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tHe mAgiC bOw AnD it’S OwNeR



This is a story about a boy who was a little different than others. As human civilization progressed all men including women progressed and amongst whom women started wearing ornaments including jewelry and earrings. During those times only girls and women used to wear earrings and they were liked very much by all but men never wore them. Not only that it was a taboo for men to wear earrings so no man wore them except this boy. 


This boy’s name was “Rather”. Rather who was although very helpful to everybody was a bit different and unique in his nature. When he first saw an earring that was worn by a girl he immediately ran towards the girl and asked her that what was hanging onto her ears. The girl asked him “ Don’t you know”, Rather said “No.” the girl then told him that it was an earring. He then asked the girl can a boy also wear it. The girl told him that she does not think that it was meant for men and went away.


Now Rather was so impressed by the earrings that he decided that he would wear them too. But for that he had to have a hole in his ear and to get that it was a bit difficult. He somehow got a hole in his ear and was ready to wear an earring. 


The earrings that were available in the market were not of his choice. Therefore he decided that he would make an earring all by himself for himself. For that he thought of exploring the market for a material that was unique and impressive for him to make an earring. 


So next day he went to all the shops but could not find anything that he would make an earring with. So it was evening by that time and he was very upset. He was still walking and checking shops for a material when he saw something hanging outside one of the shops. That thing was shining even when there was no light. This intrigued him and he went inside the shop. There he asked the shop keeper what was the material that was shining outside his shop even when there was no light. The shop owner told him that that material was a photo-luminescent material called strontium aluminate and was a costly material to buy. Rather had already made up his mind to get that material. That material was worth pay of whole month when worked at minimum wage and that too 24 hours a day. But that was not going to stop him from buying that material.


He told the shopkeeper that he will get 50 grams of that material and get it by next month. The shopkeeper said “ok” and then Rather went away. 


Rather worked sleepless for a whole month in a coal mine and     earned sufficient money to buy that photo-luminescent material and to make an earring out of it.


After he got his pay he went straight away to the shop where strontium aluminate was kept and then bought it. 


He then purchased exactly 50 grams of that material and went home. Then he had to decide that what kind of earring was he going to make of it. He thought for a while and then decided to make something that he liked the most - “A bow.”


He spent 5 more days sleepless and carved a beautiful bow earring out of that Photo-luminescent material. In that earring not only the bow frame was made of that material but also the string of the bow earring was made of the light emitting material. Then he attached a hook to it and immediately wore it.


After wearing that he slept for 2 whole days undisturbed and woke up wearing that earring. 


Wherever Rather used to go he kept wearing that earring. Some people like that earring and some laughed at him and mocked at him asking him that if he was a girl. But that did not discourage him and Rather never stopped wearing that earring. 


The special ability of that material was that it use to absorb light the whole day and emit back multicoloured neon lights the whole night which was very unique on its own.


One day after listening to talks of people that Rather wore girl things his father got really mad at him at scolded him a lot. Rather felt very sad that day and went away from his home to a calm peaceful lake shore. 


There it was dark and he sat for a long time crying thinking that everybody was a enemy of him and nobody appreciated him. He kept on weeping when suddenly he heard a voice ” Hello! Can you help me?” Rather who had his head bent down between his folded knees tilted his head up and asked “ Who is it?” The voice told him that I am a gnome. Rather first felt scared but then asked that how could he be of any help. The gnome said that he is looking for his gnome brother who was forcefully made to drink a magical potion by a witch that made him go invisible and soundless. He also told Rather that his brother would die if a light source does not touch him. The only light source that would be able to touch him without causing harm to gnome’s brother was not candle flame but the light emitting substance that Rather was wearing. 


Rather immediately told the gnome that he would love to help him to get his brother back and save him. 


The gnome immediately took the earring from Rather’s hand who had removed it for the first time from his ear. Gnome then uttered some magical words and then a flash of lightning occurred and loo! gnome’s brother became visible. Both of the brothers jumped with excitement and yelled “Jolly good, jolly good!”


Now the gnome who was given the earring to save his brother thanked Rather and asked that who could he ever repay his debt. Rather was a bit confused and said “ I don’t know, I just like doing good.” So the gnome gave back his earring rubbing it with his hands and saying that since you like doing good, whatever you throw after placing it in the bow and stretching it with its cord which touches both the bow frame and it’s string will bring some life and happiness to the thing it touches. At that time Rather did not know what to make of it and so he took the earring and thanked gnome for his magical blessing.


Now it so happened that after a few years a huge monster threatened the city. He came and started destroying it. Even the king’s army was not able to stop it. The army threw lots of arrows at the monster but he would not stop and kept on destroying the city.


Rather who came to know about this wanted to help his city and country from the destruction. He then remembered the gift he had in his ears that would bring some life and happiness to the thing that is javelined through it. So he decided to test it.


He took off the bow earring from his ears and picked up a needle and aimed it at the monster. When that needle touched the monster a huge apple fell on the ground. At that moment the monster stopped destroying the city and started eating the apple. People were surprised to see that and realized that the monster was hungry and not mad so they brought lots of food and kept it in front of him. The monster ate all the fruits and started behaving friendly and went away. 


Even though the monster went away the destruction was still left behind and people did not know how to fix it. There came an idea in Rather’s mind. He picked up 25 needles and javelined through his bow in space together. The needles touched the ground and wherever the needles touched, the destroyed area disappeared and there emerged an area or building which was beautiful looking. 


Thus he restored his city- All thanks to the magical bow and him.


People thanked Rather and never mocked at him. The king appointed him his Prime minister and from there on he lived his life happily and without any trouble.

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