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tHe KiNg Vs ThE eLf

Once there lived a very ambitious King. His name was Matchstick. Now Matchstick being very cunningly ambitious wanted to rule the earth. So he talked to many advisors but the answers given to him by the advisors were not very satisfying. So he took his entire army and marched towards a deadly witch. The witch although was deadly and powerful but seeing the enormous army and other magicians in the king’s army got intimidated and out of fear told him the secret. She said “Use the flying whales.” The king then seeing the witch reveal the secret asked her boastfully “ and what would be the key to do that?” The witch then said “ I shall answer no more but this last time. To use the flying whales capture their babies and then tame them to fulfill your hearts desire.” The king although in rage said “witch you have given me the understanding to rule the earth and as per your wish I shall ask you no more right now. If needed I may summon you but I doubt that now, as I have the answer to rule the world known. Take care.”

Matchstick ordered his special soldiers to swim into the oceans at night where flying whales rested after their day flights. He ordered them to steal all the babies of flying whales in a single day so that they don’t get more seriously alarmed after the discovery of their missing children during the coming days. He also ordered to remove all the scents of their babies by spraying magical potion created by his magicians so that the babies of flying whales could not be tracked from any part of the world by their parents or any other. The soldiers carried the magical potion and did as they were ordered to do.

They quietly and slyly entered the ocean at night where the whales would sleep. Some whales would sleep just on the shore some just in the shallow waters. They then sprayed a drug that caused deep sleep into the whales. After the whales were dead sleep the soldiers then searched for their babies. After finding the babies, they sprayed the magical potion on them and put them in bags. They then carried them away without the flying whales noticing any of their actions.

These orders were obeyed with utmost secrecy.

( the lifespan of these flying whales was mere 20 years but they were the mightiest and biggest creatures at that time.)

About 1000 eggs were stolen and given to Matchstick.

The whales when woke up in the morning saw that their eggs were missing. They flew around the earth in search but since they could not smell their babies they gave up and stopped searching after many mighty weeks of restless search.

By that time the trainers in Matchsticks army started training the flying whale babies to be very ferocious and obey Matchstick. They used magic and physical torturing to force the baby flying whales who were growing up to do that. The flying whales were completely enslaved with hard obedience towards Matchstick. They now were wearing armor and were ready to attack anybody or anything the king wished.

These tamed flying whales that grew up were now also used to tug the mighty ships of the kings in air or in water over through all lands and waters including attacking enemies ruthlessly.

Using the tamed flying whales the king raged war on all the kings bigger or smaller than his class. He killed them and captured their territory. He even captured the free lands and start to rule them under his tyranny. He captured so much land that all the earth was under the torturous and unexplainable tyranny.

But don’t worry things don’t always go bad there is always some light that shines to remove darkness just like after every night their is a day.

This was all being seen by the Elf who lived on the moon. He was a bit late in responding to the catastrophes happening because of his mighty slumber. He was although seeing all the cruelty happening in his sleep but was very tired to get up or respond. But one day he finally woke up.

That day he planned. He realized that the age of flying whales was not more than 20 years and so he started stealing the new eggs of the tamed flying whales so as to not let the further new born tamed flying whale babies being forced into Matchstick’s weapon.

He would bring those eggs of the tamed flying whales stealthily with him to the moon and as soon as the babies emerged out of them he put them in a deep magical sleep that did not needed breathing because moon lacks oxygen atmosphere.

The tamers of the flying whales started noticing missing eggs and reported to the king about that. The spies then found out that an elf was stealing all the eggs from the whales stables. Matchstick when came to know about this became very furious and decided to trap and give death to the elf who was stealing the flying whales’ eggs.

He consulted his generals and magicians. They told him that the elf was very difficult to kill or capture but still obeying the orders of the king they devised 6 traps to trap and kill the elf. Elf had some magic but that was not very powerful for fighting battles but he was courageous and smart.

In the daytime when the tamed flying whales gave more eggs the spies and the soldiers immediately secured those eggs and put them in a place surrounded by non penetrable magical walls and having 6 traps in them. Now to trap the elf they opened a path towards the eggs and let the elf choose his destiny.

Animals know magical beings like that elf but when hypnotized they loose their ability to recognize.

Other powers of the elf were that he could fly but not locally on earth. His flying was only done in no atmosphere or for reaching the moon after huge jump towards the upper atmosphere from a mountain. He although walked and was vulnerable to physical hurting.

