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ThE LoLLiPoP diStRiBuTeR



This is a tale about a very naughty and mischievous child. The child’s name was Fretty. He was found of lollipops but not just any lollipops. He was found of homemade lollipops that his mom made specially for him. His mom did lots of effort to make those lollipops from all basic ingredients


She made homemade candies then melted them and attached them to a stick. Later she froze these melted candies while them being attached to sticks separately and a lollipops got formed. His mom although loved making lollipops for his son but she always did not have enough money to support herself and her boy. She worked very hard all day long as a labourer and earned just a few pennies which she did not mind. She just thanked God and believed that they were pennies from heaven. But she was also were strict and a traditional woman. She never gave her son more than one lollipop a day. She did not ever wanted her son to become hyper or get induced with sugar coma.


Fretty although small was very naughty, as told earlier. He loved his lollipops so much that he could not ever imagine a day of life without lollipops. He always wanted more lollipops to eat everyday but his mom never gave him more. This he could not resist. 


One day what he did was that he hid in a cupboard just behind the kitchen so that he can watch his mom make lollipops for him. He actually wanted to learn how to make lollipops and then make unlimited number of them for him to eat and lick whenever he wanted. He waited in the cupboard with a one of it’s door open just a little so that he can peek through it properly. He also had a pencil and paper in his hand so that he can write down the ingredients ad steps that his mom did to make lollipops. He kept on seeing and writing down the entire procedure of lollipop making and also remembered it.


Now it was time to put it into practice. The next day his mom as usual woke him up and told him to get ready for school. He obeyed his mom and did as he was told but not completely. He acted as he was getting ready to go to school but he did not go to school that day. He just said “Good Bye! Mom “ and hid again in one of his closet in his room. Fretty’s mom thought that he had gone and so she hurried for her work. 


Fretty then went in the kitchen and started the procedure to make lollipops. He was successful with his first try.


That day he had made about 50 lollipops. He was so thrilled and excited that he ate 15 of them and hid remaining under his bed. He then felt like he was intoxicated with sugar and just jumped and cheered all day watching T.V. And playing games with lollipops in his mouth.


Next day came and he was excited to go to school because he wanted to give his homemade lollipops to his friends who ate all of them too. His friends loved those lollipops too and wanted more. 


That day when he went home he was in a shock. His mom had been checking lollipop supplies in the house and she found them missing. Also the pan in which she put the ingredients was found to be sticking with lots of candy when she tried to clean it up. She had realized that she never made that much candy for lollipops so it could only be her son that did it.


So his mom come to know that Frett had been making lollipops and she scolded and grounded him for 2 months. He could only go to school and come back. If required he could go to his friends house to study and that was it. Frett felt very bad when this happened but things had gone out of his hand. He sobbed for a while but he had made other plans by that time.


The next day after school he requested mom if he could go to his friends house for study. His mom agreed and let him go. That evening he took one remaining lollipop to his friend’s house and gave it to him. That friend had not tried his homemade lollipop before and when he did he was on his feet wanted more. He said “ What is that?” Fretty then told him that that was a lollipop that he made. Then he told him the whole story and his plan. 


He told him that his mom would not allow him to make any more lollipops at his home. Then he told his friend that if they start a lollipop business they can get enough money to make more lollipops and eat them as much as they want and as many as they want. He also said that if while distributing it in their neighbourhood his mom catches him he would never see the light of day.


So he told him of his plan. Fretty told him that he would make lollipops at his friend’s house and distribute via paper planes to neighbouring kids and get their price in form of money, back through the paper planes. Fretty’s friend was excited about that because by this way they could make enough money to get supplies for their lollipops and make them as much as they want and eat as many as they want. 


The problem lied in that how could they make paper planes travel far so that more kids can have them and they can get more money for their lollipop supplies. 


Fretty devised a plan. He said that they will add a small streamlined hot air balloon to their paper planes and then make the paper planes fly. This will allow them to go further and would be more profound than just pushing paper planes by mere force. Fretty’s friend agreed to it. But the deal was that they have to have 50% partnership for gobbling lollipops. Although it was an ill deal but Fretty agreed to it.


Now they started their distribution. First they distributed their homemade lollipops for free and then when kids liked it they started getting money for them, which meant more lollipops for the manufacturers and more sugar induced comas,.!!!^^^$$$???!!!!!!.    

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