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ThE sToRy Of A tALkiNg tRee



Once near a forest many automobiles started getting a flat tyre. They were not punctured, only the air would leak out of tyres and people started feeling suspicious and spooky about it because nothing like this had ever happened before there. Even according to statistics of flat types this was over the charts. People started to fear that and stopped camping near or in that forest with their RVs or cars or bikes. Thus it was a matter of time that it was very rare that anybody came to that forest. 


It so happened that one family was out of that state/province and it did not know about the strange mystery of that forest. While travelling they had decided to camp there that night. The family consisted of 3 members. One was the father - the trying to be head of the family , one was mother -  truly the head of family and other was their son named Zaouelf. 


Zaouelf had a sleeping problem. He used to get up during nights and roam around until he could sleep a little more. 


That night would not be different from the other nights when cars or any other automobiles used to park there.


One of the tyre of that RV was going to get flat again but this time the story would be different. 



 Zaouelf was in his cabin when he heard some sounds of beats on the ground. Zaouelf did not understand the reason for that, so he crept out of the RV and saw a tree walking and trying to fill a balloon with the air that was in right rear tyre by leaking it through its pressure valve. Some air was passing to the atmosphere and some was filling the balloon. Zaouelf kept on seeing that surprisingly and shockingly hiding behind the darkness and open door of RV which he had used to come out by opening it very slowly and politely. 


Although he was standing and hiding he was a bit afraid too seeing that alive tree but and so he did not budge. After the tree had completely filled the balloon according to his satisfaction he saw the tree turning back and trying to run away. Zaouelf caught courage at that time and immediately shouted at the tree saying “Wait, listen and talk to me but the tree whose name was Brandeckiy did not pay heed to child's word and ran. Without much thinking Zaouelf also ran after him. After much panting and grasping and travelling a distance the tree stopped and so did Zaouelf.


The tree turned back, looked at the boy and asked him in a rough voice which banged the air "Who are you and why are you following me?" Zaouelf then said “ My name is Zaouelf and I saw you filling air in your balloon from one of the tyres of my family’s RV!'

Brandeckiy then said politely "Hi! my name is Brandeckiy and I am sorry for doing that. I  didn’t mean to steal your air but I had no other option". The boy looked at the tree confused and then after a while asked him the reason. 


The tree then said “ I don’t need to tell you this story but since you have asked me for the reason of stealing air, I will tell you the story behind this. 


He said that long time ago when he was a young tree and was very fond of running around and playing with his tree friends,  one day, he did a grave mistake. He was walking in the forest jumping from one tree to other like a monkey and there on the ground he saw a shiny piece of an artifact like looking thing which later he came to know that it was jewellery - a very precious thing for humans. But at that time he thought that it was nice and looked beautiful so he thought of keeping it without paying much attention as if to who it was. He took it with him and showed it to his tree beings. 


When the trees saw the jewellery being brought there they got really furious and scolded him and thus as a punishment he was given a sentence of life long “No talk motion” to other trees by the tree jury ( why this serious thing happened because bringing jewellery there could endanger the very existence of trees and they thought that the humans might get angry finding that out and start chopping them down out of rage and also the trees are really strict about there existence and the laws that they govern. 


One mistake broke Brandeckiy's heart. He was very upset on what he had done as it had costed him his life. He apologized to the trees but they did not listen to him even a little bit. ( Those trees were somewhat delusional in their thinking but that’s how they were).


So Brandeckiy remained silent for many years. He was although allowed to play and have fun otherwise without breaking their laws and bringing more danger to their world until one day he did a second blunder. 


Brandeckiy used to root himself near a well. One day a fisherman came near that well and had a fish in one of his basket floating in it ( it had water in the basket to keep it fresh). He had kept the basket near the well and had gone to fetch water from well. While he was doing so suddenly, the fish fell out of the bucket as it jumped while wiggling inside and the fisherman who was busy drinking water did not notice that.  Although the trees had a strict policy of not speaking to or in front of humans to protect themselves but Brandeckiy couldn’t stop himself and said "Your fish has fallen off the bucket".The man who was trying to get water from well freaked out hearing a tree speak and ran away yelling “Trees speak!”. Now all the trees came to know about this incident as some were there and some heard about it. 


From that day Brandeckiy was an outcast for those trees. He used to cry many times in sharp tones but as you know the trees have a thick skin and don't know if they have a heart or not. So Brandeckiy missed company.


For 10 years nobody came near Brandeckiy or that area until one day after a long time some humans celebrated a birthday party of their new born son an that day around the scenic well in the forest. They had tied balloons around many tress including me and that well and had left it like that when they went away. 


“ This was unique and exciting for me !” “ So this is the same balloon that was tied around me which I have kept and play with. Also I now know that without air it is lifeless so I come and fill air in it from the air in the tyres of cars etc by leaking their tyres “. “The balloon has become my soul and sole friend.”


Hearing that Zaouelf shouted in excitement saying “That’s great!”. He also told him that since he is already outcast he can talk to the birds and other animals in the forest and pass his time and that he does not have to live in solitude or fear from others. Brandeckiy was delighted to hear that thought and thought that Zaouelf was right. 


From that day Brandeckiy used the small advise to overcome the vice and treachery of his life and got happy with his life once again.

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