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Once there lived a Japanese scientist named Zuoko. Zuoko was a self made man who had worked for the army  and helped in making many secret weapons for his country. Zuoko was so passionate about making secret scientific inventions that in his spare time at home too he stopped at nothing less. 


This scientist Zuoko had a daughter. Her name was Kassandra. Zuoko was very fond of Kassandra. He would buy many expensive toys for her to play with and she loved and enjoyed that. One day a bee struck him and he started felling sick. He lay down on his bed and at night passed away suffering extreme pain. But still he left a gift for her daughter. On the wrapped gift paper it was written : “For my crackling daughter - Kassandra.” When Kassandra woke up in the morning she realized that her dad was still asleep and after trying to wake him up and he not getting up she immediately called her relatives and a doctor. The doctor pronounced him dead. Kassandra cried a lot seeing her dad pass away. She came near him and sobbed for quite a while. While sobbing she saw that gift wrapped in a gift wrap lying near her dad. On further examining it she saw that it was left for her by her dying father. 


After performing the cremation she opened the gift. When she opened it she saw a comb for their cattle in it. She looked a bit confused and did not know what to think of after seeing it. But since it was a gift she decided to use it as it was meant to be, even if it was meant for the cattle.


Actually while course of his scientific evaluations Zuoko had found out that there was an anticipated risk of a tick attack on the cattle and he was trying to make a cure for it. The ticks would be modified ticks sent by their enemy nation to destroy all the food in their country. The ticks would be so powerful that the poison this time would not affect them so something different had to be invented.


As time passed Kassandra continued going to school and continued grooming her cattle with the comb that her father had left her. 


Now there was a tick attack and as had been anticipated by Zouko ticks kept on killing cattle and could not be removed by any sort of medicine or poison whatsoever. Kassandra’s neighbours were surprised that Kassandra’s cattle remained unaffected and not single of her cattle died because of the deadly ticks while the entire nation’s cattle was affected and dying.


This news reached the army general who came for an inspection to Kassandra’s house. He knew that she was the daughter of Late Zuoko so he asked her some polite questions. While he was asking some questions that would be helpful to the entire country Kassandra took her comb out and started combing the hair of its cattle as this was what she did and liked doing in her free time. The comb looked quite weird and the general wanted to inspect it. On request Kassandra gave it to the general for a day for inspection. 


The general took it to the lab and the scientists started examining it. They found out that comb had built in capacitors and amplifiers with dampening oscillators. The capacitors and amplifiers stored the static energy of the comb when it was used and amplified to release small shock waves killing any ticks. Then the dampening oscillators would produce such a frequency that would stop the flow of blood that if any the ticks had caused to flow from the body of cattle and would also temporarily immunize the cattle’s body blood. After studying this they told the general about this. The general was happy that Zuoko before dying had anticipated the attack and had made a cure to defend from it.  The scientists were immediately ordered to replicate the comb in thousands and give it to the cattle owners. After quickly replicating the comb it was mass produced and given to the cattle owners. This protected the cattle, their owners and the entire nation from shortage of food, mass hunger and deaths.


Kassandra was forever remembered in the country because of her dad and the gift.

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