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It rAiNeD oRAnGe jUiCe tHAt dAy

Before Earth existed a planet called Ausmessy existed. That planet was one thousand time smaller than Earth. It was similar to Earth in a way that it also had a sun that was at appropriate distance from it and thus supported life on it. Ausmessy had only one island which was surrounded by water on all sides. The island’s name was Peace. But it was not at all peaceful in that planet not because there was any war going on but because there was no peace in people’s heart who lived there. It was all because of a king who ruled the land and the planet.

The king’s name was Gred. He was the cruelest of all the kings ever existed and ever seen by mankind. He levied the taxes of highest order and of cruelest in nature. According to him man’s eating was not good for the environment as more they ate the more they pooped so there were taxes on people’s cooked food which was calculated by the amount of groceries they bought. Not only that, he did not spare the cattle and poultry also. There were food tax on poultry and cattle’s food too. Also the regular tax on income was 90%.

People had no option but to live there and get agreed to circumstances which were upon them. They could not leave the planet nor could they die as there was death tax too which was imposed on family of the person who dies and was too much. People could not fight against the king because he had his soldiers who were far too strong and far well trained for battle if any and were mean like him.

In Ausmessy there were grown very delicious oranges that were very sweet and eating them was like eating sugar filled candies. The oranges were un-comparable to anything. But nobody had ever tasted them except the king. There was this rule in the kingdom that nobody was allowed to eat the oranges except the king and anybody who dared to eat it will face a very cruel tortuous death and a death tax equal to 100 times the normal death tax would be imposed on the family of person which would be carried out till his/her generations to come. Due to this nobody ever even dared to even smell the oranges except one.

This boy’s name was Caouro. He was born to very poor family in Ausmessy. When he was just 3 years old he was taken to the market by his parents to get some things. At that time a cart full of oranges was passing through. That cart of oranges was meant for the king. As the cart was passing through there came a donkey in front of the cart and caused the cart driver to swivel the cart which further caused one of the orange to fell on ground. Now Caouro who was too young at that time. He left his mother’s hand and crawled towards the shiny orange at picked it up and squeezed it lke a child does. Some juice from the orange squeezed out and got sprayed in his mouth. Caouro who was utmost delighted to have tasted the orange juice and tried to squeeze more but suddenly his mom came, picked him up and she along with Caouro’s Dad swiftly walked away. The orange that was on the ground later was just squashed and squeezed by the traffic going on road and was not tasted by anybody.

That was the luckiest day for Caouro yet, who was the only person except the king who had tasted orange. Since orange was nothing like he had ever had before, he remembered it always.

Now, Caouro, when he grew up was a hard working lad. His father ran a candle shop. Since those were many candle shops they did not have much profit from their shop and also because the taxes were too high they could not save or start another business. Caouro helped his father in his work at the shop. But Caouro was a good hearted boy and he did not like the poverty that was all around Ausmessy so whatever he earned he distributed it to the poor beggars and saved very little for himself. His father knew that and used to tell him to save some for himself too but he used to say that “Better the needy than be in need.” His father used to smile at him and used to thank God for a wonderful kid like him.

Not only his father but Caouro used to pray too. He used to pray that the orange juice that he had when he was a child while squeezing it on the road should be available to everybody in the kingdom and that no person should go hungry ever.

The king had a problem, he wasted all his food. The excessive food was given to his pet animals and the army he had. And about oranges because they came in millions to his palace and it was only he who ate them, tonnes of oranges went waste and were thrown in the sea and as there was nobody to question him he did that forever.

Now due to wasting of oranges and throwing them in the sea water started getting filled up with orange juice but since the sea is salty so orange juice never tasted sweet. The juice tasted sour. But it so happened that that year it was too hot and at those temperatures sugar including the orange juice started evaporating in the atmosphere and thus one day it was so hot that it rained orange juice. People when first saw the rain they got scared because it was orange in colour and people though it was another trick of the cruel king to kill them. So they ran to shelter themselves towards their houses but when someone tasted it when trying to gasp his breath while running he was overjoyed and yelled “It is sweet” and he tasted more and more of it. The someone who tasted it was no other than Caouro who had tasted it after a very long time, then realized that it was orange juice and he felt very excited after seeing that it was raining orange juice. So he went to his house and brought a big tub outside his house so that it can fill with the sweetest of drink that ever existed and show it to the people that it was something nice. Other people who saw that tried to taste the juice/rain water too and they felt delighted too because it was a bliss for them and everybody filled their tubs with the juice and thanked God! They later also thanked Caouro for telling them what it was.

From that day on there existed no food problem because it always rained orange juice after that day and the king could not do anything about it.

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