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tHe wAtChMaKeR oF tHe sAnTa’S wOrKsHoP - tHe NoRtH pOLe

Ever wondered how the work in the north pole where Santa Claus and his elves live carried out so precisely? And also ever wondered how Santa delivers presents perfectly on time and at all Christmas times? It’s because of the watchmaker of the north pole at Santa’s workshop who makes watches for Santa and all the elves living in the north pole. And the name of the elf is Watch-Elf.

His watches are something that have never been seen, heard or made by anyone other than him before, in the entire universe. They are specially made by the watchmaker elf - Watch -Elf with a microscope so powerful that the ratio of magnification is 1:10^50. He requires a microscope so powerful because he has to make things with so much detail that it looks like that size of the parts he makes are the size of photons of light that touch the Earth. He makes watches in which you can see the world to utmost detail just by moving finger over the watch’s dome and tapping on the area you want to see and that keeps on magnifying till the person or thing you want to see is visible in the watch without his/her knowledge that that person is being watched by elves. People wonder how is it possible to see a person live what he/she is doing without the use of satellites .

Well to know how is it possible to see live what a person is doing on earth without use of satellites or spy cameras is because of the science unexplored by mankind at the current time.

Light has photons and it is an electromagnetic wave and everybody knows that an electromagnetic wave can carry data or information. Similarly photons are bound by electromagnetic field of light and they can thus store and transfer data.

So as soon as an elf or Santa starts touching the watch and starts zooming on an area the photons and the watch start sending and receiving signals from the photons where the Santa elves are trying to see into and thus watch starts receiving live imaging of what a person or a kid is doing.

So I warn you kids and everybody reading this don’t be naughty this Christmas because Santa is watching. Don’t ever think that without modern day technology or without satellites Santa or elves can’t know who is naughty and who is nice.

Since now everybody knows that Santa does not need satellites to spy on you. God’s light is enough to see you. Even when there is no light there is Dark matter which works on same principal as that of light only thing is that the black photons in it are more fine than Light photons but they have same electromagnetic transference properties as that of regular light photons.

So these watches are worn by Santa and deciding committee of elves who see Live everyday different children and check who is naughty and who is nice. Then finally after analyzing a kids behaviour and confirming that he or she is nice the deciding committee gives approval of their desired presents.

Now this type of watch is also used by Santa to navigate around the globe for distributing presents at Christmas time. He uses his watch to make a map of his route by checking where there is low visibility where there is high visibility amongst the clouds. Then he also uses his watch to see if there is some airspace especially restricted airspace which he can use to get flying faster and without obstacles in the way like wind turbines or other flying aircrafts so that he does not get smashed by them.(Actually there is something more to inform you regarding this later in the story.) now, to understand that watch is one type of watch that Watch-Elf makes.

One of the other type of watch he makes is in which it snows real snow continuously.

But it is to wonder how is that possible. I mean, by way of science.

Now to understand this concept we have to understand that it is already too cold in the north pole i.e. below -40 degree centigrade usually and thus their exists no moisture in the air over there because it has already turned to ice. It is mostly totally dry air over there not a spec of water in that air.

So how can their be snow in the watches of elves that the elf watchmaker makes.(We all know that elves love snow and Santa does too but not while flying because it obscures visibility. Elves can’t get enough of it and to keep elves going and making presents, elves including Watch-elf had to have that watch anyhow).

These snow watches are personalized 3 dimensional watches, some have lighted Christmas tree in them some having the exact replica of the house of that watch owner-elf with whatever is happening around their house exhibited in the watch. Some like the polar bears cubs so they keep on seeing the new and old polar bear cubs when they are doing something crazy or cute, some want to see their kids all day long, so some have them being exhibited in their watches. And since these watches are snow watches it keeps on snowing in them while exhibiting the things required by the elves.

There are different kind of personalized watches that elves wear at the north pole and there is no end to its personalization capacity of the watches. And these watches help elves to keep on tinkering and making toys and presents for the children of Earth.

Now let’s know the technology behind these snow-fall watches and that how it keeps on snowing forever in them with actual snow and similar way of its fall as that of natural snow?

