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tHe TrOuBLiNg iCe CrEaM mAChinE

Long ago in Antartica lived an ice cream maker. His name was Fred. He was the only ice cream maker in whole of Antartica. During those times there were no refrigerators so how did he make ice creams? He actually discovered the art of making ice cream by accident. Fred was actually a milkman who sold milk for living. What happened was once he had put the milk in a pot under the fire for heating and he did not have sufficient wood for heating but even then he continued to heat it up. At that time somebody called him and he had to go as it was an emergency. He forgot to turn off the fire and went away. He came back after 3 hours. When he came he saw that the milk was still being heated up with some fire still left. He quickly put the fire off and checked the milk. At that time the milk was too hot too taste so he kept it outside for it to get cold. After some time when the milk got a bit chilled he tried to taste it. The taste was a bit different and looked a bit curd like. Something came in his mind and he added lots of sugar to it. Then he tried tasting it again and this time when he tasted it, it was nothing like he had ever had before and as he was sitting outside to have the cold creamy milk he realized the more cold it got the tastier it was. He called it an ice cream.

Actually what had happened was the milk due to being heating in low heat setting because of less wood and then being heated for a prolonged time had caused the water in the milk to evaporate and only fat which is cream to be left in it and on adding sugar to it and cooling it further made it turn to ice cream.

Now, Fred realized that this was something that kids would love to eat and so if he starts making it and selling it to kids it would be more profitable as nobody ever made this kind of thing in their village. But he also realized that if he he makes it in front of people everybody will know how to make it and thus there will be competition in his business so he decided of making ice cream in a small closed container which he called as ice cream machine. He perfected the art of making ice cream in the container in such a way that when he poured condensed milk in the machine ice cream came out. What he did was he made propeller shaped fans and attached them to a small rotating handle. The wind passed at high velocity through the fans when the handle was rotated thus decreasing pressure and causing chilling effect thereby causing rapid cooling of the condensed milk and turning it into ice cream. The ice cream was then sold to the kids of the village.

The ice cream maker became so popular that even the prince of the village used to come to his place to eat his made ice cream.

It was so that Fred was a lover of kids. He used to distribute free ice creams during holidays and thus children loved him too. Not only that the money he earned, he spent some of it to buy gifts for the kids of the village for their birthdays. He knew every kid’s birthday in his village and thus everyday was a party for him and all the kids.

Fred continued his ice cream business for many years. Since many years had passed using the ice cream machine the machine had gotten old and started giving him trouble. At that time he was too old the make the machine again so he continued with the machine.

One day he was making ice cream in the crowd surrounded by kids and the machine stopped working. He did not know what to do and also by that time his cream had got finished so he went back to his house to get more cream. By that time he had left the machine in the crowd amongst the kids. The kids had seen all that. They had seen that the machine had stopped working. They thought that Fred had gone to get some tools to fix it. The kids thought that let’s do some mischief as what was the worst could happen? They started messing with the machine. What they did was they added orange juice, candies and cakes which were in their hands to the top of the machine where Fred used to add condensed milk and started rotating the handle. At that time what happened was that only orange juice passed through the mouth of the machine and the cakes and candies fell on the propeller fan blades. Now, when the kids rotated the handle the fan blades, something unique happened. The orange juice that was in the ice cream maker got condensed and the candies and cakes got crushed this caused the orange juice to force out causing it to snow of orange juice snow flakes and also form orange juice ice creams. What next? The crushed cakes and candies were also forced out and splattered all over the kids face and that made the kids have the happiest time of their lives. By that time Fred came and saw all that and he discovered that the troubling ice cream machine was not troublesome at all and it had endless possibilities. So after that day on he used the ice cream machines in birthday parties and many festivals and carnivals making it snow juices of all kinds and splattering cakes and candies to big crowds which everybody liked. Thus it was a machine but a little troublesome!

MORAL: Good things cause good things to happen but sometimes broken things cause wondrous things to happen too.

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