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tHe eScApE

Once there existed Eeknocks and men together on earth. Although they existed together they did not go well along. Eeknocks were very notorious and selfish minded beings and always wanted to rule the entire earth. To explain their physical attributes, they were short creatures who had a cubical nose, pointed ears and a short tail with no hair at all whatsoever towards their tail's end.

They had always  tried to overthrow human civilization but were not successful ever. So this one last time they prepared. They planned and planned and also made their forces strong. After 15 years of preparation they were ready. They declared war on the entire human civilization and almost completely  defeated them.

There were two places where they could not lead or have a victory . One was an island named Stringyheld and the other was a small country named Flimnopee.

Before the war had started people of Flimnopee had already had come to know about Eecknocks’ evil plans and had made their country very strong by making their defences extremely powerful. Any Eeknock that even tried to come near their extended boundaries was instantly killed through arrows and a special magical potion which once inhaled by Eeknocks would give them instantaneous death.

Since Eeknocks had seen that they had failed to penetrate the defences of Flimnopee they gave up attacking Flimnopee but the thought of attacking Stringyheld was something they could not resist and therefore, wanted to do it very badly. So before attacking that island with their powerful weapons they thought of torturing people that were on that island. Then they would kill them so that they could avenge the death of their people in that battle.

People of Stringyheld were not prepared for what Eeknocks had in their minds. Eeknocks surrounded Stringyheld and started pouring acids in the waters of the lake surrounding that island so much so that it became poisonous for marine life which started dying. People who drank water from that lake in which their island was started falling sick.

So many people fell sick that medicines became short of supply. They found that water had gone acidic suddenly. Everybody was confused and did not know the reason for that. They then sent scouts out looking for the reasons.

The scouts then went out to the far ends of the lake with their boats and checked out the area with their monoculars. They saw that Eecknocks had surrounded them completely by laying their defences on the outer periphery of lake and that they were pouring acids into the lake continuously. This shocked them. The scouts then came back and informed this to the leaders of their tribes. All the leaders of that island then had a very long meeting that lasted 2 days. In the meeting they decided to move the people of Stringyheld to the only un-captured place on earth which was Flimnopee, but how? To move 10,000 people which was the population of that island was very difficult, but they had a genius plan in mind.

They dig a huge underground space beneath their island which took them about 10 days. Now in that place they started making feather houses with huge cluster of feathers (which formed a wing shape) attached to them. The feathers required to make the feather houses and the feather wings were derived from birds that were available in a great quantity on the island. They did not kill the birds to get the feathers rather fed them so that they can get more from them.

Second thing was to make a huge coal engine that was powerful enough to carry a load of 10 million tonnes. (They had actually planned to fly those feather houses out of the island without the Eecknocks coming to know of it with the use of that coal engine). That single engine would be used to flap feather wings that would be attached to the feather made houses.

It took them about 2400 hours to make that coal engine. The coal engine was designed in such a way that while flying, the steam and smoke released from it would engulf all the external areas of those feather houses in such a way that it would look like a big cloud and nothing more. Thus this would protect the people of Stringyheld from getting noticed or attacked by Eecknocks from ground when they would be flying in air.

But the main problem was how to get the house off the ground as the engine could only cause motion in air if it was in it already.

For this they also made a plan. They planned on using the pressure of volcano to slingshot them in the air while keeping them hidden from the eyes of Eecknocks.

It took them a day’s time to build a huge wooden platform that would be able to support the weight of the feather houses, the people of stringyheld and that of the engine. This would also cover the mouth of volcano from the middle portion of its neck at the interior of it.

After it was built they covered the volcano’s mouth with that platform at the required location and then kept the feather houses on top of it.

As soon as it was done the pressure started building in the volcano beneath the platform. In a day's time so much pressure got created that the volcano bursted with smoke, steam and dust. The feather houses that were kept on the wooden platform covering the mouth of volcano at the middle-interior were slingshotted towards the sky. As soon as this happened the people of Stringyheld that were inside the houses started the coal engine and the feather wings of the feather houses started flapping and producing lift. Since coal engine worked perfectly it camouflaged the entire feather houses and their wings so that they looked nothing more than a cloud formation. They safely guided that huge structure to the strongholds of Flimnopee and landed there with no harm done to anybody. People who were suffering from the affect of acidic waters got treated there. Everybody was happy that they were in a safe place now.

Later, People of Flimnopee and Stringyheld made their defences so strong that Eecknocks never dared to attack them again. Although Eecknocks captured the earth but they could not capture homes and hearts of People of Flimnopee and Stringyheld.

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