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tHe mOtHer eLePhAnT tHAt LAiD An EgG

There was a forest where lived many animals. Amongst them was a male elephant whose name was Refo. He had fallen in love with a female elephant. Her name was Girlie. They went on many dates.


Sometimes they went on dates in moonlight to the lake, sometimes they went in the evening to the river fall, sometimes they went to the tropical forest for enjoying tropical fruits, sometimes they went to the lake to take a dip and relax. They enjoyed many things in their forest and ultimately Refo asked the question to Girlie. Will you marry me? And Girlie replied “yes“.


What was next? Their parents agreed and they got married.


They married with lots of pomp and show! 


All the animals of forests including tiger, lion, fox and wolf came. Not only the biggest of animals but also the tiniest of insects including many crickets came to attend the wedding.


Now, the wedding was done. 


Girlie was always found of kids. She loved them. So they wanted to have a baby for themselves too.


They tried to conceive a baby but couldn’t.


Girlie always blamed Refo for that. They used to fight and quarrel with each other because of that 


One day they became very gloomy. Girlie that day wished that if they couldn’t get a baby at-least she could lay an egg!


Her wish became true one day.


One morning she woke up and had a great stomach-ache. They did not what to do. Out of pain Girlie sat down and screamed and suddenly a rock like thing came out of her stomach. It was white in colour was round but they couldn’t figure out what it was. First, they thought it was a broken bone of Girlie but Girlie tried walking and checking herself and she felt okay. 


They then thought maybe it is an egg. They thought that if it was an egg then they have to get it hatched. They knew that to get the egg hatched a mom has to sit on egg for hours. BUT SHE WAS AN ELEPHANT! HOW COULD SHE SIT ON AN EGG? IT WOULD BREAK!


Not knowing completely that it was an egg or something else. She picked up a scarf and put it around the egg.


They then thought even if it was not an egg let’s try hatching it just in case if it was.


Now they thought, if Girlie could not sit on egg at-least a hen or duck or maybe on ostrich or any other animal that lays egg could sit or help them. But then they wondered, would one bird be sufficient to hatch an egg or they need more birds to hatch the egg or do they need a soft ass animal to sit on the egg. 


So they made an announcement amongst the animals that they needed help in hatching Girlie’s egg and the animals of the forest spread the word. When the parents of Girlie and other animals heard that Girlie had laid an egg they were amazed to hear that but they all wanted to help.


So all the animals who were not heavy including group of birds started taking turns in sitting on the egg and trying to hatch it. But there were 4 hours in the day when the animals took a break. At that time she used to put a sweater on the egg, pick it up, put it in a pram and took it out for a stroll. She told it stories and read many different fairy tales for it. But she used to think what if it was not an egg, then their all effort would go in vain and also she thought what if it was an egg and they were not able to hatch it her wish of having a baby would go in vain too. But she didn’t give up hope and prayed to the Almighty everyday. 


Secondly, in the 4 hour break she also used to light up some wood with fire and keep the egg besides it to give it warmth . Not only that, sometimes she also used to put the egg in Luke warm water and cover it with a blanket. 


She did everything possible so that her egg if it was could hatch properly.


This went on for about 45 days.


Now, one day when a group of five birds were sitting on Girlie’s egg suddenly they heard a cracking sound. A small baby elephant got out. He was a cutie.

When Refo and Girlie saw it they were in the most excited state ever. They went near the baby elephant and in excitement name it The-One! They then checked was it a boy or a girl and to their excitement it was a girl elephant. The-One looked fit and healthy.


They then thanked all the birds and animals that they helped hatch the The-One. 


They then threw a grand party for all animals of the forest and thanked God!

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