1) So in the entrance they built a water body with magically hypnotized hungry sharks. These sharks could not now recognize the elf and were ready to attack anything that entered their territory and quench their hunger.

2) Then there was land with hungry lions who had no empathy for elf as their and their kids stomachs were left hungry too without food and they would rather eat and kill than die.

3) The third trap involved a magical giant being who was ready to kill the elf just for some gold from the Matchstick ( but that was not it he was under threat too from all the king’s magicians and his army, so he decided to be on king’s side. )

4) If the elf managed to escape these three he would then have to face a fire breathing dragon who did not understand magic or well being.

5) The fifth trap involved tiny evil magical grasshoppers . These grasshoppers were so tiny and deadly that if the elf enter the area in which they were kept they would enter the body of the elf from the space between two cells of the prey’s body by enlarging it through their tentacles. Then they would bounce into the prey’s body wildly which would cause immediate and dead crazy jumping of elf and that would eventually kill him including all his flesh getting apart and destroyed.

6) The last 6th trap was the deadliest. In this trap the magicians had let loose microscopic magical leeches in air of that boundary of magical walls. These leaches if would see anybody near, would enter and drain all the blood out of that person’s body. Also there were obnoxious gases in that trap which made the leaches to multiply rapidly on getting food - which was blood of any being excluding them.

After setting these 6 traps the king was satisfied that the elf now was dead meat and nobody could now let him not be the ruler forever.

Elf when came to know about this by seeing from the moon what the king did to trap him, he was not mad or furious but prepared to get the eggs from the traps without himself or the eggs getting hurt and show king who’s the boss.

To escape the sharks he went to a blacksmith disguised and bought from him a small steel boat like looking structure in exchange for a wild boar he caught on his way from a forest. The blacksmith thought first, then, agreed and sold him the solid steel structure. Then what, the elf took the boat like structure and cut the high edges of it. He then melted them with high temperatures of burning coal in a small burning chamber and build very strong net like cage all-around it. It was done because if the sharks attack and the steel boat tumbles it will remain afloat and due to its structure would tumble back to being cage on the top i.e. it won’t remain capsized for more than a few seconds. This would thus protect the elf from raging sharks.

Now, using the steel caged boat he safely crossed that trap.

Then came the lions. To clear the hungry lion trap he already gotten steel armor wearing miniature puffer fishes that grew enormously big when their defense mechanism was activated. He then put one in each lion’s mouth using a slingshot to throw those tiny armored puffer fishes. His aim was immaculate. He aimed from far and in the mouth of the lions when they were roaring in hunger. The fishes as soon as they entered the lions started inflating themselves and became huge sticky non penetrable puff-balls. The lions could neither swallow nor through them out from their mouths. Their jaws and they themselves became trapped and too occupied, thus could not cause any harm to the elf. The elf safely crossed that trap.

Then came the trap where the giant was. To appease the giant the elf had brought a humming bird with him. Then the elf let the loosened humming bird get near the giant. The giant so mad at the humming sound and its constant moving and noisy nature got furious at the bird and started hitting it with his club. But the humming bird being small and fast could not be hit. The giant instead hit himself with the club when trying to hit the humming bird sitting on his nose and made him get unconscious from the hit. The elf safely crossed that trap too.

The dragon was a tricky trap. But the elf was smart and wise. As soon a he entered the trap he took out a special magical powder from his pocket and threw in the dragon’s eye. The magical powder caused the dragon to see the dust in the air as bees. The elf also looked like queen bee to him. This scared the dragon away and the elf crossed that trap too.

Now, to handle the grasshoppers before entering their area he hummed a tune and many crows came and gathered there. They ate all the grasshoppers in a flash gobbling 100’s of them at a time. The elf crossed that trap too.

Now, to pass through the leech land he brought two stones and put 2 cotton balls in each of his nostril. Then he hid behind the magical wall and threw two stones on the ground. The throw was such that second stone hit the first stone only after the first stone landed on the ground. This produced a spark and an explosion was generated. The highly obnoxious gases that were there being flammable burnt and destroyed all the leeches. He was safe as he hid behind the magical walls.

Thus he entered and took away all the eggs.

Matchstick when came to know this got scared and begged for mercy and forgiveness from the elf because now he was afraid of elf for his life. Matchstick saw his death, if, he did not ask for forgiveness from the elf. So peace returned back to earth. He gave up the tamed and captured flying whales and all the territories and the earth was free and safe now.

Victorious was elf and his goodness for earth.

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