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ThE HyPnOtiZer


Long ago in Europe once there existed a person named Halucy who had mastered the art of hypnotism by practicing from his childhood. During those times hypnotism was considered to be impractical but he did not believe so. 


When he was a child he started reading many books which taught hypnotism. These books were hard to find and the authors did not themselves practice hypnotism. They only explained the concept of hypnotism and what all was possible through hypnotism. Some books also explained the possible ways to hypnotize.


Before Halucy, there was nobody who could hypnotize a person so deeply that the hypnotized person obeys the hypnotizer completely.


His training was unique. Before Halucy started training on human beings he started practicing on birds and animals. Although it was strange and difficult to practice on animals but he managed to do that.


One day he was sitting in a park near his house. At that time he was holding a magnifying glass tied to a thread which hung loose from it and was used by him to hypnotize. While he was sitting he saw a street dog come near him and bark at him. The dog’s saliva was so much that whilst he was barking it feel on the ground and dirtied it. The dog was never going to pick the saliva up so Halucy decided to make him do that.


He took out his magnifying glass hanging to a thread so that he could hypnotize the dog. He held the lose end of the thread in his left hand and let the magnifying glass swing like a pendulum in front of dog’s eyes. Then he kept on staring at the dog’s eyes and also kept on saying “ GET HALUCIFIED,..” for some time. In a little time the dog started feeling dizzy and totally became stationary as if he had been captivated in his thoughts by Halucy. Then Halucy tried to make him do something to check if he had been hypnotized. He told the dog to bend and lick his own saliva that was fallen on the ground through directions of his right hand. In a minute dog bended and licked its saliva and suddenly became active. The dog then started barking again and jumping.


Halucy realized that he had done something that no man could ever do. He had hypnotized a dog. He was happy about it but did not tell anybody at that time.


Then he tried testing his hypnotism on a bird some days later. What he did was he went to his room in his small hut and waited for any bird to come near his window. He had waited there for about 15 minutes when he saw a small sparrow come and started to dig upon the tree near his window so as if it has been looking for some worm or some kind of fruit or food.  Halucy thought that this was the right time that he can test its hypnotizing skills. So he took out his hypnotizing instrument again and started his hypnotizing procedure on the bird. When he did that in a blink of eye the bird became motionless. Then he gave instructions to the bird to hop by movement of his hand in such a way that when he moves his hands up and down the bird should hop up and down and so it did. Halucy was happy at another successful hypnotism by him.


Now he wanted to test hypnotism on humans but was afraid that if he tests it on anybody they might think that Halucy has  gone mad. So he did not just test it on any human but tested on his brother. 


He told his brother to come near him at just look at the magnifying glass for a minute and concentrate on it. His brother asked him why? Halucy told that he just wanted to show him something. So his brother agreed. Then Halucy said “GET HALUCIFIED” and in a second his brother’s eyes got fixated and still. He then decided to check his hypnotized brother out. He then told him to go to the kitchen and put house on fire. Halucy was very careful with his instructions because he would not let the house get on fire but he wanted to see how strong his hypnotism was. So his brother went to the kitchen lighted a match stick and then picked up oil bottle to open it. Halucy immidiately took matchstick from his brother’s hand and told his brother to not light the house on fire anymore. His brother immediately woke up from his hypnotized state and asked that what he was doing? Halucy told him that he was just about to cook some food. “It’s funny” his brother said that and that he did not remember coming to the kitchen and doing that. 


At that time Halucy was satisfied that he had done it. He had become the only hypnotist and also the only one that could hypnotize both the animals and the humans. He rejoiced that day.


In a few years time when he grew up he joined circus and started doing shows and became famous as a hypnotist.


One day it so happened that in a nearby town there had been a fire in the zoo and the animals had escaped out of their captivity which was very dangerous for people living nearby because many animals including a lion had escaped and it was a threat.


The zoo people did not have time nor place to set up a trap for that lion and they were worried. The zoo people had heard about the hypnotist and they knew that he could hypnotize animals also so they went to him for his help.



Halucy told that he could help but he needs an eagle to help him out. They wasted no time and got him an eagle. Now Halucy hypnotized the eagle in such a way that it first flew away to locate the lion then came back. Then Halucy and the zoo people followed It. The eagle took them to a nearby pond where the lion was drinking some water . There was no time for traps and tranquilizer darts did not existed at those times so Halucy had to do magic of his own. He went near to the lion but to the opposite side of the pond which was closest to the reflection of the lion and started his magic. He took out his hypnotizing instrument and started hypnotizing the image of the lion formed on water. As soon as the lion looked at it, it tried pouncing on Halucy so as to eat him but to everybody’s surprise the lion started licking Halucy’s face. Everybody watching that was happy and dumbstruck to see what was going on . But they wasted no time and brought a cage and Halucy made the lion go in. The zoo people then closed the gate of the cage so that the lion does not escape and is captured.


The zoo people were surprised at this and thanked Halucy a lot. 


Now in the course of time Halucy made many friends. One of his friends name was Halos. Halos was a very nice man and was philanthropist. He had helped many people during his life time. 


One day it so happened that Halos and Halucy were walking on the road and Halos feet tripped and fell on the ground . The ground had another stone waiting for him. That sharp stone caused excessive bleeding at the forehead and he fainted. Halucy immediately picked Halos up in his hands and took him to see a doctor. The doctor had put stitches on Halos forehead but said that it would be difficult to treat him. He believed that Halos might have suffered a brain damage. So he told Halucy that Halos will have limited capability when he wakes up which was true. When Halos woke up he could not talk or walk and showed some abnormal behaviour. Since Halucy was very fond of his friend he determined himself that he will cure Halos anyhow.


So everyday he started coming to Halos house and started doing hypnotism on him to make he and his body remember and heel to who he was. It took him a many years when Halos started responding to hypnotism. He starting behaving normally and one day he stood up and walked properly then he said “Halucy! How long have I been disabled?” Halucy was surprised to hear that and was happy to hear his voice so he said:” Sun has not set yet so its must be just in the afternoon that you were hit and now you are the hit.” Halos smiled and thanked Halucy for all that he did to get him back again on his feet. 


Halucy and Halos remained friends forever during their lifetime and helped each other whenever any of them needed help. They became the best of friends ever.

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