When the watch elf was asked to make this kind of watch he was the most happiest creature in the universe. Watch-Elf always wanted to invent that kind of watch for himself too but had never got the time for it but when he heard this as a request from Santa he immediately replied “Yes I will make this type of watch for sure”. So after careful thinking he told Santa that to make these type of watches function properly the watches have to be worn and not kept aside and then only  one can see snowfall in them.

All the Elves agreed happily to it and said “That is what we want and would want forever”.

The watch elf was a Genius. He thought that even if there is no water vapour in the air the watches can absorb it from the elves body. So when a warm body like elves body will release water vapours from their bodies as body heat or perspiration then those water vapours can be absorbed by the watch to convert it into snow. He calculated that the breathing rate of the elves is almost the same as humans so pretty descent amount of water vapour should be coming out of them during perspiration. These watches were small and therefore they don’t require much water vapour to form snow in them and since it is cold too, the snow that is in the watches can be reused.

So he exclaimed “It will be done”!

To make these watches he made a small gear driven compressor and added the engine to it. Then he calculated the ratio and proportion of gears that will compress the compressor which will further compress the water vapours and along side it. At 0 degree Celsius air will be blown through small turbine and snow flakes will fall inside the watches as snowfall.

It worked perfectly when he made it.

The first one he made was all snow watch i.e. it had nothing but only snow-fall in it which would be remain like that forever. But he kept that one for himself.

These watches had solar sail and therefore ran on it. Solar sails are sails or fins made of a material that can move just through the pressure of falling light. To analyze this is that if they can just move with the pressure of light how much more thrust-fully will they move when they will be propelled through things like sound waves.

Yes these watches used to run on sounds and music. Even the slightest sound including the sound of movement of air or movement of air itself used to turn the sails around crank shaft which used to further rotate the wheels of the engine to which gears were attached and that was used to compress the air in the compressor and then the snow would burst in the watch-clock like it was snowing for real. This rotation of crankshaft was also used to drive small dynamos in that watch which used to create electric current in the watch to perform other functions. Since the sound never stopped, so never did the watches and as said since the elves kept these watches near them there was no shortage of supply of water vapour for the watches. These watches kept on forming snow in them and also kept on ticking forever.

Now some of these watches used to get broken too, because of playfulness of elves. Elves sometimes used to break them, sometimes used to crush them in their break or while working. So Far as elves were concerned it was okay to do little mischievous but only during the break time. They used to throw each other around or hit hammer on the head of other elves. They thought hitting hammer on each others head made them strong but Santa knew that was not true. It was only that the elves used to enjoy doing that so he never told them to stop.  It was all forgiven because they worked too much and thus they needed to relax and play little bit to have some fun time and therefore Santa never got mad at them for breaking the watches.

So, these watches also told the time of each place on the earth not just time in different time zones but also the exact longitude time where Santa wanted to go .

Long time ago when people started celebrating Christmas, Santa wanted to do something special for the kids. He wanted to know that what gift each of the kid desired and where he wanted that for Christmas. But he could not figure out how to do that all by himself. So one day he asked this to the watch elf that how he could possibly accomplish that for the Christmas?

Watch-Elf laughed at this problem at told him that it will be solved without any difficulty and Santa trusted the words of Watch-Elf and relaxed a little bit but until that time he did not knew how that problem will be solved. Then Santa reluctantly asked later that how could all this be done. The wise elf told him the same theory as explained before that light or dark matter is everywhere and both contain photons , dark matter (dark matter being of smaller size than light) and both have electromagnetic field around them which can transfer information or data from one photon to other by the speed of light and that data can be extracted by something he told that he will invent called a Knowing-Watch which will understand the information and show it on a screen of the working elves and to you and then one can see what each kid wants and where he lives and when Santa can sneak the gifts in and get any other information that Santa or his elves would want. Santa still asked him “Was it possible”? He said “Yes” and told him to wait for some time and he will make it. Santa rejoiced at it and asked the elf that how much time it would take for that? The elf asked Santa to give him time of one revolution of earth and the watch system including the Knowing-Watch will be ready. Santa was rejoiced to hear this and waited for the one revolution of earth to end and when it did the watch elf had already made it and then showed Santa the Knowing-Watch. Santa was first spooked to see this but when he explained to him how it was working Santa got a bit of relief. And from that day the Knowing-Watch which Santa was given it ran just fine without even a single problem. It still keeps on running and keeps on telling what toy a nice kid is truly requesting. Once the toy is made it is final.

