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tHe FaT mOnKeY tHaT wAs CuRsEd!

Can a monkey be cursed too? Yes. I believe so.

Once there lived a tribe of monkeys in the forests of Africa. The tribe was a very protective and a caring tribe. This tribe cared for each other a lot. Amongst the tribe existed a hierarchy. On the top was a king then there was the tribe religious leader and then were all the monkeys. The hierarchy was respected but it did not mean that friendship was a problem amongst the king, the religious leader and the monkeys. The monkeys were allowed to enjoy in whatever way they wanted. They were allowed to eat whatever fruits and vegetable they desired and as much as they wanted. The monkeys enjoyed all day to there heart’s content. The monkeys did eat whatever they desired for but they all remained fit, except for one whose name was Watary. Except Watary all the monkeys did too much activity so they never coagulated fat on their bodies. All the monkeys used to swing around, run and play except Watary. Watary was very lazy. All he did was eat, eat and eat. He never played nor did he jump like the other monkeys did. He was the laziest of all.

In amidst of the monkeys enjoyment there was one fear that haunted them all. It was the fear of getting attacked and eaten by the tiger and tigresses of the jungle. So to keep that from happening one of the monkey was always on guard and it kept on changing from time to time.

Tigers did not attack the monkeys very often but when they did the monkey on guard used to make lots of racket that let the other monkeys know that there existed danger and so they should hide or run away from that area. The monkeys kept on changing guard duties one after the other as any monkey could do it because guard duty did not mean fighting with the danger but only to make a huge racket on time that was sufficient for monkeys to know about the danger and then hide from it. The monkeys did duty according to their schedules as designed by their king.

Watary was rarely given this duty because of his lazy nature. But since every monkey had to  this duty at-least once a year that day came Watary’s turn to do that duty. Watary was asked to  keep on any eye on any danger that included tiger, forest fire, flood etc. He was asked to stay on a tree branch about 200 feet  from the place where the other monkeys were playing and enjoying themselves. Watary thought that there was a rare chance that a tiger or any of the above mentioned dangerous events occur. So he took a bunch load of bananas and kept it where he was asked to do the duty. From the time duty began he started munching on the bananas.

Now those days were pretty dry and thus meat on the pastures was very less. Thus the Tigers and tigresses were looking for some delicious meat for themselves and their kids. From quite far they saw that a lot of monkeys were enjoying themselves near a lake on the ground. They thought of getting some of them for their supper. They planed to attack altogether and take them by storm and they did. They sprinted towards the monkeys. Now watary who was sitting on the tree branch was eating bananas and was stuffed with it. When he saw tigers and tigresses approaching the area he tried to cause a racket but due to too much stuffing of bananas in his mouth he could not cause any noise from his mouth and thus monkeys playing could not hear any racket of danger and continued playing.

That day was a horrible one for the monkeys and a day which they won’t be able to forget. It was a massacre of monkeys that day. Many monkeys were killed and many lost their lives. The tigers and tigresses showed no mercy. Watary and few others monkeys including the king and their religious leader  somehow managed to escape from the attack but they could not forget what had happened that day. The next day when the remaining monkeys were in hideout they all wanted to know why did not Watary raise the alarm and cause any racket. Watary did not know what to say. He was too ashamed on himself. He told them the truth that he was busy eating bananas and could not make a noise when was approached by the tigers as he was stuffed with them. All the monkeys and the king were furiously mad at him and decided to punish him. The religious leader was then asked to cast a spell on him that would turn him into a big fat ape. After he got turned into an ape he was banished from the tribe. Watary felt too bad and ashamed and tried asking for forgiveness but his crime was too great and thus was not forgiven. So he faced the consequences. He was turned into a huge big ape at an instant but his nature of being a glutten remained intact. He was then ordered by the king to leave them and find some other place to stay. Watary did not know what to do and left that place really ashamed.

He went to the far end of the forest to live his life all amongst himself. There he spent many years alone. Because of being turned into an ape his activity slowed way more and it looked like he had turned into a sloth who barely moved. It was difficult for him to move and it was a struggle for him to live his life like that. He could not move with speeds nor could he climb a tree to get food thus was very difficult for him to survive. But he somehow tried to make his ends meet by eating whatever fell on ground.

Now being at the far end of the forest he used to see many human activities occurring near his place of resting. As the end of the forest was mountainous and over a cliff he saw many humans come there and brought something called para-gliders attached to a wing with them.Then they used to jump off the cliff holding the bar of the wing with a set of looking device called binoculars till they reached the ground. When he saw that at first he was afraid of it but he realized that humans were not and it was actually a sport for them. How he came to know that the looking device called binoculars were meant to see long distances was that once some para gliding people had come to the cliff and the binocular through which one of the para glider was looking fell on the ground  and one of its lens broke. The person who saw that his binocular is broken, left the binocular there on the ground and did not pick it up. In the evening when all the para-gliders went away and nobody was left he with difficulty moved towards the binocular picked it up and tried checking the binoculars out. He tried looking through the binoculars from both the sides. Although one lens was cracked but he still was Abe to see through the other lens and when he looked through the binoculars he saw one side made near look far and the other side made far look near. He was very intrigued by the thing so he took it for himself and went to his tree where he lived. He then kept the binocular hidden in his tree and sometimes during his free time when he was not looking for food he looked through the binoculars and enjoyed seeing the far end of the forest. This passed his time and it continued for quite some time. The humans kept on coming there and continued para gliding. All this continued for a while, until one day.

One day the day rose and he woke up. By that time he had developed a habit of looking through the binocular as soon as he got up in the morning. That day when he was checking out  from the binoculars he saw that a group of baby monkeys came playing near a pond and were unadministered by an adult. He liked that view and kept on looking at them. But since there was no adult monkey around he was a little afraid seeing that and started to be more watchful. He looked through the binoculars all around and away from the baby monkeys so as to make sure that the baby monkeys were safe. That day was the same day when he was banished from the tribe and cursed to be an ape and therefore similar conditions in the forest existed that day. It was dry and meat for the tigers was scarce and there could be nothing more juicy than the meat of baby monkeys. So the tigers were ready to get a piece of it. Watary who was watching all this got alarmed and had to do whatever it took to save the baby monkeys. At first he did not know what he could do. But then he saw a group of para-gliders on the cliff  who were ready to jump. He although afraid at first immediately with all his energy ran towards the para-gliders and roared. The para-gliders were taken aback by the ape and they left the equipment there and ran away except for one who was already tied up to para-glider and was too scared to get untied from it. Watary immediately pounced on the paraglider and suddenly they were off the cliff. Since the para glider was a wing and not a parachute type air-float it was faster to glide on. Now it took him less than a minute until he reached where the baby monkeys were playing and thus was less time than the time of tigers attack. He then jumped from the para-glider and stood in front of the baby monkeys . The tigers who came there too were about to attack when he roared in a very loud noise and the tigers got a bit scared because they thought that if one ape had come there maybe other apes coming there too and they went away. The loud noise caused the monkey parents who were looking for their kids to rush towards the noise. When they saw what had happened they thanked the ape and asked him if they could do anything in the world for him. Watary recognized that they were monkeys from his tribe so he asked them if they could accept him back to their tribe. He also told them that he has suffered a lot because of his mistakes and does not want to suffer more and was sorry for that day. The monkeys took him to their king and told the king what had happened. He was then forgiven. The religious leader took the spell away and he was then welcomed to his new life and his old tribe. He gave up his habit of being a glutten and lived his life happily and safely with the tribe.

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