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tHe RaDiO tYpeWriTeR FiXeRs

What is a radio typewriter ? Does anybody know? Well it’s a close kept secret. After typewriters had been invented it took a long time for them to become radio typewriters.

But where did they exist? They existed in the office of top leaders of all the powerful countries. These radio typewriters were just like telephones amongst leader of the countries or telephones amongst a leader of a country and his associates. The unique thing about the radio typewriters was that they transmitted signals wirelessly and needed no power externally. All the power required to transmit was produced by typing alone. Because of that, the range of the signals was limited.

Now, let’s come back to the story. In the office of president of The USA there was kept the most advanced typewriter. It was also a typewriter that worked with the fastest speed and was the most accurate. That typewriter consisted of 101 keys which is more in number than the keys of a standard typewriter.

The typewriter which was with the President was operated and fixed(repaired) by exact and only 101 tiny men which belonged to the secret service of The United States and were only an inch high.

How the typewriter worked was, first numbers had to pressed which connected the typewriter to the other specific typewriter/ typewriters where the signal had to be transmitted. Then the “ ENTER” key had to be pressed. The paper was optional. It was only to keep record of the transmission. Signals could be transmitted by typing the numbers for connection and then typing the secret passcode for the typewriter.

What the president of USA did was that he used to dictate his message and the tiny people who were standing on the keys of the keyboard just jumped on their respective keys and these tiny people were so smart that they knew when it was their turn to press the keys even at such high speeds of communication .

So the work continued everyday without stopping.

One day the tiny people were typing on the typewriter when a secret service agent came and was sweating. He told the president something that caused the president to sweat too. It came to know that the 10 metre wide keyboard that sent signals automatically to the headquarters about the enemy activity in the south stopped sending signals and they were afraid that it might have been captured and thus war could be looming over their heads.

But before the president could make a decision he wanted to make sure that typewriter was indeed captured and was not malfunctioning.

So he thought for a while and then came to a decision.

The decision was to send the 101 tiny secret agents to that area and check out what was happening there. But there was a difficulty. The area was at the southern border and was at the top of a huge mountain amongst a very large mountain range. Sending big planes to make those tiny secret service agents land via parachutes over that area was like initiating a war. The tiny secret service agents had to be sent secretly without the enemy if it was there noticing their arrival.

So they had to built small planes that could fly to that mountain range and not only that could land vertically wherever the tiny agents wanted.

The army got in the job of building those small miniature planes and the tiny secret service agents got training from special Air Force pilots to fly planes. Special equipment was installed in the human Air Force Planes which helped the tiny typewriter secret agents to learn to fly those planes while sitting on the pilot’s seat.

It took 3 months for the tiny secret agents to learn to fly jets and it also took the army exactly 3 months to make tiny planes for the tiny agents.

Then the tiny secret agents were ready to fly to the mountain and find out what was going on.

They were ready to take-off for the mountain at exactly 3:00 am and had planned to reach there by 5:30 am.

The plan was followed.

After navigating properly they reached the location by exactly 5:30 am when there was just the correct amount of light required for the operation. Now, they were instructed to land at a location which was a bit away from the exact location of the mountain.

After landing they went to the mountain checking for enemy sight. When they reached the mountain they saw that 5 men wearing enemy uniforms had captured the station where the typewriter was and had dismantled it. They had a radar that they were checking quite frequently to see any enemy aircraft. Their radar did not detect the small aircrafts that came there because the aircrafts were too small to detect. Even if it had detected the small aircrafts they might have thought that some birds are coming through because of very less metal on them.

So this was a time for action. The only thing that could be done was that some of the tiny secret agents would have to distract the enemy men and other would fix the typewriter and send a distress signal to the USA headquarter’s office.

So they did it. Five tiny agents jumped on the noses of the enemy men and put their nose hair on fire which created a huge distraction for them. This distraction caused enemies to run here and there. By that time the remaining tiny secret agents fixed the typewriter and sent a distress signal which reached the headquarter’s office.

After getting the distress signal the Air Force immediately dispatched fighter jets who passed over the mountain and the enemy men who were busy extinguishing the fire in their nose saw the fighter aircrafts. They freaked out. At that moment they could not do anything and became helpless. They then ran away back to their country seeking shelter.

So the tiny secret agents fixed the huge typewriter and helped the country get rid of enemies no matter how less they were.

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