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tHe VaLuAbLe GiFt

Once there lived a magician who at the age of 50 created a son magically. He named his son Ace. His son was inherently a very powerful magician. Even his magical father’s magic who created him was not as strong as compared to his son’s magic. Usually with so much power one boasts about it but Ace never boasted about it and always maintained a low profile. Ace liked playing with animals so he had a favourite animal pet which was a dragonfly. He called it Elf.

One day a very evil sorcerer came to his house and challenged Ace to a duel but he gently refused it. The sorcerer was very upset about it and decided to do something really bad about it. He had seen through magic that Ace loved his pet dragonfly - Elf very much.

So one night when Ace was fast asleep he went in his house and captured the dragonfly. He then released the soul of dragonfly and divided it into 11 parts.

The 11 parts which were : dragonfly’s mind soul, its heart soul, eyes soul, ears soul, wings’ soul, skin soul, nose soul blood soul, blood vessels soul, lungs soul and flesh soul. He thought  if as the people say that Ace was really gifted and a very powerful magician he should be able to free the dragonfly’s soul from these traps. He then wrote a letter to Ace stating what he had done to his dragonfly.

When Ace got that letter he was furious and decided to save his favourite pet Elf from the clutches of the evil sorcerer anyhow. He was also sent the blueprint of the curses and trap he put Elf in.

After reading the blueprint he found out that Elf’s mind soul was tied through a magical thread to one of the fish’s fin that would be found in the biggest ocean of the world.

The heart soul was tied to one of a wild camel’s shoe. That camel would be moving aimlessly with or without its herd in the deep hot Sahara desert.

The eyes soul shall be further cut into as many parts as there would be humans living in the world at that time. Then it would enter their stomachs and stay there forever hiding.

Ears soul would mix in the worldwide ink used for writing.

Wings’ soul would be attached to a pen that would never be able to write.

Skin soul would be put in the air which people use for speaking.

Nose soul would hang loose at the point on earth where “the sun begins to fall as soon as it begins to rise.”

Blood soul would get tied to the bench where the sorcerer used to sit in his free time after performing sorcery.

Blood vessels soul was put in an egg that would never produce a hatchling but still would be under protection.

Lungs soul would be given to the army of tiny men who would be told to protect and safeguard it or else their entire race would perish.

Flesh soul was given to the the evil sorcerer Evilicka to protect  and use it as its walking stick.

Now, the only thing that could be done to release his pet’s soul parts was that all parts had to be found out and released physically with or without using magic so that all soul parts combine to form one single soul of his pet -  Elf and then later he could combine it and put it back in Elf’s body so that he could be alive again.

Ace would do anything get his pet’s soul back. So he got determined to release all the soul parts of his pet from the evil veil traps that the sorcerer had put on the various soul parts.

To do that he locked himself in a room for a week so that he could devise a plan to release his pet’s soul from all the traps and treachery.   

At first he had to untie the soul part from a fish whose whereabouts in the biggest ocean of the world had first to be found out.

Now, to do that he made a pair of extremely fast running shoes through magic that would float and could make him run on water without drowning him. These shoes were so fast that they could make person run at about 100 times the speed of sound without falling. After he had done so it was required to find that fish that had his pet’s soul tied to it. Now since his pet’s soul was tied to it and the soul part was still in the human world the soul would have to breathe i.e. needed air for survival. So he used his fast running shoes to run all across that ocean (which was the biggest in the world ) and see for a fish that comes up often.

He found many fishes that did that. Mostly all of them were huge fishes except for one which was a tiny golden coloured fish that kept on coming up (as it was forced by the soul to come up and let it breathe) for no reason at all. Ace thought that that could be the fish to which one of the soul part of his pet was tied too. So he got hold of that fish and chanted a spell on it. By doing that he came to know that it was that fish to which his pet’s soul part was tied and that was the one which he had been looking for. After making sure that that was the fish he cut a small part of the fin of that fish to which his pet’s soul part was tied to and let his pet’s soul part free through magic.

Now to free the next part of his pet’s soul he used the same extremely fast running shoes to find that camel that wandered on the hot Sahara desert. Now the trick involved in this was that since it was hot where the camel walked and the soul part was tied to the camel’s shoe, it would scream a lot as his pet could not tolerate much heat. So he looked for a camel through whom lot of screams could be heard while running across the entire desert. He found such a camel that was quite old and was limping and also would feel a bounce when he kept one of his leg’s shoe on the desert. Not only that Ace was able to hear a different kind of scream coming through that leg’s shoe. Ace confirmed that that camel had his pet’s soul part attached to its shoe. He took no time in replacing the camel’s shoe with magic and releasing his pet’s soul part from there.

