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tHe nAuGhTy pRiNcE



Long time ago, to a family of kings and queen was born a son. He was named as Dewildered. He was born to the king and queen as their last son to be. Dewildered enjoy a beautiful lifestyle as rich princelings do. Even when he was young he would waste a lot of things including money but still he was good at heart in helping others. He would donate a lot as a young princeling and do lot of meetings for charity which made his parents be and be not impressed.


After Dewildered grew up into being a real man i.e. when he got responsibilities over his shoulder he got a bit mismanaged. He once went to a poker club and played poker. Although he lost that game but he started liking it. Even though he did not like the game itself but still he liked the gambling part of it. So he started going to gambling clubs and would gamble a lot there. He was still single when he started doing that but that did not make him stop doing it. He gambled carefree without worrying about his assets getting decreased. Since it would be legal to gamble and he liked it so he could not issue a decree to stop that game and thus he continued playing. 


Since there was always more than enough that he always had he did not notice his shrinking assets even after several warnings from his ministers. 


One day he was eating food sitting besides his dining table when the cook shouted saying that “ the bread is over “. Dewildered got bewildered that how could bread get over for a prince. Then the minister explained to him that before dying his father had passed a legislation seeing the spending habits of his son. The legislation said that the prince would have a fixed asset for his lifetime unless he grows it by fair means and only then he would be able to be called a king and not prince. The money that was collected through taxes would be used only for administration purposes and for running the country. Dewildered was shocked to hear it and asked why he was not told about that earlier or if there could be anything that could be done to change that legislation. But the minister told him that he had tried to tell this to him before but he would not listen as he was too busy gambling and secondly he told him with a sorrowful face that that legislation can’t be changed. 


Dewildered starting sweating and did not understand what to do. He realized that he had been a real fool and if his dad would not have that legislation in place then he would even have lost the kingdom. From next day he stopped gambling and tried to start changing his life for good. He got determined that he would earn and stand up again as a good prince by doing good and not wasting anything. To do that he would change his dress and try to work at a local shop but  since he had always spent life like a king he could not handle the labour involved in that work. 


That day he wept. He felt like if he was disabled and had nothing left in his life to do. He then remembered his mom and his mom’s words. His mom used to tell him that he was a charming prince and people specially girls loved him which made him have a smile on his face at the spur of thought. Now for few days he had eaten little and was quite upset. But he kept on remembering his mom’s words and decided to open a new business under his name. He called it “ the Kissing Booth “. It was advertised through out the kingdom that the king would be kissing anyone and everyone at the booth only for a dollar. All girls and women were excited to hear that and the business started. 


This business was a great success and he actually started saving some money. Everyday, there would be huge lines of women standing and waiting for a kiss from the prince. He had plans to continue that business but because he had some times in which he had to kiss the older ladies too and sometimes grandmothers too , he started thinking of not doing it forever. Therefore after he had saved quite a bit he stopped that business of kissing and invested that money in a very lucrative business of that time and flourished from there. Thereafter he never had trouble in getting bread for his food, all thanks to the kissing booth. Also, he never assumed the title of a king and tried to remain modest in nature and heart.

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