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iT’s wAr. Oh yEaH!

Long time ago in a very distant planet approximately 5 million light years from the earth’s sun there existed a planet called Raphy. On Raphy existed ants, plants and elephants. The unique properties of ants that lived on Raphy was that they inhaled carbon dioxide and exhaled helium which was quite unique and strange. The plants that lived there would inhale helium and exhale carbon dioxide and now coming to the elephants. The elephants inhaled carbon dioxide a but exhaled oxygen. Let’s now understand that due to their different habits of inhaling and exhaling gases a unique and a quite effective ecosystem amongst them existed.

But all things always are not perfect. There existed a problem for the ants that lived there. On Raphy, there were lot of plants and trees and the elephants in that world were huge and monster-like. They would come daily to where the ants colonies were and where they lived and would eat the plants there and nearby to the dwelling of the ants. In this process the ants and ant houses would sometimes get squished and thus many ants would die by the blow of their trunks and feet.

This was not tolerated by the ant society So, the ant society called an emergency meeting with the elephants. In the meeting they requested the elephants to not come to their colonies for eating plants. They told the elephants about the places on Raphy where the ants did not live. They requested them to go to those places and eat plants and their food, enjoy there as much as they would like and destroy there as much as they liked. The elephants on that planet were wicked as a fox . They told the ants that they would love to change their eating spots but could not as they were very found of the place and was difficult for them to change their eating spots. They said only if they could be carried to the place where ants were talking about that was away from ants dwellings then they would happily live there and eat only the nearby plants and trees and thus would not destroy ants and their houses .

Now, the ants were less and tiny and thus they could not lift the elephants even if they tried together and no matter how badly they wanted. The wise ants started thinking. One day one of of the wise ants on a tree branch and was out of ideas. So, just to kill time it folded a tiny leaf and tied a knot on it in such a way that it formed a fully enclosed bag. It then tried to blow some air in the bag from its tiny mouth holding its opening together so as it tried to burst it with its mouth’s air pressure. Now remember, the air it was blowing or exhaling through its mouth was helium and as soon as it filled the leaf bag, it grew in size and started floating in air and going higher up in it. The ant was surprised seeing that. So out of that idea and anger it decided to blow air in the elephants and blow them away. But how? Then he realized that the ants knew about an ingredient that caused indigestion in elephants and caused it to expand quite a bit ie about 2-5 times their initial size. The ants after being told the idea thought that why don’t they pump up so much air the elephants’ stomach and blow them away. They wanted to try it out and see if it worked.

So they tried a plan out. At night when all the elephants were sleeping they entered their stomachs through their trunks and put that indigestion causing ingredient which was nothing other than a specially crafted gum by the ants in their stomachs. In matter of few minutes the indigestion occurred in elephants and their stomachs grew in size. As soon as it happened the ants started exhaling helium rapidly by continuing their respiration process.

Due to what was happening the elephants had great pain and further remained passed out by getting unconscious. The ants when realized that the elephants were floating in the air they wasted no time. Some ants came out while some remained inside the elephants (to keep them floating). The ants that had come out took hold of the elephants through their trunks and transferred  them to the place where they did not live and could not be hurt. It took them quite so time to do that.

By that time the elephant remained passed out being unconscious. When they woke up they realized the strength of the mighty ants and never dared to enter or destroy their colonies.   

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