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ALL fOr eLvEs aNd eLvEs fOr tHeMsELvEs

As an as mortality became more prominent for elves they started getting injured. Sometimes they would get so much injured that they needed lots of blood to replenish. Mostly the blood was donated by family members.

But there started to be times when family members would be too old and did not have enough blood even to support themselves. So to help rejuvenate elves’ lives they needed answers. They wanted to know that what was there blood type and what were the parts of their blood. The elf scientists after removing the plasma  from blood discovered that their blood was made up of seven different colours which matched that of rainbow and each blood colour going further had seven different types. Also, the blood was nothing but all different types of sugar.

The total types of elves’ blood types was of 49 different types, more than that of humans which was jaw dropping but was true and was nothing but sugar in various forms. The elf scientists then got into work.

Since natural blood supply was less they started searching for artificial sources of sugar that could form their blood. So they looked everywhere and found no such source. Few sources of sugar they found but that could not make that many types of elves blood from it.

One day an elf scientist was studying a meteorite that they had found in the north pole. The meteorite that he was studying had the same composition as that of the moon and its rocks. But while he was doing so he suddenly saw a test mice escape from its cage and started nibbling that rock. He was wonderstruck and asked himself that how could a mice eat a rock. Then, he immediately caught the mice and put it back into the cage. Next, he went to the meteorite and tasted it himself. He found it sugary. He started thinking there and then that what if this meteorite which had composition of moon rock could be made into 49 different types of elf blood? He then immediately called his boss who after testing further called a meeting of various high ranking scientists. They then tried to make 49 different types of blood types for elves and were finally successful.

This brought a revolution amongst the elves. Now they knew that they could make blood from moon rocks or moon itself. So what next. They had to get lots of moon rocks to make blood from so as to keep as reserves and for regular supply. But they knew that moon was quite far away and did not have oxygen to support any kind of activity like drilling or mining without elves dying. They could make some masks but that would be only good for 15 minutes of support and then you know what would happen.

Well for one elf 15 minutes was good enough time to get moon rocks. Scientist were puzzled in thinking that how would that be possible. They knew that they did not have a sling shot huge enough to throw them to moon so how was all that possible. The elf that had thought about that was known as Freck. Freck then explained them the whole deal.

He said that they know that they can climb rainbows and have fun on them so they would use rainbow and their 5 million + elves. They would form elf pyramids by standing on top of each other that would look like a pyramid on top of a rainbow ( to have some altitude at start ) until they reach the end of breathable atmosphere extremities. Then they would use a huge slingshot to throw something which they called a blaster towards the moon. ( That blaster worked without air ( oxygen support for combustion ) and was previously used by elves to blast mountains to divert water or dig into resources for making toys. ) Freck would be standing at the top of elves’ pyramid thus at the edge of the atmosphere wearing mask and would sling shot the blaster. The blaster’s task would be to blast a part of moon where and when it touches. The smashed moon-rock or the part that would be produced due to blast would then try to get away from the main moon part. This will be the right time to throw a huge rope with a loop towards the moon rock and then let it tie that rock, cowboy-way and bring it home. They would do it as many times as would be required to produce and store sufficient blood for elves going back and forth.

The scientist when heard that said that that was a good idea. But they confirmed with Freck that would he be able to enter and leave extremities of atmosphere in 15 minutes time. Freck said “ Affirmative! “

All the elves then started preparing. When it was a summer day at the north pole they waited for some rain to fall and form a rainbow. After 8 days rain fell and a rainbow formed. The elves wasted no time and formed a pyramid of elves by climbing on top of each other on top of the rainbow. Then they did as was planned. Everything went smoothly and Freck got many moon rocks back to earth after blasting them with blasters. It then eventually became Freck’s job to monitor the storage of blood and keep on bringing more moon rocks to form sugar required to make blood of elves.

That is why sometimes we see holes in moon and that too in shape of a smiling face. Because elves always do it for us and we love them for that.


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