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iT SnOwEd At EqUaToR oNcE!

Hi! How is everybody doing at the equator? I hope everybody is doing well here because its about to get really cold it is going to snow, maybe not outside but inside this book in this tale.

It’s true that it snowed once at the equator. It so happened that long time ago there used to live flying fire breathing dragons on an island called Fireville which was at the equator. These dragons were very peaceful and lived together in families who cared about each other very much. They were so friendly they would lay down their lives to protect each other.

So, what was the use of the fire that came out of their mouth if they did not battle or kill each other. Nice question! First of all the dragons were made of fire-proof bodies. Second of all, fire was very useful for them as they played by breathing fire at each other and at dinner time they used to throw spit on food and burn it by flaming up the food with their mouth flames which not only cooked the food but made it tasty as well. Fire was actually fun for them as they played with it whenever they wanted and cooked food with them too. Now I told you that they used fire to cook their dinner but what about breakfast and lunch?  Their breakfast was usually fruits and their lunch was juices. It was only at night that they ate warm food. They had everything they wanted and enjoyed every bit of it.

Now, amongst the male flying dragons there were female flying dragons too. Amongst them there were also old female dragons too. The oldest dragon amongst them was called Jen which was her name too. Jen was a very nice female dragon and was respected and cared for by all the dragons in Fireville. She was always the one whom dragon took advise from.

It so happened that, that day it was a birthday party of her great great great great great grandson and she was extremely excited about that so much so that she made a 50 tonne chocolate cake for all the dragons all by herself and prepared all the food, herself which included about 100 type of food items. Not only that she decorated the entire Fireville all by herself and took no help of anybody. The party was a blockbuster but something other than that also happened that night. After the party was over Jen got a fever. She could not get up from her tree house the next day. She felt so tired and sick that she thought that her death is approaching. That day nobody saw Jen, either at the bathing pool or during the morning prayers. So the dragons got worried and wanted to see that if Jen was okay so all of them went to see Jen at her tree house. They saw that Jen was moaning with pain and was unable to get off the bed. The female doctor dragon who had also come to see Jen amongst the dragon immediately checked Jen and she said that Jen had high fever and we need to cool down the fever by keeping her cold. So dragons flew and filled massive cauldrons with water and brought in her tree house. Then dragons kept on wetting rags with water and laying it on top of her forehead to cool down the fever. But a day passed away and there was no improvement to her health. Then the doctor dragon then told that they need something more cold . She then told the dragons that now the only way to cure Jen was lots of ice and which was only available at the north and south pole. First of all everybody wanted to know what ice was so they pondered. Doctor told them the ice was something white, very cold and was made from water. She also told the dragons that it was difficult to bring the ice here as it would melt completely until it reaches the equator. And the option of taking Jen to the poles was out of question as she would die with the exertion. The only way out was to bring so much ice that even with the high melting rate there should be enough ice left that would make Jen okay.

They then agreed to get the ice from both the poles, just in case ice from one of the poles melts. 500 dragons flew to the North pole and 500 of them went to the South pole it took them approximately 3 day to reach to the pole from equator. When they reached the poles they saw ice which was white and cold and was as described by their doctor. Now they knew if they picked up little ice and flew back it would melt the ice by the time they reach equator so they did something unique. All of them dived and went under water to the bottom. There, they breathed out lots of fire. It took them another 3 days to break the ice’s foundation. By that time the dragons kept on coming up out of water to get air and then kept on diving back again to the bottom of water to cut the ice with fire. At at the end of third day the ice of both the poles was cut. It started floating on water. They then looked around for something to tie the ice with. They didn’t find anything. They remembered that when they when they were diving to go to the bottom of sea they had seen lots of vines undersea of sea plants. They had found them very sturdy when they had checked them out so they decided to dive beneath and get the vines. The dragons immediately tied the ice at both the poles with vines and tugged the ends of the the vines to their mouths and started to fly back to Fireville. The ice was heavy and as told the ice started melting on he way but they reached their home Fireville in 5 days. The group of dragon that had gone to North pole reached an hour earlier than the group that had gone to the South pole. Since they had carried so much of ice quite a bit of ice was left even after melting so they put it in the ocean water around Fireville and tied it to the island. The doctor who as taking care of Jen immediately went to the ocean and broke some ice and brought it to keep it on Jen’s forehead. Jen immediately started feeling better and relaxed.

Now, it so happened that that since the dragons had brought so much ice the climatic conditions changed at the equator. It started snowing the very next day. Dragon’s freaked out because they did not know what was going on. Jen who was lying in her tree house also started to have snow fall all over her body which more than comforted her. The doctor calmed everybody. She told that it was nothing but snowfall and was not a cause of worry. This cooled down the dragons who started to enjoy it. They had seen nothing like it ever before. It was a beautiful view. It snowed for 10 days. By that time the kids of dragons also started to enjoy it. They made snowballs and played with it. This time instead of fire they threw snowballs at each other and made different objects from it on ground. Jen also get well by that time. She was also wonderstruck to see the snow. She then thanked the dragons for not only making her well but also for the wonderful snowfall.

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