Now to release his pet’s soul part from stomachs of people he made several magical bees. These bees would attack the exact point of all people’s stomach by an exact amount of fixed spiritual magical force that would release his pet’s soul part from the stomach of people. It took a while to do so because first of all Ace had to make that many bees and then had to keep them in control. Also bees would take quite a lot of time to travel around the world to attack stomachs of people. After bees were successful in releasing Ace’s pet’s specific soul part he came to the next challenge.

Now it was time to release his pet’s ears soul’s attachment from the ink of the world. No matter how powerful a magician he was but to do this he took help of one of the magician and used a spell during night time and when no one was using ink to write. His pet’s that soul part was also released safe and sound.

The next challenge involved finding a pen that would not write. This was a little tough for Ace because how could he find a pen in the world that would not write. After much thinking he sprang upon the answer to that question. He realized that the only pen that would not write would be a pen that was magical and if its master would not allow or use it for writing and also it would be an evil pen so he knew. The pen he was looking for was the same cruel sorcerer’s pen that had divided his pet’s soul and to which his pet’s wings’ soul was trapped and tied with now. He then hunted that pen down at night and opened it up using magical force. Then he located the place on the pen to which his pet’s wings soul was tied to. After locating it he uttered a spell which released wings soul of his pet and the soul of the wings was free then.

Now, it was time to release his pet’s next soul part which was soul of his his skin from being attached to the air that people use for speaking. For that he did another trick. Since everybody likes a beautiful smell so to get his pet’s skin soul to get released from the people’s speaking air he with his magical might produced so many beautiful smelling flowers on earth that forced the larynx in the people’s neck to change the air they speak with. As soon as it happened Ace’s pet’s next part of soul was also released.

Now there are two area on earth where sun falls before rising. These are the poles of the earth. During that season according to the curse, his pet’s nose’s soul would be lying in the north pole. This time he again used his sprinting magical shoes and located the exact point where his pet’s nose’s soul would be hanging. It took him 7 days to find it but he did found that out and used another spell to let his pet’s nose soul part free.

Now came the turn to free his pet’s blood’s soul by getting it free from the bench it was tied to. Ace wasted no time and broke all the legs of the bench with one blow causing the release of his pet’s blood’s soul.

It was time to release his pet’s blood vessel soul from the egg that will never produce a hatchling. This was a tough one. But  since it was tough to locate an egg he summoned a mighty magical dragon. This dragon was commanded to collect all the eggs in the world and keep them on an empty land which had suitable temperature to hatch eggs. He waited for 8 months until all eggs produced hatchlings except one. So that was the egg Ace was looking for. Ace was careful not to shatter the egg into 2 but many pieces so that his pet’s blood vessel’s soul could be released.( Why he did not wanted to break into 2 but more pieces because according to the curse “if they somehow find that egg and broke it into only two parts Elf would die forever and for eternity.”) ( So Ace was careful with that). Now as soon as it was done Elf’s blood vessel soul was released. He then ordered the dragon to return the hatchlings to their respective parents so that there was no disturbance or destruction of peace and order on earth.

Next he had to collect Elf’s soul part from the army of tiny men. That he thought would be easy. He tried using physical and magical strength on them but they would not die. They would regenerate and keep on coming for more. But as the day ended and fighting stopped because it was dark but not hopeless Ace got worried and therefore during the same night did some brainstorming and thought of another way to deal with the tiny men. He came to know that these men may not fall to might but they did fall to music. So next morning he amplified the sounds of gushing waters in the oceans, chirping of birds and blowing of air and let the tiny men fall into state of trance. Then using magic he entered their brain and got to know where they were keeping his pet’s lung’s soul. It was being kept tied in their chief’s refrigerator to prevent it from dying (which they thought was like meat because it was a body part and would get spoiled if kept outside). He then stealthily shrinking himself entered that house where the refrigerator was and released his pet’s lung’s soul. After that he again grew back to normal size and ran away from there.

Now it was time to get his pet’s last soul part released from Evilicka’s hand and stop it being used as a walking stick. To do so Ace went to Evilicka and offered her a deal that involved use of magic to give her a new leg and in return she would have to return his pet’s flesh soul. The Evilicka agreed to it and since Ace was a very powerful magician even more powerful than Evilicka he gave Evilicka an actual human leg to walk or run with. The deal was obeyed from both sides and at last all the soul parts of his pet were released. Then his pet’s all soul parts combined to form one soul which was of Elf and he was then put back in his body and given life again. The evil sorcerer then had to submit to Ace’s will who was then banished from mortal earth zone.

Ace gave himself and his pet a valuable gift which made him and his pet happy. Also, he realized his true potential.

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