Let me now begin the story of a very naughty boy who never received any present from Santa Claus. It was not Santa’s fault but his own naughtiness and wickedness that never got him gifts. He was too naughty to be nice to other people.

Since he never got gifts from Santa he had decided to take his revenge from Santa. Santa is not easy to catch many have tried over from the beginning of Christmas to know and get a hold of the person or thing that gave them presents during Christmas but nobody has till now succeeded.

Now, we talk about elves .

They have eyes that humans don’t have. Their power of eyes is greater than any creature on earth or universe and same is true for Santa. Since their eyes are so sharp that can see a bird from at-least a 100 km away flying towards them. The use of their special eyes is used to make gifts for nice kids all over the world. They make highly accurate gifts using their very sharp eyes.

Now how do they remain hidden, uncatchable and away from human eye? Everybody knows they live in north pole and people have tried to go there and get a glimpse of them or a picture of them but everybody has failed. Nobody has ever got any proof that they along with the Santa Claus exist in the north pole. Humans have even used satellites to get a glimpse of them but they have failed. They just can’t find the hiding place of the elves. Whatever they did failed. So sometimes people including kids get confused about the fact of existence of elves and Santa Claus, which is ridiculous.

Now to understand how are Santa and elves existent in the north pole.

As I had told, elves have eyes that differ from human beings. They can see more colours than human or animal eye in-fact infinite colours but to them they are finite and because they can see them and know them. So over the ages they have discovered that some colours which their eyes can see can’t be seen by any human or animal eye. They have used those colours to make “Transparent colour” clothes. This causes them to remain hidden form humans. But elves can see each other even when they have transparency causing coloured clothes on because those transparency causing colours are only for human or animal eye except Santa’s reign deers who can see them because they are special.

Now do you think Santa wears just one red gown when he delivers Christmas presents ? No. He wears a transparency causing coloured gown over the top of red gown to protect him from cold and human eye.

But how does Santa’s face remain hidden?

Santa and elves blood, skin and hair contain a pigment that causes them to be transparent when it is cold, and when I mean transparent I mean transparent only to the animal kingdom including human beings. So whenever Santa is on his sleigh delivering presents or elves and their kids if are playing outside in the north pole, they are not spotted . It is wonderful how their body chemistry is and this gives proof that Santa and Elves have been made for a reason. This is one more reason why they live in cold because they are never spotted in cold and that they and their children remain protected and never bothered ever ( I believe so!)

Now, let’s begin the story of a child. This child was desperate to take revenge from Santa for not giving him presents. One day he said “If Santa never comes to me I’ll go to him and get my revenge. I’ll go and sit at the house of one of the kids that I bully”. That kid always gets the best of the presents. He said “ I’ll get a hold of Santa there and will beat him to crap and that will teach him a lesson of not delivering presents to me.”

He then went to the bullied kids house and told him to tell his parents that he was his friend and had come to spend the night with him for a sleepover, otherwise, he told the kid that he would bully him the rest of his life .

The good little kid got scared and did as he was told. That night the bully sat on the sofa downstairs and told the other kid to go to sleep. The kid did as he was told and slept besides the sofa on the carpet.

Suddenly the bully saw that a spec of a shiny particle came from the chimney and immediately inflated to a present. Seeing that the bully realized that it must be Santa who is delivering the gift. He immediately ran outside the door and saw nothing. Although it was a lonely house with no other houses near him he couldn’t see any sleigh or reign deers or Santa and got frustrated. He got very annoyed and said to himself that how can he take revenge from Santa if he can’t see him. Getting hold of him is a way beyond thing.

And for days he did not have anything to eat or drink.

