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A sToRy oF a MoUsE wHo LiVeD iN a hOuSe oN a cLoUd

This is actually a story where instead of people i.e men and women and their kids, mice and their family and their kids lived on Earth.

Now before beginning please note down that in this story there is no difference between rats and mice. They will both mean the same.

Now let us begin.

Long time back the earth was hit by a meteorite which actually didn’t hurt the earth but made it better.

This meteorite was not a meteorite made of metals but of solid gaseous elements consisting of elements having same composition as that of Earth’s atmosphere. This meteorite was a giant meteorite which was 50 times as heavier as that of the earth’s atmosphere and as soon as it started falling towards the earth and entering earth’s atmosphere it started burning as all meteorites do. It finished burning completely before hitting the surface of Earth. Since it was made of condensed gaseous matter it was easy to get burnt by the earth’s atmosphere and even though it was pretty big it was thoroughly burnt.

Ultimately what happened was the gaseous matter that the meteorite was composed of was released in the earth’s atmosphere causing it to become 50 times heavier than the previous atmosphere without any oxygen or carbon dioxide or nitrogen and other gases concentration getting altered ( just to note that there was not much difficulty in movement of mice and rats except a little, which was never felt and only was a workout for body without stressing the mind and thus they started being fitter and better). Some people may think that it could have been like, movement under water, but that was not true. To understand water is more than 700 times heavier than air, as density of water is 1000 kg/m^3 and that of air is 1.275 kg/m^3 approximately(air is heaviest at sea level). Therefore it did not affect the mice or the plant life on the the earth other than in a new awesome way.

Now 50 times heavier air means that the air will be more buoyant which caused the mice scientists of earth to start playing with helium to make it into a new buoyant material. ( It took them some time till they made a super-strong helium material that was dense and strong as a solid metal but soft and light as a cloud.)

To get that material rat Scientists did many experiments but they did not succeed until one day, a group of mouse scientists passed the helium through epoxy glue and dust of carbon fibre at some 400 degree centigrade. What happened then was that a cloud got formed which was 333 times the volume of the reactants and that was incredible. In this cloud there was a molecular composition such that in the centre of it, which was the biggest of all, it was 50 times the volume of material and was vacuum because the so called cloud material formed called “HECK“Cloud( Helium Epoxy Carbon-fibre Kicking a Cloud as it was made of helium epoxy glue and carbon fibre kicking in to form a new cloud like substance but heck of a strong substance) had reached a molecular composition that repelled air and other liquids including water and did not allow any of it to enter inside it. It formed a strong wall of bonds that were similar to that of carbon fibre but were much stronger than it.

Now we come to the outer composition of molecule. It was nothing but a compound made of glue( epoxy), helium and carbon fibre but as soft and foam shaped as a cloud and together with the whole molecule it floated. This cloud was strong enough to support weight on it and float according to normal buoyancy laws applicable in air.

The people who formed Heck of a cloud were given noble prize later.

This discovery or invention took the whole rat civilization by storm. It started a new civilization order and changed the course of life for all the rats and governments of earth.

Just realize that from thin air to thick air a lot of buoyancy will be possible and then there will be lots of possibilities because of that. It changed the entire course of mice history.

Rats stepped into a new era called “Heck of an era”.”

The new construction material was HECK because it was cheap to make and thus mice started making HECK and building houses on it which were fixed to it. The whole cloud along with the house attached to it floated in the air in sky at approximate elevation of 7000 feet which was the maximum altitude set according to new government formed from the new Earth.

Rats could have used helium balloons to do that but they are not strong enough and can easily be punctured . Even if helium was filled in steel vessels and caused to float due to increase in buoyancy, the vessels could not have avoided getting collided and broken and leaking helium, resulting in falling down on earth and thus leading to a catastrophe when hit by other floating steel vessel filled with helium in air. But this was not the case with HECK formed clouds or floating things due to its soft but sustainable properties.

Note that, it was a matter of mouse and rat lives at stake.

All the world’s political boundaries were removed as clouds float wherever they want to and are never limited by boundaries and HECK was a cloud too where houses and buildings started to be built. Rats and mice started living on HECK in Air which floated and supported the weight of other things on it as well.

All the mouse nations of the Earth joined hands in a common economy and boundary and friendship. This was a new era towards world peace.

They formed one country on earth called “Heck of an Earth”.

This was the most peaceful era of all times .

Mice started living in the clouds and in this case on HECKs.

