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A mAn’S wOoDeN tOy

Mostly men that are grown up don’t buy toys save this man who went shopping for his nephew’s birthday and ended up getting something for himself too. He had bought a wooden toy dragon for himself.

The toy dragon was very beautifully designed. It was made from natural light coloured wood. The structure it had was not carved from single piece of wood. In fact it was made up of several pieces of wood shaped into its different parts and then put together. Thus was very detailed.

The man’s name who bought that dragon was Fillomia. Fillomia was actually a gear designer. He used to design motors and gears for various things for people of his town.

When Fillomia had seen this toy he was very attracted towards it as it looked extremely special to him. He had something unique in his mind that he wanted to do with that wooden toy. Actually, he wanted to make the dragon fly for real.

He spent lots of nights thinking of a way that could make that possible. He used to closely inspect the dragon’s body, its wings etc. while thinking about how to make it fly. He had seen that the dragon’s wings were movable and thus could flap up and down. So after days of planning and designing he made a motor system that was geared and which could make the dragon fly. He was very excited at that moment. So putting his drawings aside he went to sleep that night and slept quite well.

Next day, he got up early and started attaching the gears and motors to the wings. After doing that he set up the motor speed which was driven through air pressure derived by flapping of the wings and vice versa, of that toy dragon and connected the entire system together. He also made a binocular vision that ran through a gear system, for that dragon and attached it where the dragon’s eyes were. He also made ears for the dragon using the same material that is used for making actual drums and put them besides his head. Now after connecting all of it, the system worked and the dragon could fly autonomously. This made Fillomia happy as he had some special plans for the dragon.

Although Fillomia was a gear mechanic he did not always have enough money to do charity for helping sick kids so, he had thought of making this dragon fly.

This system that was put into the dragon which also caused it to fly was also designed to see that if penny or coin had remain fallen on the ground for more than 2 hours. If yes, and was not picked up by its owner or anybody else the dragon would fly towards the ground and pick up that coin, put it in its pocket on its belly and then fly again towards the clouds like a bird and it would not come to anybody’s notice. Although it was a dragon it flapped its wings like a bird and therefore looked like one thus people did not come to know that it was a wooden dragon when it came down to collect a coin or coins or when it flew in air. Also it was the size of a regular eagle.

The dragon was made to fly quite long. It had an almost unlimited hours of endurance. At the end of 24 hours of flight or having filled his belly completely with coins, whichever came sooner, the dragon would fly low and donate all the collected coins to sick kids charity box.

This system worked because first of all it had unlimited amount of flying endurance (as told earlier). Secondly it could keep track of multiple locations where the coins had fallen and could time their stay.

Since the owners of those fallen currency did not care about what they had lost as they did not know or did not come looking for it. It was better that that cash went to a noble cause and thus did a noble deed rather than getting dumped on the ground.

With the help of wooden dragon the gear mechanic fulfilled his dream of helping sick kids. Since the day the dragon flew all the charity boxes used to keep full and thus was a great help for sick kids and a boon for their parents.     

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