He just sat thinking about what happened that day and could not make sense of it .His aunt and uncle told him to eat something. (He lived with his aunt and uncle as he had no parents. His parents had died in a plane crash when he was too small.) He was adamant about it and thus did not eat anything.

He was frustrated because there was nobody he couldn’t bully in his life or beat the crap out of, if he wanted. It was only Santa that got away and this he did not like as this was a great set back for him. So frustrated he was that suddenly for once, he prayed to The Almighty and requested Him to let him catch Santa anyhow (And in coming days his wish might get granted in this story). He then waited for the next Christmas to come.

There came the next Christmas.

He did the same thing again and went to the same house where he went last Christmas and told the same kid to act the same way as he did last time and telling parents the same thing about him. The kid did as he was asked to do again. This time the bully thought that let’s stay outside this night and be ready to catch Santa. But then he realized its not better to stand in cold until he sees gift coming in form of shiny spec of dust. Then only he will know that Santa has come, so thinking that he got a bit confused so as what to do. He then came up with a plan to sit inside but in front of the chimney and keep the door open so he can rush outside when he sees the gift popping out from the tiny shiny speck of particle. He will know then that Santa has come. The plan which he had devised was that since he cannot see Santa he will shout at him and ask him to come down his sleigh and show himself so that he can see him.

It so happened that day that Santa was in a very happy mood. He had received a new watch from the watch elf and it was the latest one too. So he was pretty joyous that day. In his joyousness he forgot to see the route or any aerial traffic on the watch. He had got busy playing games on it. Suddenly while flying on the sleigh, as he lifted his head to see the view in front of him he saw a flock of birds just approaching to hit him (remember he couldn’t be seen but he is not massless or body-less) he steered the sleigh to the right and left but couldn’t escape the scratches he got on his outer gown and the paint job on the sleigh in some areas. But he was safe and not that much visible. Little bit red colour was popping out showing his gown’s cloth but and he thought it was night and so nobody would be able to see him and also this was his last delivery so he thought what harm it could do. Therefore  without any worry he threw a fishing rod string at the back and fiddled it right and left until the last shiny particle got in the small net of fishing hook, Santa felt it and winded the string of the fishing rod and got hold of the present which was shrunk to the size of spec of sand (Standard Procedure at Santa’s Workshop of squeezing the gifts into the sleigh otherwise how would he carry the presents.)

Now as it was his last delivery he decided to take a sip of coffee and eat some cookies to increase his appetite for his dinner because the more hungry you are the more you eat and Santa is found of eating.

He then threw the particle into the chimney which went through it got grown into the present and landed on the ground. The bully kid was watching all this while sitting and when he saw that something he got freaked out because that something who was Santa was looking like a freak show with some red popping out and that time he dared not to utter a single word. The bully wondered what if that is not Santa but some elf and thought that his revenge was with Santa first of all. So he decided that he will follow this creature who was delivering presents to wherever it goes. Why he was doing that was because he had sensed that it was Santa as it had gone near the table where it was written “coffee and cookies for Santa only”. There, he sipped some coffee and just picked up a cookie ate some of it and kept remaining back which the boy did not understand. And as said the boy really wanted to confirm that it was The Santa Claus himself before he could smash him, he was ready to go to any limit to discover that. He took a blanket which was black and covered himself and jumped into something which looked like a seating place with a cavity - which was the sleigh and hid in it.

The Creature ( Santa ) came and said Hup! Hup! and up they flew towards the north pole.

Now when Santa was flying back the boy was curious to find out the direction towards which he was flying and to where he was heading because he had to come back too. So he removed the blanket from his face and saw down. He freaked out because all he saw was ground. Since sledge was not scratched from below but from the side so transparent colours below the sledge were in effect. He was afraid that he will soon fall down as there is nothing below that is supporting him as all he saw was ground. He had turned pale out of fear but he dared not to utter a word or squeak or squeal as he had other priorities including fear at that time. He kept mum and did not move throughout the whole journey because he was freaking out and thought if he moved he may fall down.