Farms and forests although still existed on the lands of Earth but all other things were on HECK.

Factories, buildings, warehouses etc all floating and were on top of the cloud.

All sports field were made on clouds too.

Now let’s come to the explanation that how did it all work? I mean how were mice and rats able to get electricity and water and dump of their sewage and wastes? How did transportation occur? I mean how did they survive by living on clouds?

All houses had installed wind turbines and/or solar cells, so wind turbines caused enough amount of electricity to be produced for the whole year round.

Now, for water, mice did rain water harvesting. During those times science had reached to such advancements that if it had not rained sufficiently they could cause artificial rain as most of the mice used rain water harvesting for supply of bathing and toilet water in their houses. Drinking water could be purchased from market or delivered.

Sewage and waste was stored in the houses in sewage storage. It along with garbage bags which was collected weekly.

Now how did transportation occur?

In this Era due to more buoyancy and making of HECK, airships were built which supported 200 times more weight than before. So before if they could only carry 50kg now they could carry 10,000kg of load which was enough to support daily food requirements of warehouses and big grocery stores of rats.

Also, there were many different type of sports that were played by mice following creation of HECK. They were :

  1. Hockey called HECK of a hockey

  2. Soccer called HECK of a soccer

  3. Rugby called HECK of a rugby

  4. Baseball called HECK of a baseball

5.    Lacrosse called HECK of a lacrosse                                                                                   

1. HECK of a hockey: HECK of a hockey was played in air instead of ground made of HECK floating in air. It had 6 players in each team, with 2 teams playing. The player rat had to put the puck in the opposite players goal post to score a goal and the team that scores most wins,

In this game the mouses had their lower part of shoes and the puck attached to approximately 1 cm^3 of HECK which caused buoyancy and caused them to float and play game. But since different mice have different weight therefore to cause the mice to play on the same level of height from surface, the exact volume of HECK attached to their shoe was somewhat different.

Even if the volume of HECK attached to shoe’s sole was altered by the manufacturer of the shoes according to weight of mouse but still the height level of mouses playing hockey was not exact which was the fun part. Mouses could move up and down, do some skidding tricks and play hockey. They could also do jumping tricks and rollover tricks to clear the puck( which also had HECK attached all around it) and put in the floating goal post.

The second fun thing about this game was that goal post was not stationary thereby changing directions so it was fun to do goal and it was a challenge for the goal keeper too which made him a better goal keeper.

So HECK of a hockey was really Heck of a hockey!

It was one of the sought game by rats of the world.

2. HECK of a soccer : HECK of a soccer was also played on air grounds rather than on HECK formed playgrounds. In this game too HECK was attached below the shoes to the sole and adjusted by manufacturer for buoyancy to the appropriate height or altitude.

Now in this game there were 2 teams each with 9 players on each side. You had to hit only a light ball filled with HECK having a diameter of roughly 6 inches by your foot or feet into opposite team’s goal post which was 5 meters wide and 5 meters high and was protected by a goal keeper similar to that of soccer game played on ground.

The team who scored most goals won

Since the level of altitude of soccer player got a little up and down due to altered weight because of change of slight body weight (due to breakfast, lunch or dinner ) or because of application of force while playing soccer ball was pretty hard to dribble and make it to goal.

What used to happen while playing this game was that while dribbling, force by leg was applied by player which used to result in a downward force application and the players altitude level went low which made the ball to get out of altitude/control and thus getting in control of the other team player. Secondly even if the player was able to control the ball by maintaining same altitude as that of ball or causing the ball to have same altitude as that of him then it become difficult for other players to even touch the ball because of continued same distance from ground ( height/altitude ). So it was a tough game to play and to master it was even tougher.

3. HECK of a rugby : Now HECK of a rugby was a cool one.

This game had 2 teams with 9 players in each of it. The aim of the player rat was to put the soccer shaped ball filled with HECK in the opposite teams goal and there was no goal keeper. But the other team could stop the player who was running holding the ball in his hands to throw it in the opposite team’s goal post to score a goal. The opposite team’s player could prevent that from happening by dashing into him and constraining the player running with ball with their hands etc.

The team who puts most goals in the opposite teams goal won .

This rugby was better than ground rugby and was a very exciting game as players got hurt less in it as it was played in air. Also, it may seem that if a whole team fell on a player to prevent the player with the ball to throw it in the goal the player might get hurt. But since the player running with ball was in air he never got hurt as it used to sneak from below ( as he was playing in air and air is 3D with space all around it including below) and score a goal. So the players had to hold the player running with the ball from below too so that he does not escape their clutches or score a goal.

