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VaN aNd SiM

Long long time ago there lived a man named Sim. He was a good man who worked hard to serve people of his country.

But how did he do that ? Sim was an adventure seeker. During his trips to far far away lands including The Land of the dwarves and giants he happened to save a giant eagles hatchling once from falling into prey.

What happened was that he was walking up the mountains in the giant lands when he saw a giant eagle fighting a giant creature to save her hatchling from being taken away by that evil creature as an entertainment object (as he heard the giant say that). During the fight both the giant creature and the giant eagle were injured very badly but the giant was less injured than the eagle.

The fight continued until the giant killed the eagle. After killing the eagle the giant was severely wounded and so he sat and tried to cure his wounds by licking them. Sim had already decided to save the hatchling from becoming an entertainment thing for the giant and being trapped in a cage for rest of it’s life. So Sim decided to hide the hatchling. He went near that baby bird and picked it up. The hatchling was double the size of the regular eagle but he somehow managed to put it in his bag in which he used to collect things and hid it along with himself.

When the giant felt better he picked up himself and started looking up for his prize which was the hatchling but he could not find it as it was with Sim, hidden.  After looking for a while the giant could not find the hatchling so he got frustrated and stopped looking for it. He then went away. Seeing him go, Sim waited for some time, picked up the hatchling and took it home in the same bag in which he had hid him carefully.

He carried it all across the mountains to his country where he started taking care of the hatchling as is own whom he named Van. Van grew to the size of a small hill in that year. Sim was favourite of Van. Sim took care of it everyday. Not only that Sim helped Van learn to fly.

How he did that was when Van started to grow up, his wings grew in size too. Now eagles soar very high but they first have to learn to how to fly. So he used to take Van to the top of the mountains but before that he used to keep padding below the mountains so that if Van falls on the ground while learning to fly it does not hurt itself. Then he used to push Van by hands from the top of the mountain and see if it could fly. Initially van only glided and that too intermittently but later it learnt how to fly like no bird ever before or after it did.

They relationship was like that of a father and a son. They cared and protected each other.

Slowly Van turned into a full-grown giant eagle and Sim started to ride van and work for the people there.

What they did was that during those times mining was a huge business and many people were in it and working for it. But in those days there was a problem. During those times only cheap construction material was available and was used to build mines. This cheap material made mine collapse often.

The job of Sim and Van was that during collapse of mine or mines they had to supply fresh air to the people trapped inside and also help in removing mine debris.

How they did that was during collapse of mine they were called in. As soon as they were called in, they immediately took some empty balloons to the mountains to get fresh air filled air in them by pressure and then they came back and blew the air into the mines by compressing the balloons in the mine slowly and and also removing debris with Van’s claws to clear the way for the miners and workers.

This continued for quite a while until on one occasion saving people’s life was no piece of cake. After doing the regular task of removing the debris and supplying fresh oxygen people were still trapped in a mine. It was getting very difficult to get the trapped miners out of mine. This was happening because of the structure of the mine and secondly because it was too deep. The mine’s structure was that that it was first slanted, then it ran down through long spirals and then it was vertically down so no rope or ladder could help. The family members of the people trapped in the mine were very scared and nobody knew what to do at that time.

Sim thought for a while and then made a plan. He told the workers who were there for help to take lots of small nylon balloons and fill them with air. He and Van had then flew to a huge lakes and filled their regular huge nylon balloons with water.

Meanwhile, he had also told the workers to write notes on paper like an instruction manual that should say to tie the small air balloons to their waists with the nylon cord that is around the air balloons. He also told them to write, informing them that they will be pouring in water slowly and allowing them buoyancy through the balloons tied to their bodies so that they can float and come up.

After filling in the calculated amount of water in the huge balloons by Sim and Van there process started.

After throwing in the air balloons in the mine and giving sufficient time to the trapped miners inside to tie those small air balloons to their body so that they worked as a life jacket Sim and Van started slowly pouring the water in the mine by opening to mouth of the balloons hoping everything goes well.

Things happened as they were planned and the miners were brought up and saved, thanks to planning of Sim and efforts of Sim and Van.

They were both honoured by their country and were loved by everyone.

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