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tHe mAgiCAL mOuStAcHe

 Once there lived very simple people in a very simple country. The country’s name was Simpleton. In this country it was only sometimes that people tried to lie and do bad things and not all times. 


Since all beings in this country including animals were simple, the king was simple too. 


But to protect simple beings from getting robbed by evil the fairy godmother of the king had given a magical moustache to the king to give it to whom he trusted to wear. Now, king would not wear that moustache himself because the moustache had powers and he would look like an idiot to have that magical moustache. So he gave it to his most trusted servant - the gatekeeper of the palace. 


There was a ceremony in which the gatekeeper’s original moustache was cut and the magical moustache was bound  to him where moustaches grow on the face below the nose through a magical glue. 


The powers of the magical moustache were as below:


  1. Since it was job of the gatekeeper to record with pen and paper, what happened in the palace that day and also who came to the palace, everyday, the moustache acted as third and fourth hands to write or signal people when to go in and out if the gatekeeper would be busy doing other stuff like writing, drinking, eating etc.

  2. The second job of the moustache was to catch intruders by elongating as much as it can to work around the palace and catch those who could not be caught by king’s guards.

  3. The third job was to catch people telling lie and then to tickle them with the slightest might to know the truth from them.


This all kept an order in the kingdom and peace prevailed because of the magical moustache. 


But in doing so the gatekeeper of the palace to whom the magical moustache was bound started becoming more popular than the king. This made even the simple king to be jealous of the gatekeeper. 


Now, he asked the fairy godmother that what could he do? The fairy godmother told him that it was bad being jealous and since you have given it to the gatekeeper it is rightfully his now. The king would not listen and stole the magical fluid from the fairy godmother to unattached the moustache so that he could use it for himself. 


One night he went to the gatekeepers house himself when both the moustache and the gatekeeper were asleep. He then after entering the gatekeeper’s house through an open window made his move. He went near the gatekeeper confirmed that he was sleeping and poured in the detaching fluid over his moustache little by little so that the gatekeeper and the moustache does not awake. 


After 5 minutes he was successful in removing the moustache from the gatekeeper. Then he took it to his palace. 


When he reached his palace the fairy godmother was waiting for him. She scolded him and in a fight the king got mad and glued the moustache to the fairy godmother with the magical glue. The fairy godmother went away in anger and the king later felt what he had done.


Fairy godmother got the moustache removed from where usually the moustaches are i.e below the nose and did not return back. 


The simple people who sometimes were wicked too started doing more bad things as they could not be caught now as they knew that magical moustache had magically disappeared. Crime grew in that kingdom. The king did not understand what to do. Even his palace sometimes use to get robbed sometimes.


After much thinking he wrote a letter to the godmother and told her to return the magical moustache if not for him but for the peace of the kingdom. The fairy godmothers had a long meeting and they decided that if the moustache had to returned it will only be returned to the gatekeeper as it was rightfully his. They told this to the king.


The king agreed to the fairies and told them not to tell that he had stolen the moustache in the first place. There was a mutual understanding about this and the magical moustache was again bestowed upon the gatekeeper in a huge ceremony. 


Thus peace was then restored in the kingdom all because of the magical moustache, king and the fairies, I believe.

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