It was a very awesome game and thus was called HECK of a rugby.

4. HECK of a baseball : This game had 7 players in each of its two teams. This game was also played on air with shoes having HECK fitted on their soles.

Now the player of one of the team had to throw ball and the other had to hit it with a baseball bat. There was a rat player standing behind the rat player hitting the ball who had to catch the ball if it was missed to hit by the hitter . If the hitter misses the ball five times while the player standing behind the hitter catches it then the hitter was out and then it was next player of the same team’s turn until all 7 players were done hitting.

Also, the runs were scored same way as in baseball.

This game was tougher than the normal baseball game because to score run in it was tougher. It was so because as the player aimed at the coming ball to hit and then strikes it, due to force that was used to a hit the ball it would make him go off-track from his hitting position as he was floating in air ( as that force causes movement in various directions. )

It was a tricky game and required more practice than usual and was named HECK of a baseball.

5. HECK of a lacrosse : This was way awesome than normal lacrosse . It had 2 teams with 7 players in it and as in regular lacrosse in it too the player scored goals by throwing ball in other teams goal post.

Now it was a tricky game because when the thrower threw the ball to pass to the other player the other player had to be very agile to catch it. Because as explained earlier due to reaction forces the player playing moved up and down or left and right along with his regular running motion causing him difficulty to stabilize physically and also to get his aim for the catch steady.

This was a tougher game than normal lacrosse but was more fun and thus was called HECK of a lacrosse.

Now, let’s come to story of a little mouse. In this world of HECK was born a mouse named Rephictreity who was always scared to walk with his shoes on air even if HECK was attached to it.

Rephictreity never played any game in air . Whatever he played was on HECK grounds but not in the air directly.

He tried but he couldn’t. He was too afraid. He wanted to play HECK of a soccer but was too afraid to even step on the air.

So this carried on until he was 7 years of age ( remember on this earth mouses lived a life span of about 70 years).

During this age what happened was once all of his family members had gone to see HECK of a baseball in a stadium.

He and his grandmother were at home doing their stuff and suddenly his grandmother started having a severe pain in chest she screamed and the Rephictreity heard that. He then tried calling emergency services immediately with his cell phone at house and in his nervousness the phone fell on the floor and got broken and then he did not know what to do. But he loved his grandma too much and wanted to do whatever he could do to help her out.

So he wore his normal shoes ( without HECK attached to them ) with a backpack of HECK for support and went outside and tried waiting for the taxi but he couldn’t get one because of the big game at the stadium. Even the taxi drivers had gone to watch the game.

Now he could not run without HECK shoes because he will fall on the surface of earth. Secondly even after wearing a backpack of HECK to support him in air there will be no friction between his regular shoes ( without HECK attached to them ) and air to run.

Now, he had never ran on air with HECK shoes before. But even then he was adamant to save his grandmother so he went to the shoe rack of his house and took out his brother’s shoes ( as he had none of his own HECK shoes ) which were a bit longer than his shoe size and wore them. He then went outside and tried running while wearing those shoes towards the hospital which was nearby. ( NOTE: HECK shoes  provided some if not complete or the required friction to run on air. ) When first, he started running since he was not used to or practiced to run wearing HECK shoes he slipped and fell on air but he did not give up. He was sure to do whatever he could to save his grandmother so he did not loose courage and continued his falling and moving forward wearing the HECK shoes . He somehow, after rolling and running reached the hospital. It took him about 15 minutes to reach hospital which was about a kilometre away but he did reach there and immediately informed the emergency services who then reached his home and brought his grandma to hospital and saved her from death as she was in critical condition and about to have a heart attack.

When his parents came to know about the incident they rushed to the hospital immediately and were surprised to hear that Rephictreity saved his grandma all by himself after making himself run on air . They were really proud of him because they knew Rephictreity was always afraid of running on air wearing HECK shoes.

The next day when Rephictreity went to school he was a changed mouse.

He first started observing soccer - which was his dream sport. He saw how the rat players played it and how they dribbled.

He tried playing with rats which were of his same age but was laughed and mocked at because he was new at this game and did not know how to play properly that game with the rats of his age.

