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tHe FiReWoRkS-PLaY mAkEr

Once there lived a poor man. His name was Jelimny. He lived a very modest lifestyle and earned just sufficient to feed his belly. He had a small shanty which he called home. His parents had died long ago and therefore he lived alone. He never married because he earned very little and thus the thought of spending money extravagantly on his companion made him nervous. Although he was poor he thought of fame and wanted to be rich. He had thought of many ways of getting rich but did not have money to invest in them first of all. So he continued his life selling water which he used to bring after walking a distance of 15 miles daily. The fresh water he got was from was a river which he spent 5 hours daily reaching to and coming back. The wells in the town were always overcrowded so some people opted to get water from Jelimny who sold it for a very nominal price just so that he is able to earn his daily living. Now Jelimny being human and having nothing to help him to bring water had limitations on how much he could carry.

Now, that evening was a holiday and everybody was in a mood of festivity because that night a big business man had spent lots of money for exhibition of fireworks at the town centre as it was his daughter’s first birthday. People from the entire town had come there to see the fireworks.

The fireworks started. They lasted for 4 hours and it was a very magnificent view until it lasted. People’s neck got tired looking in the sky but the show did not stop. It was so magnificent that people kept on looking at them until it all ended. Even Jelimny kept on looking at the fireworks for the entire four hours and did not bend down his head. After the show ended he went home and realized that fireworks are something that everybody likes. He also realized that the fireworks that were bursting in the sky were from a fixed central point of “burst of rocket flares” and therefore were all “circular bursts” in nature. He kept on thinking about it for the whole night.

The next day he woke up and realized that a whole play could be formed out of fireworks but he thought that its gonna take some calculations to do that so he begun. Before making a whole play of fireworks he thought of just experimenting it and seeing how it would work. He went to the market and bought a pack of fireworks powder with whatever money he had. He knew that that day he would not be able to eat food because he had spent all his money to buy fireworks powder but he was still satisfied.

He then went home and cut 50 very small cardboard pieces and made a cavities which each of them. He then got a thread roll and calculated their length. Now what he did was he kept the cardboard pieces which he had made cavities in at separate calculated angles. Then he calculated the amount of powder to be put in each of the cardboard cavity and closed it. He then put one thread each in the cardboard cavity and then attached all the threads too a single thread connecting to the fireworks powder in the cardboard cavities. Then he arranged everything in a box in a calculated way and closed the cavities and the box. The box had a hole to see through and it was covered with a magnifying glass. Now he wanted to see what happens when he light’s the thread and so he did. As soon as he lit the thread he immediately put his eye over the magnifying glass to see what happens.

What he saw was magnificent. It happened exactly as he had calculated. A play made of fireworks occurred inside the box and lasted for five minutes. The play consisted of a girl riding a bicycle whose entire face, body and clothes were made of bright colours of sparkles of fireworks rocket which were bursting in transition according to his calculations. As soon as the sparkle of first set of firework rockets faded the next set of rockets bursted which kept on forming different faces and motions of the girl’s and bicycle’s body and the bunny in this play of fireworks wherein the bunny falls from the bicycle while she is riding it. She then realizes that her bunny is missing from her pocket so she turns back and picks the bunny up and puts it on the basket attached to the front of her bicycle and rides away which ends the five minute firework play.

Jelimny was happy on his success of making a play of fireworks.

Next day he finished his work and again went to the fireworks shop and got some more fireworks powder. He knew that that day he would have to go hungry again but he thought within himself that it will not happen again, tomorrow.

He went home and did the same thing again. He made a box, calculated the amount of fireworks powder and measured the length of threads. He then checked the angles at which the very small cardboard cavity boxes had to be arranged and put them in the bigger box and covered it with a magnifying glass. Then he closed the box. It was night till he did that so he waited for the next day.

As the next day rose he picked up the box from under his bed and went to the market to sell the firework-play box. It took him some time to convince the buyers that the firework-play box was worthy of buying, until one of the buyer agreed to get it for his young son. Now since it was a unique product and was first time in the market Jelimny sold it only for double the amount of his daily wage. But Jelimny was sure that it would workout and he would be successful in his artful business and so it happened.

That night he had food after two days of starving and was very satisfied with what he had done. He was not worried at all for his future now because he knew the thing he has made is phenomenal and would make him rich which he always wanted. After having food he made another firework-play box and slept.

He did not actually know what he had done. Because it was way more ecstatic than he had imagined.

The next day he went to the market to sell his box it was nothing like he had ever thought of. People started bidding on his firework-play box and that box got sold for 50 times his regular daily wages.

It so had happened that the firework box he sold last night was shown to all the neighbours of the person who had bought it because the person wanted to show-off what he had bought. Since the firework-play lasted for five minutes, it was enough to be seen by at least 50 neighbours for about 5 seconds each and Jelimny’s firework-play box had become talk of the town overnight.

Thus he started becoming rich. He then not only put the fireworks in the box but with the money he accumulated he started making big shows in the open grounds and sky. He earned way more money than by simply selling firework-play boxes.

He had accomplished his dream of getting rich. But it had a drawback he was so rich and famous that the he had lost the value of money and wherever he went he was greeted by fans who were overwhelmed to see him and meet him. He had lost his personnel life which daunted him.

Therefore after 15 years of business he started exhibiting the fireworks-play shows for free. He earned only through donations and stepped back to live modestly rather than richly and famously.

He had realized that richness does not matter but seeing smiles on people’s faces matter and personnel life matters too. He did not marry his whole life but kept on putting a smile on many children’s faces and that made him live happily and die peacefully.

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