Suddenly he started feeling cold because they were approaching The North pole which he started getting sure of. Now, sometimes his ears starting popping in and sometimes out as the air pressure was increasing and decreasing as at that time Santa was beginning his descent for landing. When he pulled his face out of his blanket he saw that they were approaching ground and he thought they were about to crash because of he winds and felt really scared. But to assure himself he said within to his heart “If I die here I will become a ghost and haunt Santa in his dreams”. But nothing of that sort happened and Santa landed safely except a little jerk. As soon as the boy saw that he was on ground he somehow managed to get off the cavity and saw a tree nearby and hid behind it to see what happened next. He saw the creature going towards a big cave which had a dome like appearance was nothing but covered with snow. The cave which was Santa’s workshop was about a 100 square kilometre. The shape of itself made it look so beautiful like he had never seen it before. He was dumbstruck seeing it.

He carefully followed the creature to a wooden door which was 50 feet tall and 50 feet wide that opened when the creature uttered “Merry Christmas, open the door”.

The creature went inside and the boy followed him in stealthily. There the boy saw a Christmas tree. He suddenly climbed up the tree and hid in it.

Hiding he saw that the creature that had entered starting becoming alive i.e. he started seeing the skin on the creature and suddenly he saw that the creature was wearing a red gown. He starting seeing the skin and white beard of that person whom he discovered was nobody other than Santa.

He felt bad about himself that he got afraid of his enemy and did not punch him at the house and now, there was no chance at all to even shout at him or get even with him at that place but he waited hiding in the tree. He saw that there were at least 50,000 elves working non stop.

While he was thinking he wandered why he could not see Santa and why where there sometimes elves coming as un-seeable and then all of a sudden became seeable. He thought it was something with there clothes and skin and he was right this time. Once he thought of trying to wear those clothes just by sensing and touching through them himself and become invisible . And as he was about to do that he suddenly heard a quarrel that one of the elf was shouting “You wore my coat” but the other elf who was not so sure said I think you are getting me wrong my transparency causing coat is a bit brighter than yours and you see it is. Then the other elf wondered that the elf was right and wore his coat and went away. The boy got scared seeing this because he realized that they could actually see each other wearing transparency causing colours clothes but he couldn’t. So he dared not to touch their clothes even if he wanted to disappear.

So he kept hidden in the tree and observed the workshop.

Once in a while he used to come down between 8pm and 8:30 pm to eat some cookies and drink some pop straight from the bottle so that he remains unnoticed. He then used to go up and hid himself again.(no elf noticed a few missing cookies and empty pop bottles because at north pole food is plenty). This was his routine for some days.

He used to see that at break time elves would play around and throw each other around and their watches used to get smashed. They also used to pick up hammers and hit them on each others head. They thought that it was healthy but Santa knew that they were just hurting themselves. But Santa also knew that they worked a lot and got tired so hurting a little bit shouldn’t make them feel tired. He did not mind that at all.

He also used to see a guy who used to come in the afternoon and take away previous shifts broken glasses and bring the new shifts fixed watches. He wondered who he was. That elf had no assistant and nobody other than him ever came to fix the broken watches. He became more curios about that elf and his ways.

Now the boy observed that the elves did not worry much about breaking their watches but there was one big clock which actually they protected . There was a no play zone around 50 feet of it in all directions.

The big clock had a printer attached it which used to print something and was transferred to different elves at the workstations who worked according to its instructions. On the other side of the clock would be elderly elves siting and looking at the clock for hours straight. They used to see the clock and then check their watches and kept on doing it for their whole shifts which he did not understand at all but just observed and one day found out that they were observing all the children on nice and naughty list and were checking the behaviour of kids to make sure that their naughty and nice list was correct. One elf used to observe 500 kids at a time and when he confirmed that they were good he used to click nice against the image of the kid on their watches and a paper printed out of the clock printer which was sent to the elves. The paper actually told that what was the gift that the child had desired which was accepted and sent for building.

