a little far from them. This baker had a small shop outside the city therefore it earned little customers and profit. The other reason for his marginal existence was that he was not a good baker. He had opened a bakery only because it required a cheap set-up and the raw materials that were required to operate were also not that expensive. Secondly, according to area he had that was the only type of shop he could open. So his life continued as a struggle both financially and personally. Why personally?  Because he did not have a wife or kids. (For dating too one requires money which was a scarce thing in his pocket.)


Days passed but he did not while owning the bakery. One day he was sitting in a coffee shop when he heard on radio that the government was providing student loans to anybody who wanted to enhance their skills in a college or University. The baker who was known by the name Cefno decided at that moment that he would go to school to learn bakery and be an excellent baker.


Then he went to a nearby college and applied to it for a bakery course. It took two weeks for the admission process and the college accepted his admission in the school of bakery. When he got the admission letter is his hand he went to apply for a student loan from the government. Since he already had a business he was approved for a student loan.


From next month Cefno's school started and he started going there with full eagerness and enthusiasm. He started learning how to bake different types of delicacies and so did the other students. Since other students were also doing really good Cefno realized the other reason why there was tough competition in market. So he thought that if everybody was making deliciously baked goods why would anybody leap 10 miles to come to his shop that was so far away from the city. So he decided that he needed on edge for his baked items that would make people come from far and wide to enjoy his baked goods. So as they say" knowledge is always there to be explored", therefore he started thinking in this direction. 


He then started going to the library of the college and started reading various kind of books which he thought might help him develop an edge for his baked goods.


One day he was reading a baking book. In it he learnt that sugar was mostly derived from sugar beet in non-tropical countries and from sugar cane in tropical countries . This made his brain think. He knew that all the sugars contain glucose and fructose and therefore have the same chemical formula but he also knew that since being derived from different sources they have different chemical signatures and thus should taste different and which was true as he confirmed it with his teacher.


Cefno was happy at this discovery and was content with the knowledge he got because there he had got an idea that would would make him rich. 


After completing his bakery courses and passing with high grades he went back to baking in his bakery.


In those times he already knew that in their area many tonnes of oranges, strawberries, apples, blueberries, etc. were dumped every year in the earth because there were no buyers for it. (They produced more than it was required). So he contacted those fruit farmers . He then asked them that if they would not dump the excess food in earth and instead give him at a very cheap price. Those fruit farmers immediately agreed to it.


By the time these discussions took place he had already set up a small machinery in the backyard of his house to make sugar from molasses of fruits like apples, oranges, blueberries blackberries, pineapples etc. This was a revolutionary idea as nobody knew that sugar could be made from fruits too. Conventionally people used to think that sugar is needed in massive quantities so it should be made from something that has high sugar content so they can make more.


He started making sugars from apples, bananas, blueberries, oranges and many other fruits. What he did was that with these sugars he started making cakes. He used to make these cakes by melting those sugars and cooling them in a specific way. Then he sold every cake for 50 times the price of a regular cake of same size and weight. 


First it come in the News and then it was everywhere. People from far and wide came to try it out and buy it. People used to buy in lump sums and pay heartily. They knew that these were the cakes that would not harm them because they were made of unbleached and natural sugar - which was actually made of fruits that are healthy for body.

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