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ThE tELePhOnE rEpAiR gUy



I was sitting and waiting for somebody. Suddenly I heard a knock at the door. I went and opened it and saw nobody so I said “ Hello, who knocked at the door ?”


Suddenly I saw a small tiny guy went passed my eye and said “ Hi ” to me. I was shocked to see such a small guy jumping in air. This person was wearing small shoes to which springs were attached that helped him jump to such a height. When I checked his height, he was no more than a inch tall but was wearing a uniform. Then suddenly he jumped and climbed at my shoulder and told me that he was the telephone repair guy and had come to fix my home phone. 


At that time I did not know that they hired such small guys to fix phones. So I asked him that how many of his kind were there in his industry. He politely said “ None” and told that he was the last one this planet. I was not surprised to hear that. 


Then he asked me that where the telephone was? I immediately pointed him towards the Telephone’s direction. He then hopped with his springs that were attached to his shoes until he reached the phone that was kept over a table. He then stopped hopping and stood still. Then he took out a small music player, attached the headphone’s wire to it and put the headphones around his ears on his head and started listening to music. Then he took out a small instrument which he was carrying inside a backpack behind his back and then started testing the phone with it. After few minutes of testing he found out that the wire inside the phone’s receiver was a bit loose thus was causing disturbance while attending a phone call. So he opened the phone’s receiver with a motorized screw driver which had a big head and had a good torque. Then he looked for the wire that was loose and was causing the problem. It took him no time to find it. He found the loose wire, changed it and then tightened the connection.


Then he again reached the back of his bag pack and took out a paper and wrote something on it. He then told me to sign it. When I held the paper I tried reading it. The writing was on the letter head of the phone company and was very small so I got a magnifying glass and read it. That writing described the problem and also that it had been fixed. Then he jumped on my shoulder once again and told me to sign it. I then signed and returned the paper to the telephone fixer.


He then hopped from my shoulder and jumped on the ground and went out of my house. I was looking at how he hopped and jumped to reach his destination. He first hopped over the stairs and then he jumped with huge leaps to reach the bus stop near my house. I kept on watching him for a while through my window. The bus for which he was waiting  came and he hopped in it along with other passengers and since he was very small he was not noticeable to the bus driver who did not ask for a ticket from him. He then went inside and the bus doors closed. That was the end of what I could see.


Later I enquired about that guy from the telephone company and they said that that that telephone repair guy was the best they had and he lived in the company itself inside a vacated phone which was kept on the managers table. 


I wondered that how smart that guy was even though he had a tiny brain.


So few days had passed and I had lost the memory of that telephone repair guy.


After, another few days I was reading the newspaper and I saw a news that said “ Brave little telephone repairer fixed a huge problem .”  I then though for a while and wondered could it be him ? So I checked that newspaper article out. 


The article was an interview with the tiny telephone fixer who single handedly had crossed the Atlantic ocean to fix 5 major cracks in the telephone line from Canada to Great Britain. What he did was that day he was sleeping in his house which was a vacated telephone when suddenly the manager knocked at the phone and he got up because of the disturbance. Then he came out and asked what was going on? The manager told Alen which was the name the telephone repair guy that they had a huge problem at hand. 


Due to overload some underwater lines that connected Canada to Great Britain had sparked and had developed cracks and there is requirement to fix them immediately due to an emergency issue amongst the governments. He then told Alen that he was the only one who could do that in such a short time. Alen kept quite for some time and then he said “ I need some equipment to do that but it should be provided quickly so that I can finish the work in as much less time as possible “. 


He then took out a paper and wrote on it the list of things required. The manager called his engineers and told them to prepare all those things for him.


What he asked for, were some unique things. He first of all asked for a rocket engine sufficiently big that he could attach to his back and maneuver. Then he asked for a soldering wheel which he could pedal while sitting on it over the wires that have to be fixed. Also he asked for under water diving suit having an oxygen supply in it. The manager asked for 1 hour to get all that for him. 


By that time Alen got ready. He packed food and other essential things that would be needed by him to do the job.


It was about an hour and Alen was ready to leave. At that time the equipment arrived. A set of four engineers were carrying the small equipments who then gave it to Alen and wished him good luck.


Alen then wore his spring shoes and hopped out of the table to the ground and then went out of the office carrying the engine and the supplies. Then he went to the garage and loaded the back of his tiny car with jet engine and sat on the driver’s seat to drive the car towards the east coast of Canada. The coast was only an hour drive from his place. He then reached the coast and put his diving gear on and attached the jet engine at the back of his body and then sat on the pedalling wheel. (Even though the wires were underwater they were beneath the ocean bed where some air was available for functioning of engine but for safety he had to wear diving gear.)


He then turned on the jet engine while sitting on wheel. He had already calculated the distance for each broken point and marked each point on his map. When he had turned on the engine he was already underneath the ocean bed with it. Then he started speeding the engine up and  maneuvering it to follow the path of the underwater telephone wires that were broken. 


The wires were broken at intervals of one hour each. So he had marked that time on his watch and whenever an hour passed he checked to see if he had reached the broken point of the wires. His planning went perfectly. He never missed a broken wire. Whenever he reached the broken wire he put fire on his wheel and moved over the broken wires pedalling back and forth with the engine off at that time and thus soldering them. Thereby he fixed all the cracks like that in the lines and came back home safely.

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