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tHe rUnNeR tHAt nEvEr fiNiShEd tHe rAcE

It sounds funny that a runner never finished the race he started but it is true!


There was once a man named Draouwseiy. He was always fond of running marathons and drinking liquor. Usually he drank very little liquor before running a marathon but this was not the case with the marathon he was going to run next.


Before the marathon day, he came home after getting supplies for next week. After putting the grocery supplies aside he decided to watch TV for some time. He watched lots of shows before going too sleep. He watched some drama, some action and finally some cartoons. But as he was about to turn off TV his thumb slipped and instead of turning of TV, he pressed the channel 1 button on the remote and which resulted in showing a new type of liquor advertisement on TV. The advertisement showed a new type of liquor which was called hallucinating liquor. They were advertising that the hallucinating liquor was a unique liquor available at nearby stores in the entire country and was of a different effect and taste. This advertisement was very appealing to Draouwseiy. Draouwseiy after seeing the advertisement decided to try the liquor early in the morning before running in the marathon. 


So next morning he woke up, got ready to taste that liquor and also to compete in the marathon. 


He then went to the liquor store to buy the hallucinating liquor. He bought it, opened the bottle and tried to drink it straight up sip by sip to check the taste and it’s effect. As soon as he had the first sip it was truly appealing to his heart’s tastiest desire. He liked it so much that even though he knew that he had his marathon race and should not be drinking more but he drank the complete 700 ml bottle till it was empty and that too neat.


Now, was the time for the race as he looked at his wristwatch  so he ran towards his car and hurriedly drove to the race. But he never knew that the alcohol was going to effect him in a strange and a funny way. 


He wore his gear and reached the starting line of the race. At that time the liquor had not started to intoxicate him that much, so he was in his senses. 


Suddenly the judge said “ On your marks, get set and GO !” So the race started and also did Draouwseiy. 


Draouwseiy was first running at a good speed but suddenly he started having the liquor’s intoxication effect on him. He did not even realized that at that time liquor started taking control of him rather than he taking control of himself.


At first, he started feeling very thirsty and also starting to forgot about the race. As he was running he took out his phone and checked the nearby juice shop. His phone’s GPS showed him a nearby juice shop that was about half a kilometre away from his position. He then decided to go there. He at that moment just walked to the juice shop. 


In about 5 minutes he reached the shop and ordered one huge juice pitcher. When the pitcher came he drank the entire pitcher without even using a tumbler. He felt nice after it. Then he did not know what he was going to do next. So he first thought let’s stand up at-least and then he thought he will think of something to do next. As soon as he stood up he felt pain in his feet which he did not realized at that time were because of running so he thought that it might be because of bad shoes he was wearing. He then decided to go to the nearby shoe shop. 


He had lost his memory at that time so he did not know where the nearest shoe shop was. So he decided to ask the person who served him juice to tell him that where the best shoe shop was. That boy directed him to that shop. 


After reaching that shop Draouwseiy went inside it. There he saw all the shows on display and then asked for the most expensive shoe they had. After seeing those pair of shoes he bought them. That shoes were worth a fortune but at that time he did not realize that he was spending so much money on shoes. 


After wearing those shoes he felt good at heart might not be good at pocket which he did not realize at that time.


After buying shoes he realized that he was still feeling hot. He did not know why. He then thought maybe his clothes were causing him sweat so he thought of changing his clothes. Since he did not have spare clothes with him he decided to go to a cloth shop and this time by searching for it himself.


And so he kept on doing stupid things and ultimately when every marathon racer had finished the race he was nowhere to be found. 


He actually was still doing shopping somewhere to make himself comfortable. At night he slept on a sidewalk as he felt very sleepy and did not know where to go at that time after the long day all because of the liquor.


Therefore he never finished the race and spent too much money on wasteful things because of drinking excessive liquor that caused him a lot, later.  

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