Then everyday little by little the bully used to move to another tree when there was chance of shift between 8:00pm and 8:30 pm and at the end of 100th day, he had seen the whole workshop . He found that there was only one big clock known as the Knowing-Watch in the whole workshop which was deeply protected but he still wondered why. He thought that this must be the most important equipment in the whole workshop and wondered what if it got broken? An evil smile crept upon him at that time and when he said this to himself. He then said that “Lets go forward with that plan”. But the other day he realized that if the watch fixer could fix small watches then what if he fixes the big watch , his whole plan will go in vain and he would not be able to punch Santa (although not physically) mentally at-least because that was the best option he had at that time.

Then he thought” What if the elf watch fixer gets ill? Then he won’t be able to fix Knowing-Watch even if he could.”

He waited for the watchmaker to come the next day and to do his routine work.

The watch elf came at afternoon as usual. After he collected the broken watches he started turning back and moving to the exit of Santa’s workshop. The boy waited for the door to open and stealthily ran behind him and exited the door. He followed watch elf through the woods and saw that his house was like a cave too and was pretty big and also was not far from Santa’s workshop.

The boy followed the watch elf and entered his house cunningly. When the watch elf opened the door he snuck behind him. He was care full not to make a sound. He observed the area and as soon as Watch-Elf turned round he ran towards a table and hid under it. Later he realized that that was his dinning table. He used to hide in there and think about how to make the Watch-Elf fall ill.

One night he was unable to sleep as he heard voices coming from Watch-Elf’s mouth that don’t give me peanuts or i’ll die, I am allergic to peanuts, please help” . And then immediately it came to his mind that Watch-Elf never ate peanuts. When his elf friends used to come he used to offer them peanuts but he never put them in his own mouth and nobody asked why.

This knowledge was a jackpot for him.

During afternoon when Watch-Elf went out of his house to Santa’s workshop to get broken watches, the boy quickly came out from under the table and ate some food from the kitchen. Then he went outside and brought a big hammer. He opened the jar of peanuts and took out one peanut and kept it on the table. Then he smashed the peanut a 100 times until he made a powder of it so fine that it could be easily inhaled through nose while normal breathing. The plan was put in action.

After sometime when the watchmaker came he was ready with plan and hid himself under the table again.

Now it was dinner time, after a long time and the elf cooked some food and served himself on the dining table. The boy who was beneath the table opened his fist which had extra fine peanut powder in it slowly and slowly started blowing air over the powder through his mouth so as not to make the elf cautious of the sudden strong pungent smell. All he wanted was that somehow the elf inhales the powder and it goes in his body and he falls ill so that he can have revenge from Santa.

Suddenly watch elf started behaving erratically. He started jumping around and started making sounds of a cuckoo bird and behaving like one.

The boy was happy that his plan had started to work.

Now the second step was to dismantle the big clock at the Santa’s workshop for which he had to wait to reach because he was very careful. He did not want the watch elf to see him even if he was behaving like a cuckoo at that time. So he still had to wait under the table until the watch elf got tired of cuckooing and had closed his eyes and got lost in his cuckoo dreams. He waited for a few minutes until he was sure that the cuckoo wasn't going to make any cuckoo sounds or see through his cuckoo eyes at that time.To check, he picked up a watch that was lying on the table and tapped it so that even if it caused sound it will be the watches fault and secondly he would make sure that the cuckoo was fast unconscious. He checked that the cuckoo now was fast asleep and was not getting up. He then hurried to reach Santas workshop because he had to reach there by 8 o’ clock as that was the time of the shift change and he would get about half an hour gap between the shift changes when there will be no elf around and he would to able to break the Knowing-Watch. He reached the Santa’s workshop at 8:01 pm although one minute late but it was the best time because there were no elves around at that time. He then picked up the hammer that was lying on one of the workstations and smashed the power box of the Knowing-Watch. The broken pieces that fell down were put in a packing box and packed perfectly and beautifully by him so that nothing looked conspicuous. He then wrote on that fake present a fake person’s name and kept it in front of the shrinking machine and shrunk it to the size of a dust particle as were other gifts shrunken to that size kept . He then ran and climbed one of the Christmas tree and checked time on one of the smaller clocks and it was 8:29pm. He blew a sigh of relief and was very ecstatic at that time. He was at top of the world. He said to himself “ I’ll wait there and see the what happens” and for his own enjoyment  he waited.

