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ThE AdJuStAbLe sHoEs

Once when the world was developing, in some parts of this world shoes was an expensive commodity. Therefore everybody could not afford it thus some did not wear shoes.  Also during those times child labour was acceptable and was very cheap. In that world lived such a boy named Sfity. 


Sfity was such a boy that worked hard all day long just enough to make money for his food. This chap lived alone and had no parents as they had died some years back. He struggled hard everyday to earn his bread. 


Since he was a poor fellow he could not afford shoes. He worked barefooted wherever he had to work and wherever his job was. Because of working barefooted his feet used to get black as coal and also sometimes get ruptured and injured. He did not mind that but still wished for shoes.


One day he was 12 and thus had worked for about 5 years in a row. This means that he had quite a lot of job experience but his pay wont budge even a little bit but he had become ambitious by that time. So he decided that day that he will work two jobs so that he can secure enough money to buy or make some shoes from raw materials if required and so he did.


He worked 19 hours in a day and thus started saving some money. In a years time he made enough to get raw materials for making shoes. It took some time to make a pair of shoes by him but he made those shoes. Now he wanted to relax and cut back job hours so that he could sleep well for at-least some time.


But the next day there was bad news. The government had passed orders that people would have to keep on working the same amount of time as they used to work and also their pay  would be reduced. That hurtled Sfity a little bit, thinking that he would not be able to sleep much because of the new law but he was happy that he had at-least got his shoes made. 


Now a year passed and he started feeling pain in his feet. He realized that his feet had grown in size. Thus the shoes he was wearing could not be worn anymore as they had become too tight to fit. 


He felt very bad at this situation and did not know what he could do. His pay had been reduced but the working hours were same and thus he could not work anymore. Something had to be done about it. He then decided to meet a witchy magician.


That magician lived out of town and was a day’s walk on foot. But he had realized that only a magician could help him this time no matter how cunning he was. So he took 2 days leave and went to meet that magician.


When he entered the magician’s mansion the magician asked him what was his purpose of entry in his house. The boy politely said that he wanted something so that whatever financial crisis he may be in he should always be able to wear a pair of shoes which would fit him forever. The magician looked at the boy and said “Boy, do you see my feet?” The boy looked at his feet and said “Yes, I believe they are 20 inches long.” He said again “ Do you see my body?”   The boy looked at the huge figure the magician had. He then thought that he must weight 500 pounds, if not less. The boy then replied “ yes sir.”


The magician then told him that I can give you what you want but in return you have to give me what I want. Sfity looked puzzled but then he said to himself “Anything for shoes”and said “Okay”. The magician then told him that Sfity should devise something for him which covers his feet and that he remains fit forever with his stomach tugged in.


At that time the boy was thinking about shoes quite deeply and then an idea related to that came into his mind. He then asked the magician that could he bear some weight. The magician said “ Yes I can.”  Then he told the magician that he will devise some shoes that will be heavy and would fit him perfectly for his life as his feet won’t grow anymore. Then the magician asked the boy what about my fat stomach. The boy then said that, that will be in control too.  But the boy said I need some raw materials to make your shoes. The magician asked “What would that be?” The boy said “I need steel to make your shoes.” 


The magician at that time looked surprised and then said “Okay” and in a spur of the movement he produced some some beautifully magnificent shining magical steel through a spell. 


It took only 3 hours for the boy to make shoes from that steel as he was in desperate need of his own shoes. 


He added hinges to the separate parts that he made from the raw steel and gifted it to the magician. The magician then asked that how would they help him remain fit? The boy then replied that since steel shoes are heavy therefore whenever he steps up and move his fat will reduce and thus make him thinner than he his and if he keeps wearing them forever he will remain fit forever. The magician then realized what the boy meant. 


He then immediately took out a fibre from his pocket and gave it to the boy. He then told the boy that that fibre was special fibre and whatever thing he makes with that fibre would be adjustable including shoes if he makes from it.


The boy was happy and thanked the magician for that and went home. 


The boy then made shoes from that fibre which really turned out to be adjustable. Thus, no matter what his feet size ever would be he could wear his beautifully crafted and well earned shoes forever and never go barefooted ever.     

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