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ThE tiMe TrAvELLeR

There are many time traveller stories in the world but this one is precious because this one came in my dreams, hahaha!

Now let’s tell you this story of a time traveller that came in my dreams.

There was this time traveller who before becoming a time traveller was a very smart mechatronics engineer. Mechatronics engineer means a robotics engineer. He was hired by the king to make various contraptions to help king to do different kinds of work.

The king of that country who had hired him was a very rude person and was not fit to be called a king. He was also a very miser and a mean guy. The king had named the country as Frugle meaning freely ugly or the meanest country.

Oops! I forgot to tell the name of the time traveller. The time traveller’s name was Grealifo. Grealifo although had a royal job but he did not used to get salary from the king. The king used to say to Grealifo that whatever he makes is for the country and although he did not get payed he was getting honour for that. This disgusted Grealifo.

Grealifo couldn’t leave the job because if he did he would be thrown to the lions and in the prison.

Now Grealifo had made so many machines for security of the mean king that its was difficult to overthrow him by means of mere force by humans. So Grealifo sometimes remained depressed too. All the people of the country including him were really angry against the king and were always looking for a way to overthrow the king.

Grealifo was also looking for something on his part through which he could overthrow the king and make people form a government which was for the people. All he knew that when everything fails God and books help a person to achieve success. So after finishing work at the king’s palace he used to go to the local library to get more knowledge about what he could do to overthrow the king. He explored and studied many books but could not find a way to fulfill what he and people of the country wanted. One day he was scrolling through the books when he found a history/archaeology book. He picked that book up.

Usually future changes the entire course of history but this history/archaeology book was going to change the entire course of the future.

In that book he saw pictures of huge giant carnivorous looking creatures which he studied and found that they were called dinosaurs. He then further studied and went through the book. He found out that there were many types of dinosaurs that once ruled the world. The most ferocious of the dinosaurs was called Tyrannosaurus rex. After knowing that he found T-Rex( Tyrannosaurus rex) to be a very impressive and a warrior. So he set out to make another contraption the one that would change everything.

Since he was an engineer he had read Einstein’s theory that if one could travel more than the speed of light he would be able to go to past or future. He thought that since he had made many contraptions in his life, to make this should not be impossible so he set out on this new task.

Everyday after returning from work he went to the local shops to pick up parts and supplies. He picked up few parts everyday and started making a time machine, part by part and day by day.

After many unsuccessful attempts one day his attempt was successful. He then tried going to the dinosaurs ages and return back in a second which he could. That moment was the happiest of his life. Because first of all he had made a time machine and second of all he could go into the past.

His time machine was a very accurate machine in which he could also place the gps coordinates so as he can decide the exact location as to where he wanted to go.Then he tried again this time he programmed the machine to send him to a particular gps coordinate at about 25000 feet high from surface in the air and bring him back in about 30 seconds.

It then happened exactly as he had planed. He went back to the dinosaurs age and this time when he did he took a gps marking machine. When he was in the air he checked out some spots where tyrannosaurus rex’s nest were and marked them on his gps tracking machine.

After coming back in the future to is time he prepared himself. He took a bag and rope and a knife for security purposes. Then he again marked the gps coordinates where he wanted to go and then pressed the start button on his machine. As soon as he pressed the start button on his machine he was immediately sent back in time to the dinosaurs age and to the exact location where he wanted to go i.e. to a T-Rex’s nest. As soon as he reached there he picked up  5 T-Rex’s eggs put them in a bag tied it with the rope which he had got and took them back to his time.

He after reaching his present time put the eggs in an incubator designed specially for the T-Rex’s eggs.

It took about 5 days for the eggs to hatch. When they hatched he had already come back from work and was siting in front of the incubator and staring at the eggs. When they hatched small baby T-Rex’s came out of the eggs. He was so happy to see them come in existence in his time.

Now as soon as they hatched they started saying mama, mama and Grealifo did not know what to do at that time so  he took all the five of them which were 10 inches in height in his arms and embraced them. He murmured and told them petting on their heads that he was their mama and he will take their care forever.

He used to give them lots of fishes everyday and trained them for war by teaching them attacking and defensive techniques. Everyday he came home he saw them grew about a millimeter and he used to be very happy to see them grow.

Now, since they had to grow more than 50 feet tall he had already planned a place where he would keep them so that nobody notices or gets a hint about them until they were ready for battle. For that he had built huge barns all with his inheritance money. There these dinosaurs played and got tamed for battle.

It took them some time to become war ready but the day Grealifo realized that they had grown up and were ready he called an emergency meeting of the town where he lived . He told them all about dinosaurs and told them that they were the only one who could break all the security contraptions that he had built for the king. People for once were happy to have a hope.

They the planned a battle. The battle lasted for 5 hours but ultimately the tamed dinosaurs who were like kids to him broke all security contraptions of the king and king was thrown in he prison. They won the battle and all the people were happy.

People then brought into place a people’s government of whom Grealifo was appointed the President.

As long as Grealifo lived, he remained the President. He helped bring prosperity amongst people who also lived happily and peacefully ever after.

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