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A mOuSe tHAt GrEw A mOuStAcHe

Long long time ago there lived vikings. Vikings were fond of eating and mice was a delicacy at those times which vikings would kill for.


Now mice who had families of their own were always afraid to go outside of their dwellings to gather or look for food as they were food themselves for the vikings who threw axe wherever they found a mouse and would roast them and eat them. The entire mouse population was in a catastrophical danger and if eating and killing of mice continued there would be no mouse left at all one day.Also there was no artificial breeding of them done by the vikings it was more of a game meat thing.


The mice once all gathered around and had a meeting. They decided that to stop themselves being killed by the hands of vikings they had to communicate with them and tell them that. But no mice could speak or write the language of vikings. So they asked for a volunteer who would learn language of the vikings and communicate with them, telling them to stop eating mice. All the mice were afraid to volunteer as everybody knew that no mouse remained alive when it was seen by any viking. The mouse who would volunteer for such a heroic act would have to be very careful and everyday would be a game of life and death for that mouse. Even after knowing all that there was one mouse who bravely stood up and said that he will volunteer for this task and would do his best to succeed. The name of the mouse was Bravo. All the mice cheered for him and hope once again was rising amongst mice.


Bravo started his work the next day. He started going to the school where kids of vikings went to study. He sometimes hid beneath the study desks, sometimes behind the chairs of classroom, sometimes in the broken ceiling but went everyday to the school and tried to learn the language of the vikings bit by bit. As classes advanced he advanced too and in a few years time Bravo not only learnt the verbal part of the language but also learnt how to write their language. Although sometimes Bravo was spotted by the kids who threw axes all around to catch him and eat him but Bravo was always agile and quick enough to run in a hole or hide somewhere where he could not be seen and thus remained safe.


After going to school for a while and learning the language of vikings Bravo was confident in communicating amongst them with their language. 


That day all the mice were given notice for a meeting to be held. All the mice came there for meeting. In that meeting Bravo told every mouse that he had learnt the language of vikings and was ready to communicate with them in any form verbal or written. All the mice were happy to hear that and praised Bravo for his courageousness. They then made a plan on how will they communicate with vikings so they can stop killing mice as they were intelligent creatures too. That plan involved first of all to know who was the leader of vikings so that Bravo could talk directly to him.


 To know that, mouse scouts were said to keep an eye on who was the viking that was praised the most and was always obeyed to. There were few vikings that were head of the viking chain but after much effort they found out the leader of all the vikings. He was a very powerful man and was always protected by viking soldiers and also was always obeyed to by other vikings.


Now Bravo had to talk to the leader of the vikings and tell him to stop killing mice as they had families too and had kids too who wanted to live their lives too.


Bravo had planned to go to table of leader of viking when he was eating with his family members and tell him straight away that he should tell his people to stop killing mice as they  were intelligent creatures too and had families also.


So he did.


When the leader of vikings was sitting on his chair and enjoying meal with his family members sitting alongside the dining table Bravo stealthily snuck on the top of table and started saying hello and greeting them but there came an axe on the table which barely missed his tail sparing himself. 


Bravo had to run away. He did not understand why did that happened. He said to himself that “I was talking to the vikings in a perfect viking tongue and in their accent and in a very respectful way, why did they not listen to me and threw an axe straight at me”? After much pondering he realized that he was too small and could not speak loud enough for vikings to hear. Then he decided that he would write a letter and give it to the head of the vikings and inform of his and other mice intentions and what they want from the leader of the vikings. But he realized that just writing a letter and leaving it for the leader of vikings to read would lead no result as they would never believe that that letter is from mice themselves. So that letter has to be written in front of the leader but how?


Bravo and other mice made a new plan they decided that a swarm of mice will run around the house of leader of vikings which would keep other family members busy and by that time Bravo will write the letter in front of the leader of vikings and would inform him of his intentions.


They followed the plan and a group of 100 mice swarmed the house of the leader of vikings and as they had thought all his family members roared FOOD! and got busy in killing the mice that were running around the house. Bravo wasted no time and went near the viking leader so that the leader could see him and started writing in big size letters on a paper while running for his life “Don’t eat mice. We have families too. We will come again to know the answer.” After he had written this he ran leaving the paper in the hands of viking leader who first of all freaked out that mice could write and understand their tongue too.


Then the viking leader had a meeting and discussed this with leaders of his army. They then decided that it was difficult to quit eating mice as it was part of their delicacy. So the viking leader thought that he could not say no to the request of mice of not eating them as they had families too so he waited until next day when mice would come and ask for his decision.


The next day mice came to the table of the leader and Bravo wrote asking that what was the decision of the viking leader. The viking leader told them that it would be difficult to stop eating mice because they liked them so much but he told that there was one way by which they could become of their class and that they would stop eating mice if any of the mice grew moustache. The viking leader thought that it was impossible for a mouse to grow a moustache so eating mice would never stop.


Bravo and mice left the table sad and depressed. But then they realized that they had a mouse sorcerer who could do some tricks on mouse so they went to her asking for her help. The mouse sorcerer said that it shouldn’t be a problem to grow a moustache on a mouse so she did some spell casting and grew a moustache on Bravo which looked just as any other viking’s moustache. All the mice rejoiced to see that.


Now they showed that to the viking leader who when saw that Bravo had grown a moustache had to keep his word otherwise he would have no honour left amongst his people.


From that day killing of mice stopped and mice lived happily ever after, not so true for the vikings who managed their taste buds somehow. 


All because of Bravo, who grew a moustache!

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