When the shift of the elves started and elderly elves sat on the chairs besides the Knowing-Watch and started there work, the clock-watch failed to respond and gave an error message that it was non functional . The elves freaked out and screamed. The Santa was drinking tea when he heard this. By the scream his tea fell from his mouth on his shirt and gown.

Santa immediately went to the person who screamed and asked what had happened. The Elf told him that the big clock was broken and nobody knew the cause of it. Santa double checked the message and he freaked out too.

The only thing left to do was call the Watch-Elf right away.

By that time the kid who did all this was in utter rejoice. He said to himself “ Now my revenge is done”. He then went to the hangar where the reign deers and Santa’s sleigh was kept and since it was not Christmas time the sleigh wasn’t painted completely yet, it still had paint scratches on it. So he could see it and therefore he jumped in the cavity and said Hup! Hup! just like the Santa told when they were about to fly from the kid’s house but reign deers didn’t budge a bit because it was not Santa who was saying Hup! Hup! and they, only listened to Santa. He freaked out! No matter how much he tried they wouldn’t move. He started weeping. But he was a brave boy and said “Lets face it” and then he remembered one thing that his aunt used to say “when in trouble tell the truth” and he said in tears “I already avenged myself now its time that I should surrender and say the truth”.

He then jumped from the sleigh and headed back to Santa’s workshop.

There he saw that Santa was preparing a pigeon to send a note and deliver it to the Watch elf (wherever he was), for it was an emergency as Santa’s work was getting delayed and many nice children might miss their presents and might turn into naughty. It was a Danger zone out there.

The pigeon flew and found that the watch elf was lying on the bed making cuckoo sounds. The pigeon landed on his nose and pecked it but Watch-Elf did not regain consciousness. Standard procedure for pigeon when the person to whom the letter had to be delivered is unable to receive it due to unforeseen circumstances they tear the letter in two diagonally and bring it back to the sender. That’s what the pigeon did then.

The pigeon returned to Santa with the diagonally torn letter. Santa was in tears after seeing that. He knew that if Watch-Elf was in a condition to get the letter he would have kept the pigeon and letter and sent another letter through another pigeon stating that he was coming as quickly as he could but he didn’t.

The whole elf work force was freaking out by that time as there was nothing anybody could do.

Suddenly from behind one of the Christmas tree in the workshop the boy who did all this came out and said weeping “I did all this and can fix it”. Everybody was shocked, first of all to see the human boy and second of all that he did all this!

But Santa calmed down all the elves and asked the boy politely that what was his name? He said it was Paul and Santa said “nice to see you Paul” and asked “could you really fix it?”

He said I can’t but I can fix the person who can fix it.

Santa was happy to hear this and asked “What does he need to do that”?

He said that when Watch-Elf was asleep he was uttering through his mouth that how he can fall ill. At that time he also told how he could be cured . He said that to cure him he needs to have sunlight for 30 minutes but at that time there was no sunlight and everybody thought how it was possible?

He then said after a while that instead of sunlight we can use sunlight emitting bulbs.

The elves said “that’s correct!” Two elves ran and brought the bulbs from the Santa’s workshop and put it besides the watch elf’s bed and connected it to power. After 30 minutes had passed nothing had happened so it got a bit more depressing but then suddenly in a scream Watch-Elf woke up and asked what was going on ? Santa told him the whole story and said we better hurry or it will be too late.

Watch-Elf immediately sprung in action and went to his room and picked up two power source machines and went to Santa’s workshop. (He already knew that the power source was broken because the boy had told him what he did.)

Watch-Elf did some tinkering and loo the Knowing-Watch started working and flooded the workshop with paper flying out of the printer.

Everybody was rejoiced seeing that and immediately started working .

The boy apologized and said that he had realized his mistakes and would never do it again. The Santa and elves forgave him. He then wished if he could stay at north pole at help Santa forever. Santa nodded happily and said yes.

That was the boys dream come true I hope .

From that day on he worked in the north pole and stayed there forever. As for the presents he just went to the elf markets and got what he wanted .

The only limitation for presents was the space in his house.

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