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tHe AiRcRaFt mOdEL mAkEr

Long ago but not so distant ago there was a king and his ruled country. This country he ruled was not a very big country and was known as Rhiofania. Rhiofania, although a small country had incomparable beauty.

It had beautiful trees and gardens which were kept as a secret sometimes just to be gifted to a near and dear one. Yes! it’s true in that country people instead of giving flowers as present gave whole beautifully decorated gardens with a rare collection of flowers growing in them as presents or gifts.

Rhiofania was like heaven on earth. In this country the water that was brought down through the mountains which flowed as rivers was sweet as sugar and people never needed sugar to put in lemonades because the water in it was itself very sweet. Not only that ground water was also sweet as the river water. Also people remained fit in this country because of the effects of natural beauty.

Rhiofania had all types of weather and weather conditions. It was sometimes cold sometimes warm and sometimes it had fall and sometimes it had spring.In some mountainous parts of Rhiofania there used to be snow as well where people of Rhiofania went to ski and play with snow.

Now in Rhiofania there was no militia as it believed in having peace without war forever. It practiced this principal by politically keeping strong ties and friendship with it’s neighbouring countries. The king of  Rhiofania kept expert negotiators in it’s monarch government who were experts in talking and negotiating with the kings and ambassadors of other countries. The king of Rhiofania and his previous generations who had ruled Rhiofania for many centuries never invested funds in militia. All they invested was in people and and in maintaining beauty in their country. They thought that money may buy might and then buy happiness but its a waste if might becomes mighty further leading to more investments thus leading to waste so let money give happiness straight away without spending anything on might which is always might. Also they believed that friendship and having allies. They believed in demilitarization of all the countries.

Now also in that country lived an aircraft model maker who was expert in making aircraft models and replicas of smaller sizes by merely seeing the pictures of the aircrafts. This aircraft model maker’s name was Jaouckreletiy. Jaouckreletiy was the only aircraft model maker in Rhiofania. His models were well sought after and were sold at very high prices. Sometimes due to less supply and more demand he had to auction his aircraft models, which got him lot of money. His profession was worth spending time in as it was highly paid and not everybody could do it.

In amidst of this discussion something happened. Their was a country neighbouring Rhiofania whose king was jealous of Rhiofania’s beauty. This king wanted to takeover Rhiofania by force and make its own. He had a strong desire to rule there although it was nearly impossible as it was bound by strong legal ties with Rhiofania and it’s allies and thus could not do it.

At that time although Rhiofania did not have militia and it did not believed in one but it’s allies had lots of militia who believed in investing in militia and believed that talks are for fools and actions are more fruitful and practical. Difference of views never let there be any question in their friendship because views maybe different but that’s what makes people people and goodness makes friends and thus difference in views don’t matter.

The king of the jealous country who wanted to take over Rhiofania by hook or crook started spending money secretly on building secret weapons like boats where aircrafts can land and takeoff and also which could be submerged with the aircraft if required and whenever required at will.

The militia of that jealous king succeed in making such kind of sea vessel. They then started making aircrafts land and take off from that boat which they succeeded through practice.

Now since Denick (which was the name of the jealous king) could not send even 10’s of fighter aircrafts to attack Rhiofania because of fear of getting attacked by Rhiofania’s allies itself so he made a plan.

His militia loaded one fighter aircraft in that submergible boat  and send it to scout near the shores of Rhiofania.

It happened that the aircraft model maker that I had told you about in this story also lived near the shores of one of the town of that country where the submerged boat with a loaded aircraft was sent to scout.

The submersible boat of Denick’s militia reached the shores of Rhiofania in about 3 days and was told to remain submerged until further notice. When the vessel was submerged for about a month it got some technical problem and thus had to come up and open its hatch so that the aircraft was visible.

When this happened Jaouckreletiy was working on an aircraft model sitting in his workshop and looking at the sea and the shore through his window. Suddenly when he saw that a huge naval ship was floating on the sea waters with a fighter aircraft in it he was more than shocked to see that. He already knew that it could not be his country’s militia as it had none. He then decided to warn the king but he had no time and something had to be done at that time and so he did.

He had about 25 aircraft models at that time which he was making to be sold in an auction. He wasted no time in arming them. Although those planes could not fly he had thought of something in mind that would make them fly.

He made small rubber sling shots, stretched them, loaded them with small marbles and tied to the top of aircraft models. Then he filled same number of rubber balloons with helium and attached a thread to them.

Now he brought the aircraft models who were attached with loaded sling shots and the helium balloons together. He then tied the thread of the helium balloons to the aircrafts and let them float. But before that he had also tied threads to slingshot so that he could release the sling shots whenever he pulls them. He had also attached a third different colour thread to the aircraft models so that he could somewhat maneuver them or change their pointing direction if required. The helium and air mixture in the balloon was measured by him before filling them with it. He had filled only that amount of helium and air in the balloons so that they hang at altitude of about 1000 feet which should be the maximum altitude gained by the actual fighter aircraft that he saw in the huge ship near the shore when it takes off and reaches the shore.

Now since there was a trouble with the ship and it had to come up. It did not remained secret anymore. So the king Denick ordered the pilot of that plane to take off and attack Rhiofania with all its power. The pilot agreed to it and took off. When he did the model planes were already floating in air. When Jaouckreletiy saw the plane coming towards the land he waited and as soon as it came near enough he pulled the threads and let go of the marbles in the slingshots. Some marbles missed and some hit the engines and the aircraft’s frame and windows. Both the engines of that aircraft were on fire and it suffered sustainable damage and crashed on the ground with pilot in it. (Since it was at low altitude pilot had not gotten any time to escape the aircraft via a parachute).

By that time the king of Rhiofania had come to know of that and he had informed his allies about that. His allies who when heard this sent thousands of fighter aircraft to protect Rhiofania. The aircrafts sent to Rhiofania by it’s allies were ready to fight a war if required.

That military aircraft was down and also the models he used to fire sling shots at the planes were brought down safely. These models got sold at a greater price than usual at the auction as they had saved Rhiofania and had a story behind them.

Thus the aircraft model maker saved the day. He was thanked by king and the country.

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