He then once sitting on a bench near a lake and decided that he wanted to play soccer and be the best player in that game one day. But since he had never played it before his classmates wouldn’t allow him to play with them because he’ll waste their time. Then he said to himself that I’ll practice by myself and be the best soccer player there is.

So he started doing it. He bought HECK soccer shoes and after school he would go to an air play ground daily and practice there for 5 hours everyday .

He first felt that he should know how to control the ball. So he starting controlling the ball with his feet. So he used to make about 35 km of rounds by just moving the ball forward, hitting it left and right without letting it go away from the centre smoke line of the round air track where he practiced

He used to first loose control of the ball but slowly he started getting a hold of it until he was perfect in it. It took him 1 year to get perfect in it after practicing 5 hours every day

The next step was to move ball forward by making it jump little on shoes only and not letting it fall down in air. Whilst the jumping he had to move it through the centre smoked line of the circular air track he was following.

It was tough at first because when he used to hit the ball he used to go down and then he had to come up so that he can hit the ball up again but he kept on hitting it until he completed the 5 hrs of everyday training.

He would loose hope many times but then he realized that even if he does not become world’s best soccer player but still he would learn how to play good soccer so this kept him moving.

One day came and he had mastered the art of moving ball forward by making it jump on his shoes only and in whichever direction he wanted. He was happy about it. That day he was 13 years old.

Now he had to learn how to be quick in the game with his feet work and body. To do that he attached rockets on the soccer ball which were touch responsive i.e. they started when the ball got hit and increased its speed the faster the ball was hit. They then made the ball go faster in up direction and down direction by rotating their positions/directions. Thus it was very difficult and almost impossible to balance the ball on his shoes and to make it move forward.

But this time also he did not give up.

He kept on practicing. Sometimes it was difficult for him to even make it jump on other shoe by hitting it with one shoe but as they say “When the going gets tough the tough gets going”.

His game was on and off. Sometimes he used to complete half the round without making it falls but sometimes the ball used to fall away on the first hit itself but he still continued until one day he did 35 km of running with the ball jumping on his feet without it falling down. He then became perfect in it and then the ball never fell out of control from him.

Now to dribble from obstacles was tough so he devised a way for it.

To be the best he piloted his private family plane and flew it to the earth ground to cut some trees and bring them to his air practice ground.

What he did was that he attached some trees with HECK around them and then attached rockets to them. He did this so that some trees could move horizontally straight some could move laterally straight while rotating on a click of a button one after the other and which he could shuffle any time. But for his safety he wore some protection equipment on whole of his body.

He choose trees for hurdle practice because they had greater thickness.

Now what he did was that he let the HECK soccer ball be attached to the rockets that made the ball move up and down faster as earlier and then let the trees come straight to him vertically and horizontally at slow speeds first which he had to dribble with and escape without letting the ball get away from his control.

He did not succeed at all at first but he was not giving up that easy. He kept on trying to dribble from the obstacles and move forward by making the ball jump through toes of his feet also by simply controlling it. Sometimes the tree came vertically straight sometimes laterally and sometimes it was a miss and sometimes it was a hit.

After 7 months of struggling at slow speeds too dodge the tree/hurdle moving towards him while keeping ball in his feet’s control he started beginning to get a hold of dribbling. Only moving left or right was not the case. The trees were rotating also and they had branches and leaves which if hit the ball caused it get out of control of Rephictreity. So it was tough but the best way to learn the best soccer there could ever be. He continued this for two and a half years for five hours daily and then he increased the speed of the trees as he became good in dribbling at slow speeds.

Now it took him another 3 years for practicing at high speeds which finally he had succeeded.

Now by that time he had never played soccer with his friends.

And now he was 19 years old.

One day he went to a HECK of a soccer stadium and saw group of mice playing soccer. He asked if he could play with them too.

The mice first said no and then one of their player got injured and then they thought if they could bring in Rephictreity in. Rephictreity was still there and he accepted the call.

Now when Rephictreity started playing he was too fast and he had scored more than five times the goals the whole of other team combined could score and therefore the losing team was dumbstruck seeing that. A rat coach who was sitting and watching, wondered who was that mouse? He went closer to him and asked him straight away that if he would be interested in playing for a local team, Rephictreity was looking forward for this movement and accepted the offer.

As the matches were held there was no stopping for Rephictreity who kept on advancing and until he was 20 he became a world champion in soccer game and there was never any stopping for him. He won soccer game like there was nobody else on the air grounds and was respected by everyone including his old school friends.

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